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Retail Management Presented by Aashima Verma & Santosh Kumar.

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1 Retail Management Presented by Aashima Verma & Santosh Kumar

2  Bata first established itself in India in 1931 and commenced manufacturing shoes in Batanagar in 1936. At that time the Bata Shoe Organization was headquartered in the Czechoslovak town of Zlin, the residence of Tomas Bata, the founder of the Organization.

3  Vision:vision is that igniting spark that can inspire and energise people to do better. The focus of vision is to reach out hungrily for the future and drag it into the present. Bata India today wishes to reposition itself as a market driven, fashion conscious lifestyle. Focus on a variety of customer groups.  Mission :A mission statement articulates the philosophy of the company with respect to the business in specific and society in general. Once the mission statement of the company is finalized and adapted, it provides a readymade guideline to employees of the organization about its principles, policies and practices. Bata will provide its products and services to all the age groups in the community. Will also provide the finest quality through customer involvement.

4 Proprietor / Owner Manager Supervisor 8 Employees

5  International designers and technicians conduct advanced product research and establish strict quality control procedures. The focus is on introducing new and exciting products which are competitively priced and give value for money. Whether it is new product or design, Bata's strength lies in worldwide global presence. While local companies are self-governing, each one benefits from its link to the international organization. To remain at the Top, Bata India invests substantial amounts in developing new concepts and designs which set standard for the industry. Its recent break through products under its "Bata Tech" brand is the result of untiring efforts of its Product Development Dept.

6  Comfort is a > breakthrough product in women's footwear. It uses dynamic spring pads that act as cushion for your feet. The cantilever sole design and extra-padded insoles provide extra comfort.  < Wind - it has an in-built air circulation technology that allows your feet to breathe and ensures that you stay fresh a.m. to p.m.  Flexible > - Inspired by Chinese reflexology, Flexible has a built-in massage points. The shoe has flexi sole with arch grip system.

7  With the shrinking of the world into a small global village, Indian consumers now aspire for international taste and style. And to make things easier for the consumer we have introduced the concept of store classification and sub divided it into Flagship, City, Family and Bazar stores.

8 The procurement of the stock is done on the consignment terms. The wholesaler provides the stock to them and at the end of the month takes away the unsold stock at the discounted prices.


10 Customers are given the first most priority. Even the minor complaints are handled on personalized basis. Regular feedback is observed from the customers through proper communication. Initiatives taken by the sales team includes one to one interaction with the customers. Need is catered in such a manner that next visit is sure. Potential customers are given special offers like discounts, free service, gifts etc.

11  With more than eight renowned brands, which include Hush Puppies, Marie Claire, Bubble Gummers, Power, we cater to a wide range of choices all over the country. Hush Puppies are one of the world's most comfortable shoes designed for both men and women. Marie Claire is for today's fashion conscious women who love shoes, which match their colourful and vibrant wardrobe. That's not all. For those who want a tough shoe that can weather any storm, we have Sandak to suit their needs. Weinbrenner is simply meant to take you outdoors. With them on you can be rest assured about their rugged character and durability. Kids can take their pick from Bubble Gummers. Power is all about athleticism, for those who love sports and enjoy sporting activities.

12 PROF. VIJAY KULKARNI & Mr. Anil K. Mitra Mr. Anil K. Mitra ( Owner ) SOURCE



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