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Welcome to Kurgan city Traveler’s Brochure Project made by Svetlana Khodko and cadets of School No 23 Kurgan Russia Music by Modest Moussorgsky.

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1 Welcome to Kurgan city Traveler’s Brochure Project made by Svetlana Khodko and cadets of School No 23 Kurgan Russia Music by Modest Moussorgsky

2 Kurgan Region on the Map of Russia Kurgan is the city and the administrative centre of the Kurgan region. Kurgan region is an independent subject of Russian Federation. The region was founded on February, 1943. The territory of the region is 71.5 thousand square kilometers. The population of the region is over one million people, over 90 % are Russian.

3 Geographical Location The region has a favorable geographical and geopolitical location at Eurasian continent. It is situated at the turn of the Ural Mountains and Siberia at the basin of the rivers Tobol and Iset. It borders on such highly developed Ural regions as Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk, as well as on Tyumen region and Kazakhstan.

4 Nature and Climate The region is rich in natural recourses: forests, land reserves, and wonderful nature with its recreational potentialities. The climate is harsh continental with long cold winter (the average January temperature is -18 °C). Summer is warm, with regular droughts (the average )July temperature is + 19 °C).

5 Kurgan Coat of Arms Kurgan is one of the oldest cities in Siberia. It was founded in 1662 as a peasant settlement on the bank of the Tobol River close to Tsar Barrow. The settlement was called Tsaryovo Gorodishcher. It acquired its present name in 1782.

6 Kurgan Flag Some people compare this place to the United States of America underlining that the majority of people living here were persons who came here by their own will –independent and enter- prising. Serfdom never existed here.

7 Vegetation All kinds of vegetation, peculiar to forest steppe zone of Western Siberia, can be found in the region. There are miscellaneous herbs in the forest, a lot of dog rose, steppe cherry, current, stone berry, strawberry, bird cherry, various mushrooms.

8 The Fauna of the Region The fauna of the region is various. There is a significant population of elk, wild boars, as well as wolves, badgers, foxes, white hares. In the lakes there are a lot of musk-rats and different kinds of fish. The most widespread birds are ducks, white partridges, black cocks, etc.

9 Mikhail Naryshkin Up to the end of XIX century it was developing slowly traditionally serving as one of exile places. In different periods the town saw 13 members of December revolt of 1825, among whom there were such famous people as Vilhelm Kukhelbecker, Andrei Rosen, Mikhail Naryshkin.

10 Kurgan Railway station During its life Kurgan had two major impulses for development: opening the Trans-Siberian railway in 1894 and granting of regional centre status in 1943 together with evacuation of major plants from the western part of the country during the Second World War.

11 Monument to the Soldiers of the 32 nd Reserve Regiment Over 250.000citizens of Kurgan region took part in the Second World War. Over 105.000 defenders of their Motherland were killed. 75.0000 war participants were decorated with orders and medals. One hundred and eight men were awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

12 Kurgan Nowadays Nowadays Kurgan is a modern centre of Eastern Ural with the population of334,1 thousand people. Its territory is 390 square kilometers. Kurgan is twinned with: Appleton, United States. Rufina, Italy.

13 The Industry of the City The industry of the city is represented by sixty large and medium sized companies with the overall annual production of over 613 million $. Powerful tractors, buses, bridge construction elements, equipment for oil and gas industry, drugs are produced at the city plants.

14 A Bridge in Leipzich made in Kurgan

15 A School Bus

16 Airport An airport, a railway station, a bus station connect Kurgan city with towns and cities of other regions.

17 Drama Theatre Kurgan is an important cultural centre of the region. Theatres, museums and parks make it one of the most exciting cities in the region. The regional Drama Theatre welcomes a great number of spectators every night. People can enjoy brilliant acting of many talented actors.

18 Philharmonic Society The Philharmonic Society arranges musical festivals and concerts. The Kurgan Regional History Museum contains a unique collection in archeology, ethnography and history describing the culture of Kurgan region. Its visitors can learn a lot about the flora and fauna of the region.

19 The Buildings of Kurgan The building of the Fine Arts Museum is a fine example of modern architecture. Each year many exhibitions of local artists, as well as artists from the whole of Russia are held in the Museum. Visitors to Kurgan are struck by its varied architectural styles. There are the buildings of the XIXth century construction

20 Lenin Square Gogol Street is the main street of our town. The central square named after Vladimir Lenin is situated in it. He was the founder of the first socialist state in the world. The square is the place where different meetings and festivals take place.

21 Monument to the Soldiers Died in the Local Conflicts Kurgan boasts the only memorial complex in the Ural Federal District in memory of the soldiers died in local conflicts.

22 Tsar Barrow One of the most amazing sights of the city is Tsar Barrow. There is a very interesting legend about this historical monument. In old times there was a famous khan who had a very beautiful daughter. She died young and grieving father told to bury her near his house and build a barrow on her grave.

23 Central Park There are a number of parks in the city. A favorite place for rest for grownups and children is the Central Park. They can find swings, merry-go-round, sports grounds and what not. Trees, bushes and flowers make this park an enjoyable place for many people.

24 Additional Education Kurgan has a highly developed system of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and institutions of higher education. The system of additional education is represented by 75 specialized institutions in which more than 100 thousand children and teenagers study.

25 Palace of the Youth One of the most popular institutions of higher education is the Palace of the Youth founded in 1935. Its beautiful building is situated in the central square. More than two thousand children attend its clubs and studios.

26 Straw Handiworks

27 Young Technicians

28 Tourist Club

29 Drama Club

30 Dance Ensemble “Smile” Katya Bondarenko has been studying Russian folk dances for seven years. Her folk dance ensemble “Smile” takes part in festival performances and competitions. The ensemble is very popular among children and grownups.

31 Gavriil Ilizarov Kurgan city is a home to Ilizarov’s Scientific Centre of Restorative Traumatolo- gy and Orthopedics. The founder of the Center Gavriil Ilizarov proposed a unique method of fracture healing by means of a compression and distrac- tion apparatus.



34 City Day People of Kurgan engage in all kinds of leisure activities. One of the most popular events is City Day. It’s usually held in August. Traditionally the holiday begins on Lenin Square. The city authorities and honored people of Kurgan open the holiday. Many well-known orchestras and dance ensembles take part in the festival program. Special games are organized for children.

35 Pancake Week Pancake Week festival enjoys great popularity with the citizens of Kurgan. The festival is held in the squares and parks of the city. Early in the morning a fairy “Russian Stove” drives along the streets and merry clowns invite citizens to the square.Grownups and children enjoy taking up in various traditional Russian competitions and games.

36 Burning of the Straw Dummy Children like sledging. A horse harnessed in a Russian sledge decorated with bright colors, gives them an opportunity to have a merry drive. Grownups enjoy a traditional Russian game – the storm of a tall pole. Girls in bright Russian dresses sell pancakes with butter or sour cream. Traditionally at the end of the festival crowds of people gather around a straw dummy and burn it. Burning the straw dummy is a symbol of coming spring.

37 We’ll be very glad to meet our friends in Kurgan

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