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A Shining Star Is Born In Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1981 In.

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1 A Shining Star Is Born In Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1981 In


3 Rise to Prominence

4 Scents for the Oriental sensibilities as well as a range of enthralling Occidental perfumes One of the region’s foremost perfumeries

5 The Rasasi brand has managed to appeal to consumers

6 all cultures and age-groups

7 A limited liability company, Rasasi was founded in 1981 by the visionary Kalsekar Family.

8 Innovative from the start, our first premises in Murshid Bazaar – in those days, the commercial hub of Dubai – was the first to dedicate an entire store to one exclusive brand

9 Sophistication Professionalism Product Knowledge Crucial Concept Specialised Store

10 Response was overwhelming and in a very short space of time, four other outlets were established to meet the demand in the market.

11 Growth and Success Spirit of Pioneering Innovation

12 No. 1 manufacturer of Occidental perfumes in the Middle East undisputed No. 2 overall perfume sales in the region.

13 . Rasasi products are sold in 50 countries around the world

14 . Over 500 employees

15 State of the Art 135,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, situated in the world-renowned Jebel Ali Free Zone.

16 Conceptualisation Manufacturing Logistics Distribution Price Competitiveness Excellent Quality Control

17 Other Business Innovations

18 An advance inventory stock of all our product components for the next 6-8 months enabling us to deliver goods within 2-3 weeks of ordering. We react quickly to market demands through a technologically advanced, Dynamic and vertically integrated structure. Rasasi products are only retailed through a combination of exclusive showrooms as well as rigorously selected distributors & agents. We have highly professional specialist management teams.


20 world’s top designers and fragrance houses Customer Service and Customer Relationship Processes Supply Chain Research & Development

21 Nothing is more important to us than our consumers. Therefore we have set up a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management program. Through constant communication, we inform them of the latest product launches, promotions and special offers, as well as providing a feedback facility to keep us abreast of their opinions and comments. Exceptional Customer Loyalty Deep Understanding of Market Trends

22 Operational Independence Financial Independence Considerable Surplus Funds Expansion Programme Consistent and Exciting Growth


24 Now let’s look in more detail at the heart of our business: Our Perfumes

25 Oriental Occidental

26 To maintain variety within the ranges and keep the brand fresh for our consumers, each year, we add three to five new fragrances to each collection. World-class Production Standards International Flavour Associated French Designers

27 For raw materials, we’ve also associated ourselves with the main European & Asian Houses who supply to the elite international perfume brands. And to put the final touches of quality to our products, all of our components – such as caps, crimps, pumps and specially made bottles – come from the same German, French and Italian manufacturers who supply the world’s leading perfumeries.

28 International Standard Competitive Regional Prices Greater Profits and Long Term Stability Year-on-Year Performance

29 By following these guidelines, Rasasi has developed a perfume to celebrate any occasion, personality and stage of life: from Arab Royalty to cosmopolitan professionals, from the Asian sensibility to the Western tourist.

30 For example, our signature scent: the highly successful Blue Lady, launched in 1992.. It is the complete embodiment of the mesmerising and confident spirit of our Occidental perfume range. And its companion scent – Blue for Men – has enjoyed similar success

31 For younger women, we’ve designed precocious scents such as Cherish, Temptation and Hope.

32 While perfumes like Royale, Romance and Catherine cater to the more sophisticated or mature consumer. Whatever the preference of the customer there is a Rasasi scent for them

33 But Rasasi is no longer just about perfumes. With our financial independence secure and our business philosophy and practices well established we are able to focus on complimentary diversification to support even further our continued growth as a company and as a brand.

34 We’ve recently launched a unique jewellery range in the United Arab Emirates. This innovative fashion concept is called and is just the tip of the iceberg for offering a multitude of luxury goods products to our existing and future customers. another Rasasi success story

35 Excellence Reliability Value for Money Innovation Improvement

36 World-Class Player in the Perfumery and Luxury Goods Market

37 Zero Debt Surplus Funds Entrepreneurial Spirit

38 Trading Manufacturing Growth Strategy

39 thank you Thank You for Your Time


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