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How Available is Health Care? Principles of Health Science.

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1 How Available is Health Care? Principles of Health Science

2 Rationale In order to fulfill a full range of health care requirements in a community, a wide variety of care is available. Patients utilize these services based on current or anticipated needs.

3 Objectives Upon completion of this lesson, the student will be able to: Research government agencies that support healthy individuals, families, & communities Analyze the impact of government on the health care industry.

4 What would you do? Your patient is a homeless man brought in by paramedics, suffering from hypothermia. You find he is a veteran suffering with a history of alcoholism and drug abuse. Where should the patient be sent in order to receive proper care?

5 Key Points Many government health care services are funded through taxes.

6 Local health services City / county health department Hospitals Senior citizen centers Physician offices – serving veterans

7 State health services Department of State Health Services State University Medical Centers State Mental Health Hospitals Texas School for the Blind

8 Texas School for the Deaf Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIPs)

9 Federal health services U.S. Public Health Department Veterans Administration hospitals Center for Disease Control

10 Medicare Federal program that provides federal assistance to those 65 years or older, and certain specified others as part of the benefits of the Social Security Act.

11 Medicaid State and federal program of hospitalization and medical insurance for persons of all ages within income limits.

12 Specialized centers that offer free or reduced care for patients, such as the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children or the Shriner’s Hospital.

13 Specialized research centers such as Cancer Centers and long term care units.

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