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Hospitals By: Monica Robison, Celina Cooley, and Taylor Gorringe.

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1 Hospitals By: Monica Robison, Celina Cooley, and Taylor Gorringe

2 Hospitals They are one of the major types of health care facilities. Some hospitals are small and serve the basic needs of a community; others are large, complex centers offering a wide range of services including diagnosis, treatment, education, and research.

3 General Hospitals: Treat a wide range of conditions, age groups: usually provide diagnostic, medical, surgical, and emergency care services.

4 General Hospitals in Idaho St Luke's Boise Regional Medical Center In Boise Idaho, St Alphonsus Regional Medical Center On Curtis in Idaho

5 Specialty Hospitals Provide care for special conditions or age groups; Examples: burn hospitals, oncology (cancer), Hospitals, psychiatric hospitals (dealing with mental deseases and disorders), pediatric (or children) hospitals, orthopedic hospitals, rehabilitative hospitals (offering services such as physical and occupational therapy)

6 Specialty Hospitals in Idaho Elks Hearing & Balance Center North Robbins road, Boise, Idaho Madison Memorial Hospital Rexburg, Idaho

7 Government Hospitals Operated by federal state, and local government agencies, include the many facilities located throughout the world that provide cave for government service personnel and their dependents;  Examples; are veterans administration hospitals (which provide care for veterans), state psychiatric hospitals, and state rehabilitation centers.

8 Government Hospitals in Idaho Idaho State Government: State Hospital South Blackfoot, Idaho United States Government: Medical Center Boise, Idaho

9 University or College Medical Centers: Provide hospital services along with research and education, can be funded by private and or governmental sources.

10 University or College Medical Center in Idaho Gritman Medical Center Moscow, Idaho Idaho State University Pocatello, Idaho

11 WORKCITED!!!!  Health Science Technology (second edition), Simmers, Louise, United States Copyright Act, 2009  Google Maps

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