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Image makeover. Why an Image makeover? One of the important aspects of Image Makeover is becoming more stylish. Stylish means understanding the current.

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1 Image makeover

2 Why an Image makeover? One of the important aspects of Image Makeover is becoming more stylish. Stylish means understanding the current style trend, following the trend and setting the trend. People should appreciate us for our stylish looks and dressing sense and others should try to follow our way of clothing. We always feel that whenever somebody sees us he should only say one word “WOW”.

3 Barriers to image makeover 1. Many times we are not aware of what the style is all about. 2. Sometimes we are aware but do not have correct idea how to implement the changes in my Grooming patterns. 3. Sometimes we know what to do but we are not sure whether we should apply the changes or not. 4. Fear of rejection (will the people accept me in my new avatar or not). 5. Important worry is even if I change my grooming how much money and time I will have to put in.

4 One of the greatest fear which stops the people from becoming a style icon is the fear of rejection. Whenever we make changes in our physical appearances let it be any new hair style or clothing or shoes or suit or anything else, one thing happens immediately is that it attracts the people attention immediately. Many times people give you immediate certificates also – “you look good”, “shirt is better than you”, “you should have buyed a new belt”, etc – many of these comments we like and many we don’t. Greatest Fear – Fear of Rejection One of the Greatest Fear in image makeover– Fear of Rejection.

5 3 questions which we have to work on  What are the mistakes which I’m doing regularly while dressing and are killing my dressing? We will have to eliminate them immediately so that further damage is controlled.  What is my best dressing and is it really it really the best?  What best dressing practices I can adopt immediately to improve so that people identify me as a style guru.

6 Areas where we have to improve  Hairs.  Face.  Eyebrows, beard and moustaches.  Neck.  Palms.  Shirting’s.  Pant’s.  Footwear.  Wallet.  Belts.  Watches.  Ties & Blazer’s.  Electronic accessories.  Other Accessories.  Bag/ Briefcase. All these areas are to worked separately and continuously

7 Our Clothing’s are divided into 5 categories  Shirts.  Pants.  Ties & Blazer’s.  Shoes.  Accessories. Categories

8 Level 1: Not at all Stylish (Acronym – NAAS) Level 2: Averagely stylish (AS) Level 3: Stylish. Level 4: Style icon. Each of the five category Shirt, Pants, Ties and Blazers, Footwear and accessories are further divided into 4 levels. 5 Categories are further divided into 4 levels

9 How our physique is: If we are fat or bulgy, we usually try to hide our extra fat by wearing loose and baggy clothes, now this is turn gives foggier look. The solution is to wear body fit clothes, and be careful on the edges and curves. How and where we were grown up: if we are grown up in the surrounding where people wear traditional clothes, it becomes very difficult for us to match them with stylish clothes. Where we work: Our place of work has a significant impact on our dressing sense, as we might see many stylishly dressed people around us and we tend to try to improve our dressing as well. How much money and time we have to invest: whatever somebody says, working on dressing is some time as well as money consuming as well as confusing, that’s why many people don’t work on it as required it. Factors of Dressing The way we dress up depends largely on the following five factors:

10 3 V's of Success It is not important what we are, but it is very important how we are This statistic is also known as the communication matrix. It shows that whenever we communicate with anybody, the First important aspect which comes into play is Visual. Visual is whatever the person in front sees and observes. It is having a whopping weightage of 55 %. Visuals comprises of: Your looks. Your Dressing. Your Gadgets. Your Bodily gestures. Your Confidence. Your Grace in behavior. Etc. (The second and third aspects of communication are voice and vocal. Voice usually means how we modulate our voice and vocal means what words we are using.) If we break it up in two parts: Visual + Voice = 55 + 38 = 93% and Vocal = 7%, Rule - It means it is not very important what we say but it is very important how we say it.

11 Consider the button-down: Gentlemen! Buttoning down doesn’t refer to the shirt’s front buttons. In fact, it means buttoning down your collar button. Button-down works for the great Indian dressers because whether you're an ambitious assistant or a laid-back boss, buttoning down the collar always give the sense of fitting. Look for slimmer fits and remember to tuck the damn thing in. Go bold with a Broad stripe: With all due respect to thick and thin stripes, you can't really beat a Broad stripe for sheer, classy goodness. In pink or blue, green or yellow, these broad stripes build the confidence. Nothing can beat a silk knit tie: Keep it quiet with a barrel cuff: A look-at-me cuff might've looked good in the bull-market days, but as an expression of modern minimalism, the single-button-cuff shirt could not be more straightforward. Remember to button the all important gauntlet button, too — that's the one just a few inches up the sleeve that keeps things tidy around the forearm. Dressing for work How to Dress for Work -

12 Think about new colors to try: Initially whites were the official shirt color at the office, nobody know when did blue replace white as the Official Shirt Color of the Office? So gentlemen just think about it. So keep on trying for new colors, say Green or Pink or Orange. But the plan is to keep the shirt color to a very lighter shade and then strengthen it with a dark colored tie with fitting knot Try to spread the formation in your shirts: Formation refer to distance between the ends of you color points, image This formation can be spread by reducing the pointing of the shirt and spreading them more apart. Great news is that more the formation spread in your shirts more attention goes to your face, a spread collar brings more attention to a man's face and, therefore, to the man himself. It'll set you apart, too. Don't forget to relax: There's something to be said for looking just right. There's also something to be said for looking slightly not right, as if you don't have time for such trivialities as perfecting yourself in front of a mirror. Dressing for work How to Dress for Work – cont…….

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