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Aeneas and his men arrive ashore in Carthage

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1 Aeneas and his men arrive ashore in Carthage
They are happy to be alive But only 7 out of 20 ships are there

2 Achates starts a fire on the beach
Trojans collect grain and utensils from their boats

3 Aeneas climbs a rock to see the view of the sea & see his missing boats

4 Aeneas sees stags grazing

5 Aeneas kills 7 stags for his men

6 Aeneas motivates his men

7 “such were the words he spoke, but he was sick at heart”

8 The trojans lay on the grass and enjoyed their food and drink

9 Jupiter looks down from the sky
carthage Mt olympus

10 Venus approaches Jupiter

11 Jupiter’s prophecy

12 Summary of what Jupiter replies when Venus asks him what is happening to her son, Aeneas.
Don’t worry. It will be okay, Aeneas will get there. I will not change my mind. I will tell you about some of the other things that will happen in the future . Aeneas will fight and win a battle when he first arrives in Italy He will set up a walled city in Latium and rule there for 3 years it will be called Lavinium His son, Ascanius/Iulus, will rule well for 30 years. He will move the seat of power from Lavinium to Alba Longa Descendants of Aeneas and Ascanuis/Iulus will rule as kings for 300 years

13 A priestess from royal blood, called Ilia, will have twin boys by Mars
A priestess from royal blood, called Ilia, will have twin boys by Mars. They will be brought up by a wolf. One, Romulus, will build the walled city of Rome (named after himself) Rome will become a powerful city and the centre of a great empire – the known world The Romans will wear togas (tunics) A Roman Emperor, descended from the Trojans, called Julius Caesar will have a son Augustus will be very powerful and conquer a east and will be worshipped as a god Rome will no longer be a warlike nation/Empire it will be peaceful and prosperous

14 Notes.. The reference to Mars, Romulus and Remus, and the toga are meant to arouse pride in Rome’s legends and customs The reference to Augustus’ reign is established as being the will of Jupiter and fate

15 People who Jupiter refers to
juno priam hecuba venus anchises paris creusa Aeneas (lavinium) 1250 BC hector deiphobus polites Ascanius/iulus (alba longa) laocoon cassandra ilia mars romulus 750 BC caesar a’s dad augustus mum augustus 30-19 BC virgil

16 Mercury visits queen dido

17 Aeneas and Achates explore the new area

18 Venus approaches aeneas and achates as a huntress

19 Venus tells aeneas the story of dido
tyre tyre sychaeus dido

20 Venus tells how pygmalion killed sychaeus

21 Venus tells how dido found out the truth about her husbands death

22 Dido leaves tyre in search of a new home

23 Aeneas realises that the hunting maiden is his mother

24 Venus puts achates and aeneas in a mist

25 Aeneas and achates see carthage being built
Aeneas and achates see carthage being built. The carthaginians are busy like bees

26 Aeneas sees the temple to juno with images of the trojan war on it

27 Aeneas sees queen Dido

28 Ilioneus approaches Dido while Aeneas and Achates watch behind the comfort of their mist

29 Aeneas introduces himself to dido, and is made to look extra handsome with Venus’ help

30 Aeneas sends Achates back to the boats to collect Ascanius and some gifts

31 Venus organises cupid and Ascanius to swap places

32 Cupid, disguised as Ascanius makes Dido fall in love

33 Dido, at the banquet asks Aeneas to tell his story of troy..

34 End of Book 1 Your tasks: Complete your sheet of questions from book 1
Write a summary of Aeneas’ character in book 1 listing each event that happens and how he reacts to it –whether he is brave or heroic/ sad/ showing pietas or furor Summarise the role of the gods in book 1

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