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1 Home Furnishing Catalogue International Gifts Limited 1.800.609.7677 JACQUARD Runners, Placemats, Throws, & Cushions.

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2 1 Home Furnishing Catalogue International Gifts Limited 1.800.609.7677 JACQUARD Runners, Placemats, Throws, & Cushions

3 2 Sizes & Minimum Order Quantities: Sizes & Minimum Order Quantities: ItemCode In front of Item Number SizeMin. QTY PlacematsP13 x 19”1 dozen ThrowsT50 x 60”1pc Small RunnerRS13 x 36”6 pc Medium RunnerRM13 x 54”4 pc Cushion CoversC18 x 18”2 pc Jacquard Runner Sets Q6 - Placemats + 1 - 36” Runner 1 Set

4 3 P292Placemat$12.00 /dz T292Throw$12.00 /ea RS292Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM292Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C292Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P207Placemat$12.00 /dz T207Throw$12.00 /ea C207Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P202Placemat$12.00 /dz T200Throw$12.00 /ea RM200Medium Runner$3.25 /ea

5 4 T690Throw$12.50 /eaT679Throw$13.75 /ea T36Throw$12.50 /ea P14Placemat$12.00 /dz T2Throw$10.50 /ea T38Throw$18.75 /ea P28Placemat$12.00 /dz

6 5 RS270Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM270Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C270Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea T126URayon Chenille Throw$15.00 /ea P50Placemat$12.00 /dz P63Placemat$12.00 /dz P603Placemat$12.00 /dz P260Placemat$12.00 /dz P611Placemat$12.00 /dz T611Throw$18.75 /ea

7 6 T693Throw$18.75 /eaT677Throw – Heavy$20.00 /ea T635Throw$18.75 /eaT609Throw$13.75 /ea T604Throw$10.00 /ea T626Throw$18.75 /ea

8 7 T605Throw$12.50 /ea T6Throw$12.00 /ea T691Throw$12.50 /ea T7Throw$10.00 /ea T409Throw$12.50 /ea C201Cushion$4.25 /ea

9 8 P648BPlacemat$12.00 /dz RS648BSmall Runner$2.25 /ea RM648BMedium Runner$3.25 /ea C648BCushion Cover$4.25 /ea Q648BRunner Set$8.50 /set P16Placemat$12.00 /dz C16Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P210BPlacemat$12.00 /dz T210BThrow$10.00 /ea RS210BSmall Runner$2.25 /ea RM210BMedium Runner$3.25 /ea C210BCushion Cover$4.25 /ea Q210BRunner Set$8.50 /set

10 9 P610Placemat$12.00 /dz T610Throw$12.50 /ea RS610Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM610Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C610Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P223Placemat$12.00 /dz T223HThrow Heavy $12.00 /ea RS223Small Runner $2.25 /ea RM223Medium Runner $3.25 /ea C223Cushion Cover $4.25 /ea Q223Runner Set $8.50 /set P60Placemat$12.00 /dz T296Throw$12.00 /ea

11 10 P59Placemat$12.00 /dz T59Throw$12.00 /ea C59Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea RM48Medium Runner$3.25 /ea P215Placemat$12.00 /dz RM215Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C215Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P251BPlacemat$12.00 /dzP251UPlacemat$12.00 /dz P513Placemat$12.00 /dz C513Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea Q513Runner Set$8.50 /set P234Placemat$12.00 /dz T234Throw$12.00 /ea RS234Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM234Medium Runner$3.25 /ea

12 11 P246Placemat$12.00 /dz RM246Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C246Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea RM232Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C232Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P265Placemat$12.00 /dz T265Throw$12.00 /ea RS265Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM265Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C265Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea Q265Runner Set$8.50 /set

13 12 P258Placemat$12.00 /dz P257Placemat$12.00 /dz T257Throw$12.00 /ea RM257Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C257Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea Q257Runner Set$8.50 /set P240Placemat$12.00 /dz T240Throw$12.00 /ea RS240Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM240Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C240Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P283Placemat$12.00 /dz

