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Thinking Interiorly… If you could live in any state, which one would you choose and why?

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1 Thinking Interiorly… If you could live in any state, which one would you choose and why?

2 Complete the Following Write “Housing Options” in the center of a piece of paper. Add the following terms around the edges: Single family, townhome, condo, mobile, and CO-OP Summarize what you know about each option, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Housing Options

3 What style is your house?

4 Style of Homes Cape Cod: This style originated in New England in the late 17 th century.

5 Style of Homes Georgian Colonial: This is a symmetrical, orderly style that became prominent in Colonial America.

6 Style of Homes Federal/Adam: Categorized under colonial style homes but has graceful details that distinguish them from the Georgian Colonial style.

7 Style of Homes Greek Revival: Democratic ideals are reflected in the classical details of Greek Revival Homes.

8 Style of Homes Antebellum: This was not so much of a style of home, as it was an era. Grand plantation homes.

9 Style of Homes Victorian Gothic: This style features arches, pointed windows, and other details that resemble cathedrals.

10 Style of Homes Victorian Italianate: This style was old world ideals transplanted to the United States.

11 Style of Homes Victorian Stick: Trusses and stick work suggest medieval building techniques.

12 Style of Homes Folk Victorian: No – fuss homes, using trim work made possible through mass production.

13 Style of Homes Shingle Style: These homes has rustic coastal style living.

14 Style of Homes Queen Anne: Towers, turrets, wrap around porches and other fancy details.

15 Style of Homes Beaux Arts: Swags, medallions, balconies, grand stairways and other lavish features.

16 Style of Homes Colonial Revival: Symmetrical houses combines with elements of Federal and Georgian architecture.

17 Style of Homes Mission: Stucco walls, arches inspired by Spanish mission churches.

18 Style of Homes Tudor, English Country: Half – timbered and other details suggest medieval building techniques.

19 Style of Homes Cotswold: Tudor cottage style, subtype of the Tudor Revival style.

20 Style of Homes Renaissance: Elegant homes and villas modeled after the homes in Renaissance Europe.

21 Style of Homes American Foursquare: Practical, economical style became one of the most popular in the United States.

22 Style of Homes Prairie School House: A low, linear style.

23 Style of Homes Craftsman Bungalow: This style was modeled after the Arts and Crafts movement.

24 Style of Homes Spanish Revival: Inspired by Spanish mission churches and Mediterranean style homes.

25 Style of Homes French Inspired: Grand estates and quaint cottages inspired by the French.

26 Style of Homes Art Moderne: Sleet, streamline, white walls, Cube shaped homes.

27 Style of Homes Ranch Style: Rambling home such as the Western Ranch, American Ranch, and Rambler.

28 Style of Homes Raised Ranch: A ranch style home with a split level.

29 Style of Homes A-Frame: Dramatic, sloping roof.

30 Style of Homes Postmodern: Give the impression that anything goes.

31 Style of Homes Neo Eclectic: Decorative details added from the past.

32 Style of Homes Dome: A geodesic dome technology pioneered by Buckminister Fuller.

33 Style of Homes Pueblo: Simple adobe structure that are favorable in the Southwestern part of the U.S.

34 Style of Homes Log: Made of logs reflecting the North American Frontier.

35 Style of Homes Earth: These can be made of straw, cob, earth and often underground.

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