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A Healthy Lifestyle Alison Marciano EDU 521.03 Professor Moroney Summer 2010.

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1 A Healthy Lifestyle Alison Marciano EDU 521.03 Professor Moroney Summer 2010

2 Introduction This unit plan is focused on having third grade students learn various components of a healthy lifestyle. NYS learning standards such as ELA, The Arts, and MST will be addressed in this unit. Furthermore the reading and math content areas will be highlighted. The unit begins with students creating a KWL chart to brainstorm what a healthy lifestyle is. Students will then progress to understanding the food pyramid, demonstrating their knowledge of the importance of organic food, and creating a healthy menu. Towards the middle of the unit students will recognize the importance of incorporating exercise into their lifestyle. The end of the unit has the students engage in interactive technological games and quizzes. To cumulate the unit students will finish their KWL charts, and utilize Window’s Movie Maker to create a film on recommending healthy lifestyle choices based upon what they learned in this unit.

3 Context of Project o This unit plan is based on the third grade level o Collaborative Teaching o 20 students o Special Needs: 2 hearing impaired students o Collaborative, group, indirect, and direct learning instruction o Technology- hotlists, podcasts, blogs, and emails o Technology Access available in the school library, as well as 5 computers in the classroom for rotating use.

4 Aim The aim of this unit is to have students learn a multidimensional and thorough understanding of a healthy lifestyle. Essential Questions: Why is a healthy lifestyle important? How can we achieve a healthy lifestyle? What is the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy lifestyle? How can the incorporation of exercise and organic food add to a healthy lifestyle?

5 Justification The incorporation of technology is key to the unit because it: Helps to differentiate instruction for students, such as for the visual and analytical learner Provides support for academic intervention and academic enrichment gives student experience using technology and helps them learn skills they can apply in real world settings.

6 Materials Hotlist Graph Papers Windows Movies Media Crayons and Pencils Excel

7 NETS for Students 1) Creativity and Innovation 2) Communication and Collaboration 3) Research and Information Fluency 4) Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making 5) Technology Operations and Concepts

8 NYS Learning Standards The Arts Standard 1: Creating, Performing, and Participating in the Arts. Standard 2: Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education Standard 3: Mathematics

9 NYS Learning Standards English Language Arts Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science Standard 1: Personal Health and Fitness

10 Unit Calendar

11 Filamentality

12 Lesson Plan # 1 INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES After a class review of the basic food groups, students will understand these groups and the how many food items in each group they eat by representing such on a bar graph with 100% accuracy. The entire lesson plan will be completed with no less than 15 out of 20 points according to a teacher-created rubric.

13 Lesson Plan #6 INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES After a class review of the basic food groups on the SMART board, students will demonstrate their knowledge of health and nutrition by creating a brief film utilizing Windows Movie Maker. They will earn no fewer than 12 out of 16 points according to a teacher created rubric.

14 Technology Hotlist Podcasts Email Blogs Excel Creative menus using PowerPoint or Microsoft word

15 Assistive Technology For the student with communication issues, s/he will be provided with a multi-message voice output device. For the student who has hearing impairments, a classroom amplification system will be utilized.

16 Weebly Link

17 SMART board activity


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