14 13 RS233Small Runner $2.25 /ea RM233Medium Runner $3.25 /ea C233Cushion Cover $4.25 /ea Q233Runner Set $8.50 /set P261Placemat$12.00 /dz T261Throw$12.00 /ea Q261Runner Set$8.50 /set P45Placemat$12.00 /dz T45Throw$12.00 /ea RS45Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM45Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C45Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P215BPlacemat$12.00 /dz P254Placemat$12.00 /dz C254Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P253Placemat$12.00 /dz RM253Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C253Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea Q253Runner Set$8.50 /set

15 14 P13Placemat$12.00 /dz P219Placemat$12.00 /dz P33Placemat$12.00 /dz T33Throw$12.00 /ea C33Cushion$4.25 /ea P12Placemat$12.00 /dz T12Throw$12.00 /ea RS12Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM12Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C12Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P211Placemat$12.00 /dz

16 15 Cats Cats P2025Placemat$12.00 /dz T2025Throw$18.75 /ea C2025Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P227Placemat$12.00 /dz T227Throw$10.00 /ea RS227Small Runner$2.25 /ea C227Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea Q227Runner Set$8.50 /set T647Throw$10.00 /ea P11Placemat$12.00 /dz

17 16 Teddy Bear Teddy Bear P25Placemat$12.00 /dz T25Throw$12.00 /ea RS25Small Runner$2.25 /ea C25Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P58Placemat$12.00 /dz T18Throw$13.75 /eaT34Throw$10.50 /ea T23Throw$18.75 /ea

18 17 P15Placemat$12.00 /dz RM15Medium Runner$3.25 /ea RS239Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM239Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C239Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P289BPlacemat$12.00 /dz RM289BMedium Runner$3.25 /ea C289BCushion Cover$4.25 /ea

19 18 P295Placemat$12.00 /dz P515Placemat$12.00 /dz Q515Runner Set$8.50 /set P280Placemat$12.00 /dz T280Throw$12.00 /ea P269Placemat$12.00 /dz T269Throw$12.00 /ea RS269Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM269Medium Runner$3.25 /ea C269Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea

20 19 P694CPlacemat$12.00 /dz C694CCushion$4.25 /ea RS694CSmall Runner$2.25 /ea RM694CMedium Runner$3.25 /ea P694 LPlacemat$12.00 /dz RM694 LMedium Runner$3.25 /ea T694TTiger Throw$12.50 /ea P44Placemat$12.00 /dz C694LCushion$4.25 /ea

21 20 P42Placemat$12.00 /dz RS42Small Runner$2.25 /ea C42Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P21Placemat$12.00 /dz RS21Small Runner$2.25 /ea RM21Medium Runner$3.25 /ea P10Placemat$12.00 /dz P20Placemat$12.00 /dz

22 21 Rayon Chenille Throws R a y o n C h e n i l l e T h r o w s T86 C86 Throw Cushion $12.50 /ea $4.25 /ea T83 C83 Throw Cushion Cover $12.50 /ea $4.25 /ea T79Throw$12.50 /ea T81B T81G T81N T81S T81U Throw (Blue) Throw (Green) Throw (Natural) Throw (Pink) Throw (Light Blue) $12.50 /ea T82 C82 Throw Cushion $12.50 /ea $4.25 /ea T80BW T80S Throw (Black & While) Throw (Light Blue) $12.50 /ea

23 22 P221Placmat$12.00 /dz P291Placemat$12.00 /dz P250Placemat$12.00 /dz P294Placemat$12.00 /dz P26Placemat$12.00 /dz P24Placemat$12.00 /dz P69Placemat$12.00 /dz P74Placemat$12.00 /dz P73Placemat$12.00 /dz Placemats Placemats P259Placemat$12.00 /dz RS259Small Runner$2.25 /ea C259Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea

