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Rogers Success Using Training in Product Development Amy Gilman 6 Sigma Black Belt Rogers Corporation.

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1 Rogers Success Using Training in Product Development Amy Gilman 6 Sigma Black Belt Rogers Corporation

2 Patented Specialty Materials developed from Innovative Technologies for Global Markets About Rogers

3 Worldwide Manufacturing and Sales

4 Rogers Must:  Identify customer experience/problem  Design solution to meet customer needs  Manufacture robust product  Fast product development cycle to meet market demands Specialty Materials & Innovative Technologies  Strong Product Development

5 Training Program Shainin® LLC & CBIA Consulting & training for technical problem Solving Coach/Trainer visits 1/month  Project Focus: 4 Strategic Projects  Cross functional team Support for team throughout project phases Training is tailored to team needs  “Just in Time” Training Support coaching with outside training for key individuals

6 Advantage of Project Focused Training Focus resources on projects with largest impact on business Synergy where training exercises are also part of standard project work needed to drive project to completion Participant enthusiasm is high  Tools are applied the their key problems

7 Advantage of cross functional team Project leader, Technology expert, Manufacturing, QA, Marketing People doing actual work including non-salary personnel Provides common understanding and vocabulary for all participating groups in product development

8 Example: R/bak SA 3000 Development $120 million market size Upgrade of existing product Incorporate new technologies Improve areas of dissatisfaction with current product

9 R/bak® Compressible Printing Plate Mounting Materials Cushion mounting system of fine celled polyurethane foam  Absorbs repeat shock  Resistance to compression set  Resistance to flexographic inks and process chemicals Imaging market  Plate backing material  Cushion mounting tapes

10 Step 1: Prioritize customer needs- choose focus  Involve larger group of participants who interact with customers  Known customer complaints on plate lift SA 3000 Development Step 1:

11 Step 2: Design measurement system to replicate customer experience  Defect was occasional  Some lots of material worse than others  Poor correlation to standard tests  Customer specific  Not immediate response not evident until installed over 24hrs SA 3000 Development Step 2:  Key step to solving problem

12 Step 3: Prove product and process variable relationships to customer need  Theory is not enough- need confirmed data  Set specifications based on knowledge SA 3000 Development Step 3:

13 Step 4: Qualification; Prove specifications reliably produce product that meet customer needs Qualification Trial 1  Great results Qualification Trial 2  Plate lift outside spec limit SA 3000 Development Step 4:  Process showed REAL value

14 Engineering assistant attending production run  Noticed setup procedure was not followed  Participated on team Knew procedure controlled key variable for plate lift Retrained on procedure Achieved 3 successful qualification runs SA 3000 Development Qualification Run 2

15 Cross functional team  With conventional team structure engineering assistant would not have understood impact of process set-up Developed measurement system for customer satisfaction  Without it would not have detect failure Identify key variables to make process robust to failure  Fast recovery from failure- conventional structure would have delayed project by months. SA 3000 Development Factors Success

16 Direct impact on new product launch  Avoided 3 month delay to market profit/month * 3 months = $$,$$$  Avoided launch with failed expectations 4 trained and experienced employees  Continue to apply to skills to future projects SA 3000 Development Return on Investment Thanks you to CBIA for support

17 The world runs better with Rogers.

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