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Answers to all your questions. 10 th grade Personal Project.

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1 Answers to all your questions. 10 th grade Personal Project

2 WHY, OH WHY? Designed by IB to help students incorporate the 5 AOI’s into a project that is interesting to them. If done correctly, it will help you to learn/appreciate a new hobby, interest, or career option

3 Why, oh why? Fosters independence, creativity, self motivation, self learning, Helps you to: learn time management skills identify personal weaknesses & strengths Challenge yourself mentally and creatively May inspire, transform, inspire a way of thinking or doing something

4 Why, oh why? It is only by being actively engaged in learning that we truly educate ourselves. When we do that-\ we become better people.

5 Role Of The Personal Project Three Key Phrases: “Significant Body Of Work” “Extended Period Of Time” ( 6 months) “Student’s Own Initiative” Areas Of Interaction Form The Core Time frame: September—before Spring break.

6 Types Of The Personal Project Many Forms: Original Art Work – All Types Written Work Literary Fiction Original Science Experiment Invention Business Marketing Plan

7 Requirements Of The Personal Project Purpose: Understanding & Expression Combination Of Skills Done Outside Class Time- NO CLASS TIME Supervision: Choose your supervisor Supervisors Provide Formative Feedback Assessment: Internal Standardization

8 Supervisor- chosen by teacher Provides encouragement, helpful hints, guidance Monitors progress Reviews PP journal Grades project according to IB criteria Make time to visit with supervisor at least 2x’s a month!!!!!

9 Supervisor/PP coordinator Informs PP coordinator of any problems Does not OK your project or allow you to change your project If you have a critical issue you must see the PP coordinator. (ex: dropping, computer crash, change of project, project selection)

10 Timeline You will be given a time line to follow. Be smart--follow it. Some students wait until last minute and do not pass their PP

11 3 Items to turn in Personal Project The PP journal The PPPP ( personal project process paper)

12 Structure Of The Personal Project Process Paper All Types Will Have: A title page A table of contents An introduction A description of the process An analysis A conclusion Works cited Appendices if appropriate Length: Varies depending on the project, but concise not more than 4000 words

13 Don’t stress!!! A detail explanation will be given to students in February about how to write the process paper.

14 Example Of The Personal Project An actual Inuit Koriac - no glue, no metal

15 Example Of The Personal Project Designed and created his own soccer stadium. Worked with local architects and researched various facility designs.

16 Jeffrey’s boat

17 Example Of The Personal Project Organized a Colorado Race for Special Olympics from start to finish; raised several thousand dollars through the project.

18 Example Of The Personal Project Bee Keeping project to design, build and run a bee farm for production of honey.

19 Example Of The Personal Project Created a ‘Quilts from the Heart’ project with teenage girls in residential treatment facility. Donated finished quilts to needy families at local neo-natal clinic.

20 Example of a Personal Project Created web site and fundraising project to help children of Chernobyl disaster. Children of Chernobyl Project

21 Example Of The Personal Project Making Native American hand carved flutes Rebuilding a car engine or painting a car Designing, filming and editing a music video Planting a lawn with irrigation systems Black and White art photography Creating web based information site for classroom teachers Japanese flower arranging Recording an original music CD Making a surfboard/skimboard/skateboard Teaching disaster preparedness to immigrants Starting a club/sport/activity or assembly

22 Project Stages Think of a project. ( NOT your 8 th grade one) Be specific! Have project approved by your language arts teacher Organize journal Create a timeline for your project. Modify as needed. Commence project Consult PP deadlines to keep on task Complete project Write PPPP Turn everything in.

23 Grading Refer to guidebook for details Your supervisor will grade your PP by the following criterea.

24 MYP Personal Project Criteria Criteria A - Planning and Development Criteria B - Collection of information/resources Criteria C - Choice & Application of Techniques Criteria D - Analysis of Information Criteria E - Organization of Written Work Criteria F - Analysis of Process & Outcome Criteria G - Personal Engagement

25 Questions/Comment/Concerns? Thank you for your attention.

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