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Motiva Oy J Rautanen 1 BIOENERGY IN FINLAND Juha Rautanen, Motiva Oy Helsinki 28.2.2008, Tallin Biomass & Bioenergy 2008.

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1 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 1 BIOENERGY IN FINLAND Juha Rautanen, Motiva Oy Helsinki 28.2.2008, Tallin Biomass & Bioenergy 2008

2 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 2 FINNISH PERSPECTIVE ON BIOENERGY Motiva - A Brief Introduction Energy Use and Production in Finland Bioenergy in Finland Wood Energy Agro based energy Other Bioenergy

3 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 3 MOTIVA OY, Expertise and Project Services to promote energy efficiency to accelerate the use of renewable energy sources to promote efficient use of materials

4 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 4 Motiva’s history

5 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 5 Target Groups of Motiva Industry, power stations, district and local heating plants Service sector including municipalities Properties and buildings Households and consumers Networks (e.g. regional energy agencies, energy auditors, biomass heat entrepreneurs)

6 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 6 Energy production Source: Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2006. Statistics Finland Energy Use and Production in Finland

7 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 7 Total energy consumption 2006 Source: Statistics Finland, Energy Statistics ~50% FOSSIL ENERGY 1/3 DOMESTIC ENERGY 1 492 000 TJ

8 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 8 Renewable energy sources, Use 2006 Source: Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Statistics Finland, Energy Statistics Wood fuels used in industry and energy production Black Liquor of the Forest industry Small Combustion of Wood 13% Hydro Power Others 4% Waste Fuels (Bio) Biogas Other Biofuels Heat Pumps Wind Power 365 000 TJ

9 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 9 Development of Renewable Energy Sources 1970-2005 1970 1972 1974 1976 1978 1980 1982 19841986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 20022004 0 100 200 300 400 PJ Hydro power Small combustion of wood Black liquor and other concentrated liquors Wood fuels use in industry and energy production Heat pumps Recovered fuels (bio-fraction) Other biofuels Source: Statistics Finland – Yearbook 2006

10 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 10 Renewables in Finland, from 28% to 38% 2020 R&D and demonstration of new technologies Implementation of EU directives (RES-E, RES-T, CHP etc.) Subsidies for energy investments Subsidies for RES-heating systems of residential buildings Support for energy wood harvesting and chipping Support for RES-E through energy taxation system Feed-in tariffs and green certificates under consideration Information activities Measures to promote Renewable Energy Generation in Finland

11 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 11 BIOENERGY IN FINLAND Woodenergy, potential Development of the standing timber stock 1800—2006 Source: Finnish Forest Association, Over 2 Billion m3

12 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 12 Source: Finnish Forest Association,

13 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 13 Now Energy Biomass Potential in Finland milj. m 3 / a Biomass Potential Theoretical 45 milj. m3 / a 100 % Harvestable maximal 15 milj. m3 / a 33 % Target 2010, Energiestrategie 5,0 milj m3 / a 11 % 3,5 milj m3 / a 5,6 % 2003 2,1 milj m3 / a 4,7 % From: P. Hakkila

14 Motiva Oy J Rautanen Forest Residues, Development of use Energy production in Finland 3 1 2 1960 1970 19801990 2000 2010 milj. m 3 / a Industry Energy Whole trees (small) Delimbed small trees Logging residues Stump-root wood Lähteet. VTT ja Metla 2020

15 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 15 Potential of logging residues See also: Climate_Change_Adaptation_Research_Programme_ISTO_eng.pdf ment+of+European

16 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 16 There are 70 000 – 60 000 farms in Finland number of farms is decreasing Agricultural field area ca. 2 milj. ha the field area, not decreasing Potential for agro energy production max. 500 000 ha Agricultural Energy

17 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 17 Agricultural Bioenergy Sources Reed Canary Grass (Falaris) (17.000 ha) Biogas(Reaktors 3+7 kpl) Cereals(R&D) –biodiesel, ethanol, heating Agri biomass fields in Finland 2006 ha Falaris arundinaceae 15763 Ripe Seed 821 Oats 346 Barley 37 Hemp 36 Wheat 31 Rye 25 Salix 7

18 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 18 Reed Canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea) and Straw Production Falaris: Agricultural fields and peatland fields 17.000 ha Harvesting in springtime Straw: Available straw R&D –Schedule –Weather –Storage Energy recovery Falaris: Co-Combustion in big power and heating plants Straw: In test: Co-Combustion with coal Some Danish straw boilers Kuva: Ruokohelpipaaleja Kokkolassa K Pahkala

19 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 19 Biodiesel Biorefinery Better use and processing of raw-materials and waste streams to produce current and new products Lauri Hetemäki METLA / August 14, 2007 Forest industry two biodiesel-projects started Small (farm) size Biodiesel Plants, 10-20

20 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 20 Innovation Ethanol From Food Waste The energy enterprise St1 has started producing ethanol in Finland. Ethanol is produced from waste generated by the food processing industry In the place of origin of the waste. The new method makes ethanol production profitable even on a small scale. Process developed by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland)

21 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 21 BIOGAS There are near 10 Agricultural biogas plants in Finland Agricultural biogas production - problems – NIB – Enviroment, fields for the sludge, odours/smell – R&D Production, utilisation, trading: Own CHP use, trade of e-power and/or biogas Feed-In Tariff for Biogas plants < 20 MW 2008 Waste water treatment plants (biogas since over100 years)

22 Motiva Oy J Rautanen 22 It is nice to have BIOENERGY! Isn’t it?!

23 More information on new direction of energy-use:

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