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School Libraries Victoria Forum, Melbourne, 16 May 2014 Justine Hyde Director, Library Services and The library as the centre.

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1 School Libraries Victoria Forum, Melbourne, 16 May 2014 Justine Hyde Director, Library Services and Experience @justine_hyde The library as the centre of the community

2 "A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination." Caitlin Moran, ’Libraries: Cathedrals of Our Souls’ P–2P–2 @justine_hyde

3 P–3P–3

4 Value of public libraries to their communities public libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed (95%) public libraries are important because they promote literacy and a love of reading (95%) public libraries improve the quality of life in a community (94%) public libraries provide many services people would have a hard time finding elsewhere (81%) Pew Research Centre (2013) ‘How Americans Value Public Libraries in Their Communities’ P–4P–4 @justine_hyde

5 The ties that bind us “…libraries are about freedom. Freedom to read, freedom of ideas, freedom of communication. They are about education… about entertainment, about making safe spaces, and about access to information… It's a place with librarians in it.” Neil Gaiman, ‘Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming’ daydreaming daydreaming P–5P–5 @justine_hyde

6 21 st Century challenges for libraries P–6P–6 The status of the global economy Trends in business environment Governments’ policy reforms and priorities Consumer and customer preferences Competitors (traditional and emerging) New and emerging technologies Relationships and partnerships including vendors Costs and budgets Adapted from ‘Trends in the Library and Information Services Sector: Information Brief’, Robert McEntyre & Associates Pty Limited, March 2013 @justine_hyde

7 Responses to 21 st Century challenges P–7P–7 Place and Space Collections and Content Community Engagement Refurbishing facilities Investment in digital infrastructure Large scale digitisation programs Optimisation of content for multiple platforms and devices Digital reform advocacy Greater outreach and consultation Reviewing the role and relevance of the library in the society @justine_hyde

8 Typical library responses to 21 st Century challenges P–8P–8 Collaboration Access People and capabilities Sustainable finances Increased collaboration and partnerships Reduced opening hours but increased ‘digital access’ New service models ‘Digital library’ skills and capabilities Increasing ‘service’ culture Reduced services/ new service models Increased user-pays Increased focus on philanthropy and public-private partnerships @justine_hyde

9 Victorian Public Libraries 2030 Strategic Framework June 2013 The Victorian Public Libraries 2030 Report @justine_hyde

10 Opportunities in 2030 Community wants & needs emerging from future social trends Opportunities for public libraries A drive to explore & develop creative interestsBecome vibrant creativity hubs, facilitating communal creative development & expression Opportunities to partner & share with others, both as individuals & as organisations Become co-working hubs, bringing people & organisations together to collaborate creatively, socially & professionally Lifelong mental engagement, stimulation & careBecome the community’s brain gymnasium Continuous acquisition of new knowledge & skills to participate fully in a rapidly changing environment Provide community learning programs that support 21st-century literacies Stable & trusted relationships with people & places of common interest Become the community agora – a meeting place for people to gather, share & learn P–10 @justine_hyde

11 Transforming the State Library of Victoria Staff of the Melbourne Public Library, ca1896-98 State Library of Victoria @justine_hyde

12 Transforming the State Library of Victoria @justine_hyde

13 How we developed our vision and strategy P–13 Community feedback Staff feedback Segment analysis The Act & stakeholder input Public library context Best practice SLV capabilities Unique Assets of The SLV Strategic insight A unique and compelling vision, strategy and set of priorities for the State Library of Victoria @justine_hyde

14 Evolution of the State Library of Victoria vision P–14 Maintain cultural heritage Enable access & research Enable community learning, connection, and creativity FROM … Victorians will have ready access to a comprehensive collection of Victorian documentary material and to worldwide information resources to enrich their cultural, educational, social and economic lives … TO A place where all Victorians can Discover, Learn, Create and Connect A cultural and heritage hub for Victorians A leader in the discovery of information, enabling the generation of new knowledge and ideas @justine_hyde

15 P–15 Motivations for Library use Advance through specialised knowledge Connect Learn REVIVEINSPIRE DISCOVER SOLVEMASTER Seek knowledge, ideas and enlightenment Find answers, solve problems, do things Inspire creative thought Pause, relax, reflect and recharge @justine_hyde

16 P–16 Market segments Connect Learn REVIVEINSPIRE DISCOVER SOLVEMASTER Contributor Facilities user Creative Young learner Lounger Tertiary student Researcher Information seeker Enthusiast Culture seeker @justine_hyde

17 What would students like at the State Library? more books for children, music materials, historical content, paintings, statues apps a bank of iPads a holiday club sports activities robotics and science activities competitions and plays children’s spaces resident magician P–17 @justine_hyde

18 7 building blocks supporting our strategy P–18 Place and Space Collections and Content Community Engagement People and capabilities Sustainable financials and funding Access Collaboration @justine_hyde

19 P–19 Digital strategy – shift in thinking FromTo ViewingInteracting Transactional service interactionsOngoing relationship –based interactions Passive consumptionActive contribution & ownership Displaying the contentTelling the story Collection-driven contentConsumer – driven events 100% perfect - slow to market70% right - faster to market Guardians & providersEnablers Quiet and consideredDynamic & energetic @justine_hyde

20 P–20 Redesigning our service model @justine_hyde

21 P–21 Our service design principles The collection is at the heart of the library The library is a place for everyone Make the entire collection accessible to the public Services should be available physically and digitally Connect customers with the right expertise at their point of need Empower customers to serve themselves and others Actively monitor and measure customer interactions and adjust our services Charge for our services where appropriate, and charge appropriately for our services @justine_hyde

22 P–22 @justine_hyde

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