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Lingua Latina Lectio Secunda Prepared by Cindy Lau and Isaac Wong.

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1 Lingua Latina Lectio Secunda Prepared by Cindy Lau and Isaac Wong

2 PENULTIMATE speciei from specio (to see) Example: Spectator 觀眾 Speculate 忖測 Speculator 炒家 Retrospection 回顧

3 PENULTIMATE unius from unus (one) Example: Unity 統一、一統 Unanimous 一致 Universal 普遍 University 大學

4 PENULTIMATE solius from solus (only) Example: Sole 唯一 Soloist 獨唱者

5 PENULTIMATE ubique (everywhere) Example: Ubiquitious 普遍存在的

6 PENULTIMATE cadaver (carcass, corpse) Example: Cadaver 屍體

7 PENULTIMATE bibliopola from Greek word bibilos (bookseller) Example: Bibilopole 賣稀有書的人

8 PENULTIMATE equitatus from equito (to ride a horse) Example: Equestrian 馬術

9 PENULTIMATE fidelis from fides (trust) Example: Fidelity 忠誠

10 PENULTIMATE formido (to fear) Example: Formidable 強大 / 可怕

11 PENULTIMATE fortitudo (strength / force) Example: Fortitude 堅忍 Music score: f = forte

12 PENULTIMATE simulacrum (likeness) Example: Similarity 相似性 Simulation 模擬 Simultaneous 同時

13 PENULTIMATE privatim (privately) Example: Privacy 私隱 Privy Council 樞密院

14 PENULTIMATE revivo re + vivo (to live again) Example: Revive 復活 Vivacious 活潑 Vivid 生動

15 PENULTIMATE audiantur from audio (to listen) Example: Audience 聽眾 Auditory 聽覺 Auditorium 禮堂 Audition 面試、試音

16 PENULTIMATE convalescit from convalesco (to recover) Example: Convalescence 恢復期

17 PENULTIMATE incumbit from incumbo (to lean / recline) Example: Incumbent 現任者

18 PENULTIMATE eduxit from ex + duco (lead) = educo (to educate) Example: Education 教育

19 PENULTIMATE consolatricis (consolation / comfort) Example: Consolation 安慰

20 PENULTIMATE cervix (neck) Example: Cervical cancer 子宮頸癌

21 PENULTIMATE animalis from anima (spirit) Example: Animal 動物 Animation 動畫 Inanimate 無生命的

22 BasicComparativeSuperlative bonus (bonus) melior (ameliorate / meliorate) optimus (optimal / optimistic) malus (malignant / malicious) peiorpessimus (pessimistic) magnus (magnitude / magnify) maior (major) maximus (maximum) parvus (parvifolious) minor (minor) minimus (minimum) multus (multiple / multitude) plus (plus) plurimus (plural / pluralistic)

23 PENULTIMATE stellarum from stella (star) Example: Constellation 星座

24 PENULTIMATE puerorum from puer (boy) Example: Puerile 孩子氣的、天真的

25 PENULTIMATE dierum from dies (day) Example: Diary 日記 Carpe diem! 「把握今天!」

26 PENULTIMATE filiabus from filia (daughter) Example: Filial piety 孝順

27 PENULTIMATE monere from moneo (to warn) Example: Monster 怪獸 Monstrous 仿如怪獸的 / 恐怖的 Admonish 警誡 Premonition 徵兆

28 PENULTIMATE velimus from volo (to want) Example: Volunteer 志願者 Voluntary 自願性的 Benevolent 仁慈 Malevolent 壞心腸的

29 PENULTIMATE cecidi from caedo (to kill) -CIDE Suicide 自殺 Homicide 殺人 Pesticide 農藥 Genocide 種族滅絕 / 種族清洗

30 PENULTIMATE heredis from heres (heir) Example: Heir 繼承者 Heredity 遺傳 Inheritance 繼承權 / 遺產

31 PENULTIMATE custodis from custos (guard) Example: Custody 拘留

32 PENULTIMATE nepotis from nepos (grandson) Example: Nepotism 裙帶關係

33 ANTEPENULTIMATE omnia from omnis (every / all) Example: Omnibus 綜合 / 合集 Omnipotent 全能 / 無所不能

34 LABOR OMNIA VINCIT Perseverance overcomes all difficulties. LABOR (nom) work OMNIA (acc) everything VINCIT (3rd p.) conquers

35 ANTEPENULTIMATE contraho from con + traho (contract / collect) Example: Contract (v.) 感染 e.g. contracted some diseases

36 ANTEPENULTIMATE caritas (charity) Caritas = charity

37 ANTEPENULTIMATE feliciter from felix (lucky / happy) Félicitations! French: Congratulations!

38 ANTEPENULTIMATE versatilis from versatile (movable) Example: Versatile 多才多藝的

39 ANTEPENULTIMATE integer (complete / whole) Example: Integer 整數 Integrate 整合 Integral 積分、整數

40 ANTEPENULTIMATE epistola (letter) Judy Abbott and Daddy-Long-Legs have developed an epistolary ( 書信上的 ) relationship.

41 ANTEPENULTIMATE gladiolus from gladius (sword) I am a brave gladiator!

42 ANTEPENULTIMATE faciam (make / act) Example: Fact 事實

43 ANTEPENULTIMATE regimus from rego (to govern) Example: Regent 攝政 Regal 帝王的 Regiment 團 (軍隊單位)

44 ANTEPENULTIMATE hepatis from hepar (liver) Example: Hepatitis 肝炎

45 ANTEPENULTIMATE credidi from credo (to believe) Example: Credit 信任、信任、信貸 Credible 可信的、可靠的 Incredible 難以置信的 Credulous 輕信的、易受騙的

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