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___State Program Improvement Planning (PIP) Process and Expectations Date (7/30/07)

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1 ___State Program Improvement Planning (PIP) Process and Expectations Date (7/30/07)

2 PIP GOAL Bring State into substantial conformity with federal safety, permanency and well-being outcomes for children and families

3 Set forth measurable goals of improvement Develop action steps required to correct areas of nonconformity Set date for each action step to be completed Establish benchmarks to measure the progress of implementation Describe methods to be used to evaluate progress Track progress during implementation PIP Identify underlying factors that result in areas of nonconformity PIP COMMITTEE ACTIVITIES


5 Subcommittee Composition n Each subcommittee has: –Both State staff and community partners –A leader and 2 co- leaders to facilitate and organize the work

6 Subcommittee Activities Establish a work process and partialize work (break into smaller pieces) to stay within mandated time frames.

7 n Set dates for conference calls.

8 Involve others who are not currently represented in your group, are essential to understanding underlying issues, and can contribute to effective solutions.

9 n Identify additional needs to complete the plan to remediate deficits.

10 n Interact with other subcommittees

11 n Develop subcommittee portion of the plan and submit it to the Steering Committee.

12 n Re-vise plan as directed by federal partners

13 Steering Committee Members –FACS Division Administrator –FACS Deputy Administrator –CFS Project Manager –CMH Project Manager –FACS Program Specialist

14 Steering Committee Activities n Distribute Final Report to subcommittee members

15 n Prioritize and assign findings to the respective subcommittee

16 n Participate in each subcommittee conference call to maintain an overall perspective of project.

17 n Communicate process and gather input from other stakeholders Program Improvement Plan (PIP) Process ideas

18 n Facilitate communication between subcommittees

19 n Ensure proposed plan is consistent with agency goals, responsibility, or capacity.

20 n Standardize and consolidate written plans of the work groups into a state-wide plan.

21 Meet as a steering committee to evaluate progress..

22 n Reconvene subcommittee for future meetings.

23 Submit and negotiate with Region X for approval of PIP.. Plan PLAN

24 n Track implementation and monitor progress.

25 n Gather data and prepare quarterly progress reports.

26 Regional Planning Groups n Establish after state level PIP is approved n Follow same process as workgroup under CFSR??? n Incorporate regional work plans into state level PIP for implementation and reporting.

27 TIME FRAMES for PIP From: Date To: Date ( 90days )

28 PIP 7/15

29 n July 4 - Receive Final Report n Committees determine number of conference calls needed n September 4 - Subcommittees complete 50% of goals, action steps, and projected dates and submits draft to Steering Committee n September 17 - Subcommittees reconvene in Boise to continue work

30 n October 1 - Subcommittees have met 100% of goals, action steps and projected dates. Submits draft to Steering Committee n October 16 - Draft Plan submitted to Regional Office n October 30 - Subcommittees reconvene in Boise to work on revisions n November 30 - Subcommittees complete and submit draft revision to Steering Committee n TBA - Date for PIP submission to Regional Office

31 Next First Steps n Set a date and time for your first conference call. Confirm dates with Steering Committee. Start now…..don’t wait till 7/15 n Schedule additional meetings n GO and do really good work!

32 During the PIP n Feedback n Monitoring n GO and do really good work!

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