24 23 Coffee Cotton ChenilleBeige Cotton ChenilleCheck Cotton Chenille T53 P53 RS53 RM53 Throw Placemat 36” Runner 54” Runner $12.50 $12.00 $2.25 $3.25 T52 P52 RS52 RM52 Throw Placemat 36” Runner 54” Runner $12.50 $12.00 $2.25 $3.25 T54 P54 C54 RS54 RM54 Throw Placemat Cushion 36” Runner 54” Runner $12.50 $12.00 $4.25 $2.25 $3.25

25 24 T4Throw$15.00 /ea T127BRayon Chenille Throw $15.00 /ea C02FCushion (Polyester Insert) $3.00 /ea Please Note: When you order Cushion Covers & your choice of Filler we will Fill them for you if other wise please let us know. C01FCushion (Recycled Foam Insert) $2.00 /ea

26 25 P205Placemat$12.00 /dz RS205Small Runner$2.25 /ea P39Placemat$12.00 /dz T39Throw$18.75 /ea RS39Small Runner$2.25 /ea C39Cushion Cover$4.25 /ea P630Placemat$12.00 /dz T630Throw$13.75 /ea C630Cushion Cover Reversible$4.25 /ea P17 C17 Placemat Cushion $12.00 /dz $4.25 /ea T697Throw$18.75 /ea

27 26 You’ve just experienced our Jacquard Home Furnishings and we hope you would have find it interesting. At International Gifts however, our relationship with heritage - products goes beyond looms and weavers. International Gifts range which is exhaustive is meticulously sourced & processed, and shipped to clockwork schedules across Canada. The International Gifts commitment therefore is all encompassing. Every time. Terms PAYMENTS: ALL ACCOUNTS ARE ON C.O.D BASIS. CREDIT IS HOWEVER OFFERED ONLY AFTER THREE YEARS OF BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP AND DEPENDS ON THE VOLUME OF BUSINESS. All payments must be made in favour of International Gifts Ltd. Payments received within 10 days are entitled to a 2% cash discount. This discount is not applicable on freight charges. All orders are shipped F.O.B our warehouse. MINIMUM QUANTITIES: As all billing is computerized, the minimum quantities, pairs, assortments, dozens or sets cannot be broken or restructured. Please refer to the minimum acceptable quantities. MINIMUM ORDER: The initial minimum order accepted is $100 and minimum reorder is also $100. A surcharge of $10 will be levied on all reorders below the stipulated minimum reorder value. REORDERS: Reorders will not be considered until payment for initial shipments has been received and cheque cashed. CREDIT REQUIREMENT: With the initial order, the following information will be required:(1) Banker's name and address (2) Account Number (3) Six references within the Gift industry. Please furnish the complete addresses along with your account number with them. 5% of the order value should be included in the cheque against the estimated shipping cost. PENALTY CLAUSE: There will be a penal charge of $15 on all cheques returned unpaid by the Bank. C.O.D: C.O.D. Shipments will be made on C.O.D. basis only. No company cheques are accepted on Shipments except certified cheques, money orders or cash. SHIPPING: All orders are shipped by CanPar, if oversized, will be shipped through other ground freight carriers like Interlink Freight. Please give specific instructions at the time of the order for any preferred carrier other than the above. BACK ORDERS: No back orders are executed unless a specific request for the same is made for. RETURN POLICY: For all claims against damages, our customer service department should be intimated within 10 days from the date of receipt of goods. No returns will be accepted without proper authorization. A handling fee of 15% will be charged for any late claim or unauthorized returns. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY RETURNED GOODS DAMAGED DUE TO FAULTY REPACKAGING. Please do not deduct the claim amount from the payment as your account number is credited directly by us and the credit memo forwarded to you. AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY, IF THE BOX IS NOTICEABLY DAMAGED, PLEASE FILE AN IMMEDIATE CLAIM DIRECTLY WITH THE CARRIER. We Accept: International Gifts Ltd. 7050 Bramalea Rd. Unit 36 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada l5S 1S9 Tel: 905-671-3653Fax: 905-671-2066 Web Site: Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-609-7677 Prices Subject to Change with out Notice

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