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Online Voting Presented By: George Oham 127793 George Olajide 128611.

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1 Online Voting Presented By: George Oham 127793 George Olajide 128611

2 Objectives of Online Voting  Origin of Online Voting System  Scope of Online voting System - Benefits - Feasibility Study  Overview Of Online Voting  Conclusion

3 Goals of this Topic  You should know how online voting started  Countries who mostly use this system  How it works

4 Introduction Online Voting System is an online voting technique. In this system people who have citizenship of a country and whose age is above 18 years of any sex can give his/her vote online without going to any polling booth. There is a database which is maintained by the Electoral Commission in which all the names of voter with complete information is stored.

5 Origin of Online Voting System Electronic voting systems for electorates have been in use since the 1960s. when punched cards systems debuted. Their first widespread use was in the USA where 7 counties switched to this method for the 1964 presidential election. The newer optical scan voting systems allow a computer to count a voter's mark on a ballot. DRE voting machines which collect and tabulate votes in a single machine, are used by all voters in all elections. There are also hybrid systems that include an electronic ballot marking device (usually a touch screen system similar to a DRE) or other assistive technology to print a voter verified paper audit trail, then use a separate machine for electronic tabulation.

6 Background Research A few countries where Online Voting has taken place or is been practiced are : Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, The European Union, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Venezuela, and the Philippines

7 Scope of Online Voting System Technologies Used Given that it is a web application, the following technologies will be used: - A PC (desktop/laptop) - Good internet connection - Database Design (MYSQL) - For Coding (PHP) - For Interface (HTML 4.0) - Testing (WAMP Server) - -Reporting Tool (Data Report)

8 This system maintains two (2) level of users which are : - Administrators : These people are in charge of maintaining the system and organization of the poll - Users : These could be classified as the voters i.e. those who participate in the elections. Also the online voting system passes three (3) major steps: - Pre-voting (preparing admin, candidates & voters) - Voting (the voting process itself) - Post-voting (result counting and generating reports)

9 Benefits of Online Voting The following are the benefits of online voting: - Fast and easy service. - The online voting system provides a less time consuming poll - It reduces paper work and makes the work less tedious for the electoral commission. - By this, voting percentage has increased drastically. - There is convenience in this system, since every eligible person can cast his/her vote at his convenience and comfort.

10 Disadvantages of Online Voting - The “Digital Divide": Internet voting skeptics point out that poor and minority voters have less access to computers and the Internet and so would be less likely to benefit from online voting. Expanding access for well-off voters could increase their participation while doing nothing to improve access for low-income voters who already have little influence in the political process. This "digital divide" has narrowed considerably since the 1990s, however, and those without home Internet can often get access in workplaces or public libraries.

11 Election Security: Online voting's technical vulnerabilities could also undermine the integrity and credibility of election systems. When hackers can break into high-security websites or cripple entire computer networks with Denial of Service attacks, voters might not trust reported results. - A computer programming error could occur.

12 Feasibility Study During feasibility analysis for this project, the following primary areas of interest are to be considered: - Technical Feasibility : This evaluation determines whether the technology needed for the proposed system is available or not. - Economical Feasibility : Economic justification includes a broad range of concerns that includes cost benefit analysis. In this we weight the cost and the benefits associated with the candidate system and if it suits the basic purpose of the organization i.e. profit making. - Political Feasibility : The political willingness of leaders to build and automate the voting process creates an opportunity for both easy election and business growth.

13 Overview SWOT Analysis Summary SWOTStrengthWeaknessOpportunitiesThreats Political Aspect -Public Policy Conservation in trying e-services Political WillingnessCyber Crimes (hackers) Economic Aspect Improve social and physical infrastructure Infrastructure cost/software cost IT proficient people can have employment opportunity Infrastructur e cost/softwa re cost. Social AspectEliminates technology illiteracy Some workers and those from the older generation are computer illiterate IT EducationThe rapid developme nt of mobile technology competitio n. Technology Aspect Economy Innovation Over capacity of the internet highway due to heavy traffic on the network Broadband facilitates faster connection Dependen cy on I.T may cause small technical problems.

14 Conclusion Summary This Online Voting system will manage the Voter’s information by which voter can login and use his voting rights. The system will incorporate all features of Voting system. Its provide the tools for maintaining voter’s vote to every party and it count total number of votes of every party. There is a DATABASE which is maintained by the electoral commission in which all the names of voter with complete information is stored.

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