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2 Address Resolution Protocol Inverse ARP and Reverse ARP 1 The Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (Reverse ARP or RARP), like InARP, translates Layer 2 addresses to Layer 3 addresses. However, in InARP the requesting station queries the Layer 3 address of another node, whereas RARP is used to obtain the Layer 3 address of the requesting station itself for address configuration purposes. RARP is obsolete; it was replaced by BOOTP, which was later superseded by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

3 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol History 1 The primary motivation for replacing RARP with BOOTP was that RARP was a data link layer protocol

4 Internet protocol suite OSI and TCP/IP layering differences 1 Conflicts are apparent also in the original OSI model, ISO 7498, when not considering the annexes to this model (e.g., ISO 7498/4 Management Framework), or the ISO 8648 Internal Organization of the Network layer (IONL). When the IONL and Management Framework documents are considered, the ICMP and IGMP are neatly defined as layer management protocols for the network layer. In like manner, the IONL provides a structure for "subnetwork dependent convergence facilities" such as ARP and RARP.

5 Link layer - Link layer protocols 1 The core protocols specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force to be placed into this layer are the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), its cousin, the Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP), and the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP), which is a facility delivering similar functionality as ARP for IPv6

6 Offal - Nordic countries 1 The Icelandic haggis called "slátur" (slaughter) is made in two versions: "Blóðmör" (bloodlard), a sheep's stomach stuffed with a mixture of sheep's blood, rolled oats and cut up bits of sheep's fat, and "lifrarpylsa" (liver sausage), which consists of sheep stomach stuffed with a mixture of ground lamb's liver, rolled oats and cut-up bits of mutton

7 Application Layer - TCP/IP protocols 1 ** Reverse Address Resolution Protocol|RARP

8 Network interface layer - Link layer protocols 1 The core protocols specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force to be placed into this layer are the Address resolution protocol|Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), its cousin, the Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP), and the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP), which is a facility delivering similar functionality as ARP for IPv6.

9 Reverse Address Resolution Protocol 1 The 'Reverse Address Resolution Protocol' ('RARP') is an obsolete computer networking protocol used by a client computer to request its Internet Protocol (IPv4) address from a computer network, when all it has available is its Link Layer or hardware address, such as a Media Access Control | MAC address. The client broadcasts the request, and does not need prior knowledge of the network topology or the identities of servers capable of fulfilling its request.

10 Reverse Address Resolution Protocol 1 RARP is described in Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) publication RFC 903.RFC 903, A Reverse Address Resolution Protocol, R. Finlayson, T. Mann, J. Mogul, M. Theimer (June 1984) It has been rendered obsolete by the Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) and the modern Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), which both support a much greater feature set than RARP.

11 Reverse Address Resolution Protocol 1 RARP requires one or more server hosts to maintain a database of mappings of Link Layer addresses to their respective protocol addresses. Media Access Control (MAC) addresses needed to be individually configured on the servers by an administrator. RARP was limited to serving only IP addresses.

12 Sun386i - Software 1 It used the pioneering Dynamic RARP[ RFC 1931] Dynamic RARP Extensions for Automatic Network Address Acquisition network protocol

13 Joachim Milberg - Awards and Honours 1 * 2010 Professor|Honorarprofessor at the Universität Duisburg- Essen[http://www.manager-,2828, 686625,00.html BMW-Chefaufseher Milberg übernimmt Professur], manager magazin, 2. September 2010[http://www.uni- Pressemitteilung der Uni Duisburg-Essen]

14 DHCP - History 1 The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) was created for the express purpose of addressing the shortcomings in RARP and BOOTP

15 BOOTP - History 1 The primary motivation for replacing RARP with BOOTP is that RARP was a data link layer protocol

16 Professor - Other positions 1 * 'Honorarprofessor' (Hon.-Prof.): equivalent to the Dutch Extraordinary Professor, non-salaried

17 List of network protocols (OSI model) - Layer 2+3 protocols 1 * RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

18 Video search - Private Network 1 [ rtal/herramientas/generarpdf.php?te=26id m=2 Digition Suite from Activa Multimedia]

19 Honorary title (academic) 1 In Germany, visiting lecturers and private lecturers can be conferred the titles of Honorarprofessor or Außerplanmäßiger Professor respectively after several semesters of successful teaching.

