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BirdLife Victoria 20 April 2013. Objectives The BirdLife Victoria Committee has been formed to deal with issues and events that occur at the state level.

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1 BirdLife Victoria 20 April 2013

2 Objectives The BirdLife Victoria Committee has been formed to deal with issues and events that occur at the state level BirdLife Victoria not considered a branch; doesn’t get involved in local issues or local activities Many issues in Victoria need to be addressed at the state level, often with the Victorian Government

3 Objectives It is NOT proposed that this Committee is another tier of management between the National Office and the Victorian branches

4 What we do State-wide conservation issues Western Port Wader Survey Victorian Research Grants Victorian IBAs Portland Pelagic Trips Victorian Twitchathon Victoria-wide activities Camps for Victorian members State-wide newsletter

5 Office-bearers Membership of the inaugural BirdLife Victoria Committee comprises the following office bearers (until after the first AGM to be held on 20 April 2013): –Convener: Paul Dodd –Secretary: Ruth Woodrow –Treasurer: Barbara Burns Future office bearers will be elected at an AGM and will serve for a period of two years

6 Committee Members Chair of the Victorian Conservation Committee: Mark Anderson Chair of the Victorian Research Scholarships Committee: Bruce McGregor Chair of the Victorian IBA Committee: Euan Moore Newsletter Editor: formerly Penny Johns, now vacant Website Coordinator: Tim Bawden AGM Organiser: Stuart Dashper Victoria-wide Activities Coordinator: Tim Bawden Camps Organiser: David Ap-Thomas Western Port Wader Survey Coordinator: Xenia Dennett Twitchathon Coordinator: Paul Dodd Portland Pelagics Organiser: Chris Lester

7 Committee Members If other Victoria-wide interests are identified, the Committee may accept nominees from relevant sub-committees as members Very important that there is state-wide representation on the Committee –Therefore, representatives from each of the Victorian branches are encouraged to join the BirdLife Victorian Committee and attend meetings as regularly as possible –Where branches are a considerable distance from Melbourne, representatives may participate in meetings using electronic means, such as teleconferencing

8 Conservation Waterfowl Hunting –Remains a major focus of conservation committee and related groups –Will do so for as long as Victoria has a Duck Season Common Myna –Encourage people to report sightings –Provided input to the FFG assessment on Common Myna as a threatening process

9 Conservation Coal Seam Gas –Water quality –Harmful chemicals used –Reserves across state Resort Development in National Parks –Being promoted by current government –Watching brief to determine if action required

10 Conservation Firewood Collection –Removal of licences –Over-harvesting Disturbance Policy –Victoria contributed strongly to Birdlife Australia policy –Covers many “disturbances” including Climate Change, Carbon Offsets, Invasive Species, Fishing Impacts, Grazing, etc

11 Conservation - VEAC Made submissions to the VEAC Yellingbo Investigation Represent BirdLife on the Yellingbo Community Reference Group Made submissions to the VEAC Marine Investigation Our submissions available on BirdLife and VEAC websites

12 Conservation – Local Issues Supported BL Bass Coast with its submission to the review of the Phillip Island Nature Park Management Plan Made submissions to DSE on Dog Walking in Mornington Peninsula NP Provided bird data and support to Glenfern Green Wedge resulting in wins at VCAT

13 Important Bird Areas Global project initiated by BirdLife International Places of international significance for the conservation of birds Recognized worldwide as a practical way of helping conserve key bird species Identified using standardized criteria Little Desert IBA. Photo: Euan Moore No-longer a full-time IBA staff person within BirdLife Aus

14 IBAs – BirdLife Victoria Objectives Build on the work already done Carry out regular bird counts Record habitat state, threats and responses to threats Store this data in databases that are readily accessible to our birding community Black-fronted Dotterels are a key species for the Northern Victoria Wetlands IBA. Photo: Euan Moore

