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Housing styles part 3 Ranch to Earth Shelter Geo-Dome house “Teen Cribs”

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1 Housing styles part 3 Ranch to Earth Shelter Geo-Dome house “Teen Cribs”

2 Ranch One story Originally built for warm climates Open floor plans Large windows

3 Ranch

4 Ranch Style Home


6 Split Level Originally for hillside lots Good for noise control Generally living room and kitchen at ground level, laundry and garage lower level and bedrooms/baths on upper level.

7 Split Level



10 Contemporary A unique design that forms a unit with it’s site. Natural appearance of materials retained Always changing Simple

11 Contemporary

12 Saving Energy In the 1970’s saving energy was very important for our country. Alternative home styles were created to accomplish this. Cards 22-24 show some of these early energy saving ideas.

13 Solar Windows should face south. Deciduous trees are planted on the window side.

14 Solar


16 Geodesic Dome Self supporting so no interior walls are needed. Energy efficient Cheaper to build

17 Geodesic dome

18 Earth Sheltered At least one side is underground Windows should face south Also called berm house

19 Earth Sheltered

20 Saving Energy Saving energy and preserving our worlds natural resources is also very important today. This type of design is called Green Design. The next few slides show unusual homes that are being experimented with today.

21 Earth Walls – Rammed Earth Green Housing Rammed earth is a technique for building walls using the raw materials of earth such as chalk, lime and gravel. It is an ancient building method that has seen a revival in recent years as people seek more sustainable building materials and natural building methods

22 Earth Walls - Cob Green Housing Cob is a building material consisting of clay, sand, straw, water, and earth, similar to adobe. Cob is fireproof, resistant to seismic activity (Earthquakes) and inexpensive. It can be used to create artistic, sculptural forms and has been revived in recent years by the natural building and sustainability movements.

23 Earth Walls - Cob Green Housing

24 Earth Walls - Adobe Green Housing Made from available soil, adobe is abundant, inexpensive and energy- efficient. A sustainable material, it has little impact on the environment.

25 Earth Bag Walls Green Housing

26 Straw Bale Walls Load bearing Infill Green Housing

27 Straw Bale Walls Infill Infill Load bearing Load bearing Green Housing

28 Straw Bale Walls Green Housing

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