20 Khachkar - Endangered khachkars 1 Thus, it is difficult to follow up with the current situation.Sirarpie Der- Nersessian|Der Nersessian S

21 Mask - Ancient masks 1 Yup'ik masks could be small three-inch finger masks, but also ten-kilo masks hung from the ceiling or carried by several people.Charette site [ _masks.html]; Ann Fienup-Riordan, The Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks: Agayuliyararput (Our Way of Making Prayer)

22 Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia 1 was an independent principality formed during the High Middle Ages by Armenian refugees fleeing the Seljuk Turks|Seljuk invasion of Medieval Armenia|Armenia.Sirarpie Der Nersessian|Der Nersessian, Sirarpie

23 Blood and Soil - Nazi implementation 1 In areas where no particular custom prevailed, the youngest son was to be the heir. 45/reichserbhof33.htmNationalsozialistische Agrarpolitik und Bauernalltag Written by Daniela Münkel 6lpg=PA116dq=%22Reichserbhofgesetz%22+%22j%C 3%BCngsten+sohn%22source=blots=wB8sUGZbwOsi g=kjo_5QrR5Uxespf_v_jzLYpjQ1shl=essa=Xei=2jNaU eH8KYirOrn0gdgEved=0CEUQ6AEwAg#v=onepageq =%22Reichserbhofgesetz%22%20%22j%C3%BCngst en%20sohn%22f=false p.116G.K

24 Glossary of Nazi Germany - A 1 * agrarpolitischer Apparat (aA) – Agrarian Apparatus; Agricultural Affairs Bureau of the NSDAP.

25 Glossary of Nazi Germany - List of abbreviations and acronyms 1 * aA – agrarpolitischer Apparat, or Agrarian Policy Apparatus

26 Metallica - Burton's death and Garage Days Re-Revisited (1986–87) 1 On September 27, 1986, during the European leg of Metallica's Damage, Inc. Tour, members drew cards to determine which bunks on the tour bus they would sleep in. Burton won and chose to sleep in Hammett's bunk. At around sunrise near Dörarp, Sweden, the bus driver lost control and skidded, which caused the bus to overturn several times. Ulrich, Hammett, and Hetfield sustained no serious injuries; however, bassist Burton was pinned under the bus and died. Hetfield said:

27 Network Protocol Stack E6 - Historical Notes 1 window, inevitable expense of resources for mapping of addresses (ARP, RARP

28 Network Computer Reference Profile - Options 1 Many NCs operated via protocols such as BOOTP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol|DHCP, RARP and Network File System (protocol)|NFS.

29 1993 Bombay bombings - Customs officials 1 He is alleged to have laid a trap at Purarphata on Mhasla-Goregaon road on 30 January

30 Dörarp 1 'Dörarp' is a småort|small locality (according to the definition of Statistics Sweden) in Ljungby Municipality, Sweden. In 2005, Dörarp had 145 inhabitants.

31 Dörarp 1 Dörarp was the place where Metallica's tour- bus slipped off the road in 1986.[ x?mode=ArticlenewsitemID=59831 Video Of Cliff Burton Memorial Stone Unveiling Posted Online] Oct. 5, 2006 As a result of that, the bassist of Metallica, Cliff Burton died. Jason Newsted took over the role of bassist in Metallica. There is a memorial stone by the Gyllene Rasten parking. The prefix dör translates to die.

