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SET & SIT - the personalized E nergy F ree C omfort system.

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1 SET & SIT - the personalized E nergy F ree C omfort system

2 Traditionally you choose once where you sit down … and since you cannot set what you have decided to sit on.

3 Different designs, but none of them is adjustable – once a choice is made, the deformation depends on the weight of the person

4 Needs and expectations

5 Personalized comfortable seats within the same piece of furniture

6 The idea Cushions are hermetically sealed. Their springinesses highly depend on the air pressure inside. The load is shared between the foam and the air. As we are able to set the volume of the air inside, we can easily personalize the level of its hardness. Using the „spring effect” of the foam we can get back the original form and hardness of the cushion without any effort when there is no more load on it.

7 The solution The cushion is hermetized by a special coated textile. It works as a dynamic system: its shape and hardness respond quickly on the load change. Its dynamic behavior based on the simple two-valve system: –To set the comfort level a manual pressure relief valve is used to control the air volume inside –To feed up the unloaded cushion an automatic check valve is used Remote control is also possible – considering built-in cushions.

8 The design of the cushion

9 Loaded cushion – comfort control

10 Unloaded – automatic check valve and also the spring effect of the foam

11 Its benefits Different seats, different comfort within one furniture.The comfort level set is always repeated.No moving parts inside.No energy needed. In case of mechanical damage it can be used as a traditional soft cushion.

12 Cost effeciency Different countries, different people – all needs could be realized by presenting one adjustable cushion. Longer lifetime thanks to the controlled and shared load.Lower density foam can be used.Simplifies the construction of the furnitures.Zero-cost balance for the production.

13 No real competition! Standard foam Traditional spring-seats Premium foams Air seatsEFC set&sit AdjustableNo No, but might be progressive Yes LifetimeLowMid Long EnergyNot needed NeededNot needed Design/AssemblySimple Mid complicated ComplicatedSimple CostLowMidHigh Market segmentLow end Mid endHigh end

14 The investment in the comfort Our best estimate is that at the production volume of 10000pcs p.a. the investment needed is ca. 30% higher than any of the known traditional designs. But buy a growing production volume the a.m. difference on the investment is dropping down. Also the easiness of the production & assembling process compensates this extra investment. For the total costs of the production this is very close to a zero-cost balance model

15 Intellectual property - patents Cushion system – P 09 00179 Valve system – P 09 00501 Both are under international priority (PCT) process The idea has won the international innovational award for youth in product development and product innovation category in Prague, 2009.

16 Possible applications Seat furnitures with free cushions – manual set Seat furnitures with fixed cushions – remote set Sanitary use Bed matresses Commercial vehicle cabins, sleeping wagons, caravans … and many more.

17 Summary Easy to use personalized comfort.Energy free way of working.Revolutionary features ensuring sales uplift. Simplified production and assembly processes.

18 …. so, why wouldn’t you set&sit today?

19 Thank you for your attention!

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