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What is the IB Program?  It is a two-year comprehensive academic program studied in 11th and 12th grade years.  To earn a diploma, students must successfully.

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3 What is the IB Program?  It is a two-year comprehensive academic program studied in 11th and 12th grade years.  To earn a diploma, students must successfully complete:  6 courses  1 TOK seminar  write an extended essay  participate in community and extra curricular activities.

4 Additional IB information  Originated in Geneva, Switzerland in 1965  Over 1820 IB schools in 124 countries  523 IB schools in the United States 88 Middle years 49 Primary years  37 IB schools in New York State  12 IB schools in Rochester/Buffalo/Syracuse region

5 Fairport High School IB Program-2005-06  105 students  18 Full diploma students  Offer 14 IB courses  2006 IB exam score average - 5.12 out of 7  2003-06-from 15 IB students to 105 20 Full Diploma graduates

6 Language B Language A1 Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge Creativity, Action, Service Individuals and societies Mathematics Arts and Electives Experimental Sciences Language A1 - first language, including the study of selections from world literature Mathematics - Mathematical studies, Mathematics Language B - second modern language Individuals and societies - history, geography, ITGS Experimental Sciences - biology, chemistry, physics, environmental systems, design technology Arts and Electives - music, theatre, visual arts or choose from group 2,3 or 4


8 The Middle Pieces Extended Essay February of Junior year to February of Senior year – 4,000 word original research paper in one of the six disciplines – mentored by staff member in college level research

9 The Middle Pieces Creativity, Action, Service(CAS) – 50 hours in each of the three areas over two years - students reflect and document their growth

10 The Middle Pieces Theory of Knowledge(TOK) - 1 credit  required interdisciplinary course;  designed to stimulate critical thinking and reflection upon knowledge gained both inside and outside the classroom;  presentations;  1200-1600 word essay.

11 IB Requirements for the Diploma  Students must earn a minimum of 24 out of a possible 45 points on the 6 exams (individual exam scale-1-7)  At least three exams (not more than four) are taken at the Higher Level and the others at Standard level  IB students must achieve a passing score in TOK and Extended Essay

12 Fairport IB Courses  English-HL  Foreign Languages-French, Spanish, German -SL  History of Americas-HL  Information Technology in a Global Society-SL  Biology-HL

13 Fairport IB Courses  Physics SL  Chemistry SL  Math Studies-SL/Mathematics SL  Visual Arts-SL  Theatre Arts-SL/HL  Music-SL/HL  Theory of Knowledge

14 IB Registration Process  Pick up registration form from Guidance Office and return to your guidance counselor by December 15th  Attend an IB Orientation Meeting  Meet with your Guidance Counselor to plan your schedule  Participate in Spring IB Meetings

15 A Diploma Exam Sample Junior Year n Visual Arts-SL Senior Year n English-HL n History of the Americas- HL n Biology-HL n French-SL n Math Studies-SL TOK, Extended Essay, CAS

16 Advantages of the IB Program  It is designed to educate the whole person  It allows students to attain an international academic standard  It provides individual specialization for highly motivated students

17 Advantages of the IB Diploma Program  The IB Diploma is recognized for university admission worldwide.  It has a global focus with an emphasis on intercultural understanding.  It is accessible to all students.  It provides professional development to teachers.

18 Application Process Site visitation Teacher training Curriculum review R

19 Rigor n Newsweek Challenge Index: School Rankings (Top ten) 7 out of 10 Schools were IB schools. n Jay Matthews : “The IB tests are designed to inspire the very best kind of teaching without all the memorizing and drilling that troubles so many educators.”

20 Research on the impact of IB programs Various studies have been conducted on the performance of IB students, the standards of the IB program, the effect of the implementation of the program on a school. Results show that: IB students outperform their peers on state assessments IB Diploma students have higher acceptance rates to colleges IB Diploma students perform better in post-secondary education than their peers IB standards are aligned with best practice in education and support effective teaching practices IB has a positive impact on the culture of a school

21 Why be an IB student?

22 Who should apply for the IB Program? Any student who…  is hard working.  enjoys a variety of school subjects.  has a curious nature and a desire to learn beyond the traditional classroom.  wants to improve communication, problem solving, critical and creative thinking skills.  is looking for the ultimate challenge.

23 IB Diploma students perform better in post-secondary education than their peers Dissertation at Purdue University Analyzed participation in the IB program as a predictor of college success: n 92% of students to hold an IB Diploma earned a Bachelor’s degree and 87% of IB Diploma holders earned their degrees in five years or less. n 59% of the students receiving IB Diplomas advanced to graduate school. n Most IB Diploma holders believed their IB experience had a positive impact on their global awareness, understanding of complex assignments, critical thinking and time management skills.

24 Local Colleges’ Recognition of IB University of Rochester: “An IB diploma is proof that they are ready to own their education. To this end we have pledged scholarship support to students pursuing the full IB diploma.” (Jonathan Burdick, Dean of Admissions)

25 University Total Population Acceptance Total IB Candidate Acceptance Diploma Candidate Acceptance University of Florida58.0%88.4%88.9% Virginia Polytechnic Institute66.0%67.9%80.2% James Madison University58.0%65.1%76.9% University of Virginia39.0%55.9%61.3% University of California, Los Angeles 24.0%41.4%48.5% University of California, San Diego41.0%60.5%65.6% University of California, Berkeley24.0%45.4%50.6% SUNY Binghamton41.9%93.3%100% George Mason University66.0%88.4%97.5% NYU25.5%50.5%51.8% Acceptance rates for IB students tend to be higher than those for the general population. ( 2003)

26 Transcript of Grades BACCALAUREAT INTERNATIONAL BACHILLERATO INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE INTERNACIONAL 1-0478 LeeWatkins Registrar’s Office HAVERFORD COLLEGE 370 lancaster Avenue Haverford, PA 19041-1392 USA The student below has completed requirements for the international Baccalaureate Diploma or certificate. Student: Date of birth: School Attended: Examination Session: SUBJECTLEVELGRADE ENGLISH A1 HIGHER 7 FRENCH B HIGHER 5 HIST. AFRICA HIGHER 7 ENVIRON. SYST STANDARD 7 MATH STUDIES STANDARD 7 THEATRE ARTS STANDARD 6 Theory of Knowledge: A Extended Essay: B Subject of Extended Essay: ENGLISH A1 Combined Score (Bonus Points): +3 TOTAL DIPLOMA POINTS : 42 DIPLOMA AWARDED Date: February 1999 A = Excellent B=Good C=Satisfactory D=Mediocre E=Elementary 7 = Excellent 6= Very Good 5=Good 4=Satisfactory 3=Mediocre 2=Poor 1=Very Poor Joe Wilson 06/06/85 Joseph C Wilson Magnet High School May 2000

27 University Recognition n Some U.S. colleges and universities offer credit, placement and preference admissions. To learn more check: – – and click on the blue tab marked “services” at the top of the page.

28 MYTH #1 IB students have no life.

29 FACT #1 IB students participate as much if not more than other students in extracurricular activities.

30 FACT #2 IB students are very active. They perform community service, join clubs, play sports, perform in school plays, participate in band and chorus and even hang out with friends.

31 FACT #3 IB Students have the added benefit of being in a group of similarly motivated students who develop a close bond over their high school year.

32 For more information n International Baccalaureate Organization n IB at Fairport High School

33 Questions and Comments

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