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Freshman Year of College Budget Project Major Grade.

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1 Freshman Year of College Budget Project Major Grade

2 Specifics: You can do this project in whatever media you would like: PowerPoint, word, Photostory, moviemaker, poster board, scrapbook, etc. You must do the project individually. You cannot choose a junior college (unless you can live on campus). You can definitely choose a trade school as long as you can live on campus. You will have to do most of the work for the project at HOME.

3 Your budget must be for a 10 month period. If you do everything listed, you will receive a 90%. You can gain the extra 10% in the “shopping portion” of the project. You will learn how much college will cost (tuition, room and board). You will learn how much everyday living costs. You will have a greater appreciation for you parents.

4 Part I -- College Information You must include at least 5 photos of your college in this section. Must include tuition (for both semesters— assume at least 24 hours to be considered a full time student) Must include room and board. You must live in a dorm and you must choose a meal plan (board). Some colleges will have several meal plans to choose from, some will only have one.

5 Part I -- College Information Cont. Must include admission requirements SAT / ACT scores GPA Class rank Whatever else is required

6 Part I – College Information Cont. Type of school Location Degrees and majors offered Number of students Student body (ethnic groups, male vs female etc) Colors and mascot! Something that makes your college unique (traditions etc.)

7 Possible Extra Credit Items for College Information: Acceptance letter % of students that graduate Housing info Faculty info Career services

8 Part II – Dorm Living Bedding Sheets (must be twin size and at least 2 sets) Comforter Towels Laundry basket Desk lamp Alarm clock

9 Part II -- Dorm living cont. Small refrigerator Small microwave Decoration of some sort (posters, paintings, clock, mirror, bulletin board, picture frames, etc) Comfortable seating (beanbag, futon, couch)

10 Possible Extra Credit Items for Dorm Living: CurtainsLap desk Area rugStuffed animals CalendarExtra blanket Rolling chairTrunk/storage IronBookshelf Ironing boardExtra pillows Desk organizerSmall vacuum

11 Possible Extra Credit Items for Dorm Living: Hangers Trash can Sham Wow Bulletin board White board Picture frame

12 Part III – School Supplies Textbook cost (two semesters) Computer (desktop or laptop) Printer Ink Refill (at least one black) Notebook paper Computer paper Pens

13 Part III -- School Supplies cont. Pencils Binders or folders Flash drive Stapler Tape Calculator

14 Possible Extra Credit Items for School Supplies: HighlightersOrganizer / planner Pencil sharpenerHole punch White outLaptop bag BatteriesPaperclips Post-itsIndex cards Blank cdsCamera Surge protectorRecorder Backpack

15 Part IV -- Everyday Stuff Shampoo Soap Toothpaste Deodorant Cups Plates Utensils Medication / Advil Female products

16 Part IV -- Everyday Stuff cont. Detergent $ for washing ($2 bucks per load) Cleaning supplies / wipes (not baby wipes) Paper towels

17 Possible Extra Credit Items for Everyday Stuff: First aidproductsLotion Shower curtainContact solution StraightenerHair dryer Make-upMake up remover Facial cleanerFabric softener Q-tipsTissues Nail polishNail polish remover

18 Possible Extra Credit Items for Everyday Stuff: Body washMouthwash Perfume/cologneTweezers Nail clippersHair products SnacksDish detergent Air freshenerCandles Trash bagsChap stick After shaveConditioner

19 Possible Extra Credit Items for Everyday Stuff: Toothbrush Floss Hairbrush or comb Razor Shaving cream

20 Part V -- Entertainment Movies (buy or going) Going out with friends Eating out Budget these amounts per month and multiply by 10.

21 Possible Extra Credit Items for Entertainment: Gaming systemVideo Games Board gamesShopping CDsBooks for reading MagazinesCamera Art suppliesClubs Museum passesDVR / TIVO Athletics – equipment or going to games Spring Break tripTV / DVD player Ipod/radio/stereo

22 Part VI -- Services Cell phone service Hair cuts

23 Possible Extra Credit Items for Services: CableInternet service Land line phoneManicures TanningBrow waxing Health care feeCell phone itself

24 Part VII -- Transportation Car insurance Oil changes Parking permit Gas (make it easy at 2.50 a gallon) Other means of transportation if not taking a car (metro, skateboard, bike, etc.) Air transportation if going out of state

25 Part VIII -- TOTAL AMOUNT Be sure to have a total at the end of the project

26 Part IX -- Presentation Everyone will present This will take only a few minutes.

27 Breakdown: Part I -- College Information 20% Parts II – VIII Goods and Services 60% Part IX – Presentation 10% Earn extra points for a 100%

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