15 IBAs – BirdLife Victoria Objectives Use data to obtain better protection and management of these areas leading to:  Increased security for native birds and other flora and fauna  Data provision for reporting the State of Australia’s Birds, etc  Meeting reporting obligations to BirdLife International Habitat restoration on private land near Wyperfeld, Big Desert & Ngarkat IBA. Photo: Euan Moore

16 Portland Pelagic Birding Trips are scheduled monthly for all months of the year Bookings are taken for each six-month period The boat is quite small and only 12 people can go on each trip Details are on the BirdLife Australia website and are kept up-to-date

17 Portland Pelagic Birding 2012 was a poor year with only three trips getting out 2013 has started quite well with two trips getting out already in February and April Bookings have just opened for the period from July to December 2013 – instructions on the web site

18 Twitchathon Annual competition to see as many species as possible in 24 hours “Champagne event” to see as many species as possible in 8 hours The Twitchathon is BirdLife Victoria’s premier fundraiser, usually raising several thousand dollars Proceeds are used to fund Student Grants (next section)

19 Twitchathon (24-hour Race Results for 2012) 222 Robin Rednecks (Best birds: Grey (white) Goshawk/Orange Chat) 205 Gang-gang Gang (Best bird: Glossy Ibis) 196 Tick Tock Twins (Best bird: Chestnut-rumped Heathwren) 180 The Ruddy Bustards (Best bird: Spotted Harrier) 174 Oriental Prats (Best bird: Painted Honeyeater) 145 United Nations Plains Wanderers (Best bird: Baillon's Crake)

20 Twitchathon (8-hour Race Results for 2012) 132 Norwegian Blues (Best bird: Pectoral Sandpiper) 132 Common Loudmouths (Best bird: Shy Heathwren) 114 8hr Stints (Best bird: Marsh Sandpiper) 106 Lemon-bellied Honeyeaters (Best bird: Glossy Ibis)

21 Student Grants 2-4 grants provided to PhD and Masters students in bird-related fields for projects conducted in Victoria Average grant size is $1500 Used for a small aspect of the project, usually in conjunction with other grants

22 Student Grants (2011)

23 Student Grants (2012)

24 Victoria-wide Activities Support for regular monitoring projects, like Helmeted Honeyeaters, Regent Honeyeaters, Swift Parrots Support for regular survey sites, like Devilbend and Westernport Activities in places that cross Victorian Branch areas Camps for Victorian members – run by David Ap-Thomas

25 Treasurer’s Report – Balance Sheet 31/12/2012 Birdlife Victoria Balance Sheet at 31 December 2012 $ Current Assets Cash at Bank25579.19 Inventories90.00 Amount owing by National Office for GST14.54 Total Current Assets $25,683.73 Total Non-current assets0 Total Assets $25,683.73 Total Current Liabilities0 Total Non-current Liabilities0 Total Liabilities0 Net Assets $25,683.73 Funds and Reserves Accumulated Funds 25,683.73 Total Funds and Reserves $25,683.73

26 Treasurer’s Report – Income Statement 31/12/2012 Birdlife Victoria Income Statement for the year ended 31 December 2012 Revenue$ Donations (Twitchathon)885.50 Interest received0.03 Sales (Where to find birds)290.91 Subscriptions rebate received from National Office3164.05 Total revenue4340.49 Expenditure Advertising and promotion (Host Birdline)200.00 Audit fees100.00 Bank charges161.00 Cost of goods sold (Where to find birds)271.00 Food (meeting expenses)0 Printing and stationery (Newsletter)2122.00 Other expenses (Donations, research grants, small grants)1500.00 Total expenditure4354.00 Net surplus/(deficit)-13.51 Accumulated funds at beginning of the financial year25697.24 Accumulated funds at the end of the financial year $ 25,683.73

27 Elections Nominations called for position of Convenor Vote for position of Convenor Nominations called for position of Secretary Vote for position of Secretary Nominations called for position of Treasurer Vote for position of Treasurer

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