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Report on the National Campaign for Action Summit held in Washington DC, Feb 27-Mar 1 Update INAC activities including recent grant award.

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2 Report on the National Campaign for Action Summit held in Washington DC, Feb 27-Mar 1 Update INAC activities including recent grant award

3 The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action Idaho is beginning its third year as a member of the CFA which now includes all 50 states!

4 WHERE WE’VE BEEN: PILLARS Advancing Education Transformation Removing Barriers to Practice and Care Nursing Leadership DATA Interprofessional Collaboration Diversity

5 Working Summit Highlights Creating a movement for change in nursing, creating partnerships, being transparent about goals, being persistent and bold We cannot afford not to change What does success look like: “ A country invested in being healthy”

6 Working Summit Highlights Seeking Clarity of Purpose Asking why are you doing what you’re doing If your dream came true, what would it look like? Are you at your bedrock purpose? “Improving Health by Unleashing the Potential of Nursing”

7 Working Summit Highlights In our coalitions, how can we keep doing the same things, with the same people and expect a different result? Don’t disrupt the status quo Keep interests and relationships in silos Don’t tick people off If you are going to transform something, you have to STOP doing something Stop talking about talking about it Stop focusing on what they should do and focus on what we should do

8 Working Summit Highlights Appreciative Interviews: what works right now? Getting in the “weeds” have a really good understanding of what is going on Understanding how it can work for everyone, who and how Creating common ground and compromise “Fragmentation of purpose will make it impossible to take action”

9 Practice & hiring Changes 200,00 people in Idaho to have insurance soon Need to increase BSN due to Magnet status - ACA driven Shifting pt expectations – more consumer focus Gap in health literacy 2. Where are we starting, really? 5. How are we breaking away from the current state toward the future? Next Week Next Month Next Quarter Next Year Action Hire SIP grant manager Communicat ion to Coalition and Leadership Team progress Task Orientation and onboarding of manager Disseminating info about grant and process Action Plan next Idaho working summit Hold summit in June Plan data collection Design focus group process Task Hold focus groups Collect baseline data for all teams Current status: No initiatives to improve health literacy Define baseline data needs SIP grant to focus in grad residencies Current status: Just beginning to understand what other states are doing Three residencies now CAH – no courses $ and individuals GOAL 3: Improving access to care Improving access to care by enabling nurses to participate to the full extent of their education and training IDAHO: Campaign for Action Strategy G A M E P L A N GOAL 1:Leadership Increase leadership and full partnership roles of nurses to contribute to a transformed health care systems 1. What is happening around us that demands adaptation? GOAL 2: Education Strengthening nurse education and training 3. Given our purpose, what seems possible now? 4.What is at stake if we do not change? Unprepared nursing faculty Unprepared workforce Citizens lack access to a provider Nurses have no voice in health policy transformation Current status: Plenary authority/barriers to practice exist statewide No statewide strategy to increase BSN Looming & present faculty shortage Some leadership programs (online, MSN) but no continuing ed courses

10 Preparing the Idaho nursing workforce of the future: Improved ability to work in collaborative teams Improved education in evidenced based practice Improvements in case management, care coordination and navigation skills Improved ability to effectively communicate with and teach patients Improved critical thinking skills Increased numbers of BSN prepared nurses Increased numbers of APRN’s to deliver primary care services

11 Working Summit Highlights Generating and Prioritizing BIG Ideas: the top 5 Implement a national media campaign with a high profile spokesperson Run for office! Push for a federal solution to remove barriers to practice and care. Put a nurse-run clinic in every school in every state/county. Compel RWJF/AARP to offer scholarships to undergrads, like the Jonas Scholars program.

12 Idaho Nursing Action Coalition: update Three Action Teams have identified goals, including baseline data needs and begun developing action steps Successfully created SIP, secured maximum match, and have hired one of two project managers Planning June 13, 2013 Third Annual Idaho INAC Working Summit

13 Idaho Nursing Action Coalition: Education Identify baseline data needs: Texas model Develop a education model for nursing that promotes ADN to achieve higher degrees Increase the number of MSN and doctoral nurses in ID Develop a model for nurse residencies in ID (SIP grant) Establish goals that reflect career competency for nurses

14 Idaho Nursing Action Coalition: Leadership Identify baseline data needs Establish an inventory of strategic state appointments. Develop pipeline of nurse leaders at the state level. Establish leadership development course (SIP grant)

15 Idaho Nursing Action Coalition: Access to Care Identify baseline data needs Conduct comprehensive practice survey of APRN and employers in Idaho to determine non-statutory barriers to APRN practice (SIP grant) Create strategic initiatives to remove barriers to access and practice

16 INAC next steps: Launch SIP project Engage and energize coalition members to participate in grant Must continually re-evaluate the work of INAC: is it right for people, health, communities? Must fully understand what is happening in Idaho, complete baseline data needs for all teams, as well as analyzing additional research needs

17 The Future of Nursing is You! Contact us: Website:

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