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YOUTH LEAD PROJECT CITIZEN Centennial High School Rebecca Kahler, Nicole Clark, Lydia Chen, Matthew Cameron Boise High School Hannah Schwarz, Kevin Russell.

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1 YOUTH LEAD PROJECT CITIZEN Centennial High School Rebecca Kahler, Nicole Clark, Lydia Chen, Matthew Cameron Boise High School Hannah Schwarz, Kevin Russell International Education Incorporating an Intercultural Perspective into the High School Curriculum

2 Problem Despite increasing globalization and interconnectivity of cultures, high school students still lack international understanding.  Global ignorance is a threat to national security.  American involvement in international business necessitates cultural awareness.  A large refugee and immigrant population exists in Boise (roughly 5,500 have immigrated in the last ten years). Students graduating from the Meridian and Boise School Districts should have an understanding of citizenship, global issues, and community activism. The Meridian School District, in the “Enduring Understandings with State Standards,” has recognized this problem specifically in Goal 5.1 – Build an understanding of multiple perspectives and global interdependence. However, this goal is not sufficiently met.

3 Problem This lack of international understanding has many causes.  There is inadequate focus on global education in the current American school system.  Students have developed apathetic attitudes due to lack of engagement.  Most U.S. students can’t find Afghanistan or Israel on a map.  1.5 billion people speak Chinese yet less than 50,000 students in the U.S. learn the language. Some organizations are attempting to integrate geography and culture in their curriculums, but their influence in the public school system is limited.  Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange  National Association of Independent Schools  Association of International Educators  Idaho Human Rights Education Center

4 Alternative Policies Meridian School District “Global Perspectives” Class  Advantages:  Graduation requirement in the Meridian School District  Brief overview of world religions, cultures, history and local issues  Disadvantages:  Inadequate instruction of pertinent global conflicts  No application of knowledge or civic education requirement

5 Alternative Policies Meridian School District “Citizenship in the 21 st Century” Class  Advantages:  Citizenship - elements of a 21 st -Century Citizen: collaborative learning, emphasis in technology, global education, critical thinking  Current Events - accessing reliable sources; technological skills in analyzing and presenting information  Global Issues - Middle East, Northern Ireland, China, Sudan, Columbia  Civic Engagement Requirement -Project Citizen with international emphasis  Disadvantages:  Elective course rather than graduation requirement  Only 18 out of 1000 juniors and seniors at Centennial High are registered for this class

6 Our Policy Required “International Education/Senior Project” Class  Graduation requirement for all Meridian School District seniors (1 semester course)  Graduation requirement, like “Global Perspectives” class  1-semester course taken during senior year, opposite Economics class  International Education Portion:  Citizenship, Current Events, Global Issues  Similar to “Citizenship in the 21 st Century” class  Senior Project Portion:  Senior Project with international emphasis Appeal to student interests: international business, foreign policy, international art/music/culture, foreign language, etc.  Incorporate several components: research process, paper, PowerPoint, oral presentation, civic engagement/action  Remove Senior Project from Government and English curriculum

7 Our Policy Advantages:  Senior rather than freshman class – allows more in-depth and applicable teaching  Expose students to international issues and perspectives (Meridian School District Goal 5.1)  Action component Disadvantages:  Impact is dependent on student involvement  May be difficult for students to incorporate into their class schedules Civic Engagement Opportunities Karin Cotterman, 2003

8 Our Policy Constitutional Opinion  Serves the purposes of U.S. Government: ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare  10 th Amendment of U.S. Constitution: Powers not delegated to federal government are responsibility of states  Education is thus administered at state level – specifically by state superintendents, district school boards, etc.  Article IX, Section I of Idaho Constitution: Idaho must maintain a public school system; racial and religious discrimination must not occur in school curriculum  Proposed class will not infringe on U.S. or Idaho constitutional rights District School Boards should carry out proposed policy Policy does not involve civil sphere

9 Action Plan Gain community support via personal interactions and newsletters/publications  Cooperate with local businesses that have international ties  Communicate with teachers and parents regarding international education Community members with close-minded attitudes may oppose intercultural acceptance  Overcome opposition by informing the public of the benefits of global education

10 Action Plan Gain government support by presenting class to Meridian School Board  Develop specific curriculum outline for “International Education/Senior Project” class, delineating the “Enduring Understandings with State Standards” (part of Meridian School District curriculum) which the class addresses  Adapt curriculum to fit requirements of Boise School District and present amended class to Boise School Board Government or school board officials with budgeting and scheduling concerns may oppose this class  Overcome opposition by explaining how the potential benefits of the class outnumber the logistical concerns

11 Putting the “World” into World Class Education

12 References Alta Graham, Centennial High School Principal. Personal Interview. February 2010. Cindy Wilson, Citizen in the 21 st Century Teacher. Personal Interview. February 2010. Cotterman, Karin. “The Wheel of Civic Engagement.” 2003. Dean Diffin, Global Perspectives Teacher. Personal Interview. January 2010. Dr. Dan Prinzing, Educational Director of the Idaho Human Rights Education Center. Personal Interview. January 2010. “Education in an Age of Globalization.” Speech by Michael Eskew, Chief Executive Officier and Chairman of UPS. 2005. “Fostering Global Engagement Through International Education.” NAFSA: Association of International Educators. 2009. “Infusing Global Perspectives into the Curriculum.” National Association of Independent School Annual Conference Global Education Summit. 2009. Oaks, Ursula. “Too Many Americans Lack Crucial Global Skills in Post-September 11 World, Report Warns.” NAFSA: Assocation of International Educators. November 18, 2003. Overmann, Mark. “International Exchange Programs.” The Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange. 2009. “Population Information.” Idaho Office for Refugees. 2010. Shannon Pogue, former Seeds of Peace Counselor. Personal Interview. January 2010. Westheimer, Joel and Joseph Kahne. “Reconnecting education to democracy.” Democratic Dialogues. September 1, 2003.

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