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Business Professional

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1 Business Professional

2 Suits - Make sure it fits properly
BASIC TESTS TO CHECK HOW YOUR SUIT FITS: 1. Shoulder pads end at your shoulders 2. Sleeves should end slightly above your wrist (When hands are at your sides) 3. When your jacket is buttoned, you should not be able to grab it and pull it away from your chest 4. Pants should slightly rest on your shoes when you are standing 5. Make sure the inseam allows you to feel comfortable - If possible have your suit tailored to fit better

3 Shirts Have your neck and arm length measured and buy a shirt that corresponds to those measurements Find a type of collared shirt that you feel comfortable in.

4 Shoes - Your suit should dictate the color shoes you wear
1. Navy Suits Black Shoes Brown Shoes Burgundy Shoes (Depending on tone of Burgundy) 2. Black Suits 3. Grey Suits Black Shoes (OKAY WITH ANY TONE OF GRAY) Brown Shoes (ONLY OKAY WITH MEDIUM TONES OF GRAY)

5 Ties Ties should slightly contrast your dress shirt but compliment your attire as a whole Act as a form of expression Allow you to stand out from others Skinny Ties = NO NO

6 Business Casual

7 Basic Rules - Dress down but dress to be taken seriously
- Blazer or Tie but not both - Allows you with much more leeway to express yourself (Just make sure you stay professional) - Different companies have different views as to what they consider business casual - Understand business causal at your workplace before attempting looks that may be considered radical

8 Pay Attention to Details
- Instead of sticking to plain colored shirts, try to incorporate shirts with patterns and textures - Integrate different fabrics Makes your outfit look better Makes you stand out

9 Things to Remember Regardless of Business Casual or Professional

10 Keep your clothes clean and wrinkle free
- Invest in Dry Cleaning 2. Make sure your shoes are spiffy clean - Have your shoes shined on a regular basis OR - Buy a shoe shining kit and do it yourself 3. Keep ties crease free - Untie at the end of a long day - Store ties on a tie hanger or any other delicate surface 4. To stand out even more, make sure your belts go with your outfit - Correspond belts with shoe color 5. Your socks should not stand out - Wear neutral color socks - The flashier your socks are the more attention you attract 6. Stay well groomed

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