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Zareh MacPherson Artinian Project Manager, Editor, Writer What can I do for you?

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1 Zareh MacPherson Artinian Project Manager, Editor, Writer What can I do for you?

2 Zareh MacPherson Artinian Web- and CD-ROM- based educational products… eBooks and audio… Print products, including magazines, textbooks, and review books…

3 Writing, Editing, and Publishing Experience  Freelance Writer, Copyeditor, and Proofreader, Various Clients  Senior Media Producer, School Division, Houghton Mifflin Company  Freelance Writer/Instructional Designer, Vanguard Media  Project Manager, Total Learning Concepts  Assistant Editor, Medical Editorial, Springer-Verlag Publishers Teaching Experience  Adjunct Professor of Critical Writing, Eastern Nazarene College  Adjunct Professor and Academic Advisor, Sacred Heart University  Adjunct Professor of Freshman Composition, Emerson College  Science Teacher, Bishop Kearney High School Zareh MacPherson Artinian Some background info about me…

4 Education  Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Emerson College  Bachelor of Science in Biology, Saint Joseph's College Additional Education and Experience  Macromedia Director and Lingo, Iconcepts  Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator, Rhode Island School of Design  Scriptwriting, New York University  Intern, MTV's Liquid Television episode, Vanguard Media Professional Organizations and Conferences  Highlights Founder's Writing Workshop  Member, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)  International Reading Associatiion (IRA) Conference  Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) Zareh MacPherson Artinian Some more background info about me…

5 . Zareh MacPherson Artinian McDougal Littell's Virtual High School Biology Labs Includes 14 Web-based interactive lab experiments for students to explore I worked with developer Six Red Marbles to brainstorm and develop labs. My responsibilities included writing:  background text  laboratory procedures  review questions  art and interaction specs

6 . Zareh MacPherson Artinian  Each investigation includes a laboratory environment with unique instruments and supplies to explore before for the experiment begins.  Step-by-step instructions guide students through each investigation.

7 . Zareh MacPherson Artinian  The student’s Lab Notebook is a source of information needed to complete the investigation, as well as a place for students to record their observations.

8 . Zareh MacPherson Artinian  Background screens provide students with additional information about their investigations.

9 Zareh MacPherson Artinian.  Lab Notebook includes pages for students to enter:  Observations  Data  Calculations  Analysis and Conclusions  Calculations present students with tools and instructions needed to understand their observations.  Follow-up questions help students make connections between each experiment and real-world situations.

10 . Zareh MacPherson Artinian From Curriculum Advantage Web site www.curriculumadvanta 07/science.html: www.curriculumadvanta 07/science.html Classworks Science software is designed for third through fifth graders.... The units in Classworks Science are organized...utilizing mini- lessons, scoreable activities, and quick quizzes. For this project, I wrote:  learning modules  review sections  activities  quizzes

11 . Zareh MacPherson Artinian  Apply sections are interactive activities that engage students and reinforce the material in each lesson module.  I wrote specs for six different types of Apply activities.

12 . Zareh MacPherson Artinian  Review sections outlined key points from each lesson module.  Multiple choice quizzes (not shown) allowed students to test their knowledge.

13 Zareh MacPherson Artinian.  Oversaw production of Web- and CD-ROM-based instructional technology components of Houghton Mifflin Math, Reading, and Science textbook programs  Collaborated with editorial and marketing staff to plan, implement, and promote products  Coordinated activities among developers, designers, writers, QC testers, and vendors  Updated features on Education Place, the award-winning K–8 educational Web site  Represented Houghton Mifflin at various educational conventions, including IRA and FETC

14 . Zareh MacPherson Artinian  Specialize in science and reading  Copyedit, proofread, and write articles for Odyssey, the award- winning, grades 5-9 science magazine  Research range of topics  Write to publishers' specs, including reading level  Supply art specs and photo research  Print Products include:  McGraw-Hill's SRA English Language Development Program  Frank Schaffer Publication's Spectrum Science Test Practice, Grade 5  Odyssey magazine, issues since 2006  AppleSeeds magazine, copyedit since late 2008

15 I hope to hear from you soon! Detailed résumé, references, samples, and additional information available upon request. 116 Spring Street Quincy, MA 02169 617.770.2315 Zareh MacPherson Artinian Project Manager, Editor, Writer

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