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United Kingdom Krzysztof Kicza Class IIIG Big Ben.

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1 United Kingdom Krzysztof Kicza Class IIIG Big Ben

2 United Kingdom United Kingdom is one of the major powers of the current times. Its armed forces are stationed in 80 countries worldwide. United Kingdom is also known to be the most influential countries in the European Union.

3 United Kingdom United Kingdom Tower Bridge

4 Interesting facts about United Kingdom The country is said to England or the United Kingdom. England is just the name of one of the parts making up the entire country and Britain is an island, which includes England,Scotland and Wales. Full name of the State is the United Kingdom United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

5 Heathrow is Europe's largest airport and the first terms of the number of. passengersthe airport in the world Population of United Kingdom is 60 776 238 In London, the 12 million people live - it is the largest European city. The highest mountain in Britain is Ben Nevis in Scotland - has a height of 1343 meters The English drink tea most of the world - 2.5 times more than Japan and 22 times more than the French or Americans.

6 Queen of United Kingdom Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is the Queen of United Kingdom of the House of Windsor,crowned June 2, 1953, daughter of King George VI and his wife - ElizabethBowes-Lyon called the Queen-Mother. She was born April 21, 1926 in London.

7 Buckingham Palace Royal Family House

8 Queen of United Britain Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

9 Prince Charles Heir to the throne Prince Charles of Wales Son Queen of UK

10 Prnice William William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten- Windsor Grandson of Queen

11 Emblems England

12 Flag of the United Kingdom

13 The End Thank you for watching a presentation about the United Kingdom Sources : Google and Wikipedia &

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