32 Alfred Kleiner - Career 1 He also held several other positions and titles throughout his career, including: Privatdozent (private lecturer) in 1870, Außerordentlicher Professor (Associate Professor) in 1880, Ordentlicher Professor (Full Professor) in 1885, Rektor (Chancellor) from 1908 to 1910, Honorarprofessor (Emeritus Professor) in 1915, and Privatdozent from 1875 to 1885 at the ETH Zurich|Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, also called Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich or ETH (the Polytechnikum, also at Zurich).

33 Semitone 1 [ zwOLoDIcECpg=PA185vq=Now,+if+you+remember+that+the +step+from+any+note+on+the+piano+to+the+note+just+next +to+it,+whether+it%27s+black+or+white,+is+a+step+of+a+hal f+tone,+you+can+see+that+the+entire+piano+keyboard+is+m ade+up+of+only+half+tones,+one+after+another.source=gbs_ search_rcad=1_1sig=ACfU3U3PqFue-DK_RArpVpb1x- avtxSOVA][ M6AAAAMAAJq=almost+a+half- tone+sharppgis=1#search][ =1nSqLzjZBKwCpg=PA116vq=This+is+easy+on+the+guitar,+ since+from+one+fret+to+the+next+is+a+half+tone+(also+call ed+half+step+or+semitone).source=gbs_search_rcad=1_1sig =ACfU3U3GUhRPqbtxDQEWqBBw2xilRkzzlw]

34 Gipuzkoa - Demography and geography 1 The Aralar Natural Park, a conservation area, rests on the border of Gipuzkoa and Navarre in the Aralar Range. [ RP/DITPortalTurismoPublicoWEB/Generar Aralar Natural Park] Guipúzcoa Department of Sports and Eternal Activities. Website in English. Accessed 12 November 2013

35 Solanum - Subgenus Leptostemonum 1 * Solanum centrale ndash; Australian Desert Raisin, Bush Raisin, Bush Sultana, bush tomato, akatjurra (Alyawarre), kampurarpa (Pitjantjatjara language|Pitjantjatjara), merne akatyerre (Arrernte language|Arrernte), kutjera

36 Brahmotsava - Celebration 1 On the evening before the start of the first day, the rite of “Ankurarpana” (sowing of the seeds to signify fertility, prosperity and abundance) is performed along with a festival for Sri Vishvaksena (the leader of Narayana’s retinue who removes obstacles and protects worship)

37 Brahmotsava - Celebration 1 A festive procession of Lord Venkateswara on the Pedda Seshavahana proceeds around the four streets of the main temple for two hours until midnight.Ankurarpana and Senadhipati Utsavam are celebrated on the day preceding the first day of Brahmotsavam.

38 Aranthangi - Places of worship 1 Mavadikkottai Sri kallalakar Ayyanar, MavadikkottaiSr Kamachi Ammaan, Mavadikkottai Sri sithivinayakar temple, kathambara kaaliamman temple Veeramakaliyamman Temple, merpanaikadu sri mazhai mariyamman aalayam, maivayal sri kalahasthi vinayagar aalayam manavanalloor sri muthumariyamman aalayam Konnakkadu sri kamatchi amman temple', Vadakarai Murugan Koil, Perumal Temple, Siva Temple, Iyyappan Temple, Porkodaiyar Temple, Silattur MuthuMariyamman Temple, Madurai Veeran Temple, Vigneshvararpuram - Nalla Kathayiamman -Valmuneeshvarar Temple, Manchakkarai muthumariyamman koil, manchakkarai ayyanar koil, Aranthangi periya pallivasal, Melmangalam Pallivasal, karanikadu tharga, vettivayal Jumaah pallivasal, karuppur, Kottaipattinam Tharga, Nagudi pallivasal, Kurumbur Muthumariamman Temple etc

39 For More Information, Visit: m/itil-2011-foundation- complete-certification-kit- fourth-edition-study-guide- ebook-and-online-course.html m/itil-2011-foundation- complete-certification-kit- fourth-edition-study-guide- ebook-and-online-course.html The Art of Service

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