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Executing Colors and Standing Watch Revised/Presented by MIDN Herrera.

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1 Executing Colors and Standing Watch Revised/Presented by MIDN Herrera

2 Objectives MIDN will understand and learn : How to execute colors How to stand watch The duties and responsibilities of watch Testable Knowledge


4 Executing Colors (1) 1.Must wear the uniform of the day 2.Schedule: 1.For Morning colors: 1.MIDN will muster at the unit by 0740 2.MIDN will raise the Ensign at 0745 3.Police call around and inside the unit 4.Call the WATCHO to confirm 2.For Evening colors: 1.MIDN will lower the Ensign at 1930 (M-TH) 2.Call the WATCHO to confirm 3.On Friday, colors go down at 1215

5 Executing Colors (2) 3. Procedures: 1. Morning Colors: 1. Grab music and flag 2. single column inside the unit, call “Attention to Colors” 3. March out in a military manner 4. unfold, clip flag, play National Anthem 5. On first note, raise the flag briskly (Salute) 6. On last note: cut, grab music, about face, march in 7. sound off “Carry On”

6 Executing Colors (3) 3. Procedures: 1. Evening Colors: 1. Grab music 2. Call “Attention to Colors” and march outside 3. Play “Taps”, and on first note slowly lower the Ensign 4. Once unclipped, fold the Ensign 5. Grab music and Ensign, march back in 6. Sound off “Carry On”

7 Folding the National Ensign


9 Watch – General Info Watch begins at 1600, M-TH (despite weather conditions) The door by the pull-up bar and ramp should be locked, so check it by pushing it without pushing the square lever Only entrance is the Quarterdeck after 1600 MIDN are allowed to do homework as long as they do not neglect their duty MIDN are NOT allowed to sleep, loiter, be on cellphone, hang out in the computer room, or listen to music Watch ends at 2000 Make sure Academic log is filled out 3 watches for qualifications

10 Standing Watch (1) Step 1: Roll the podium to the quarterdeck on the left side of the Morehouse NROTC carpet Step 2: Watch log is in podium. Fill out the appropriate information, records, and entries for the day Step 3: (Entry for 1600) 1600I, MIDN _____, assume all duties and responsibilities as Officer of the Deck. X______ (sign) MIDN ______ is the Messenger. X______ (sign) Step 4: Rounds (must be done every 45 mins) 1645 Messenger departs for rounds 1650 Messenger returns from rounds. Reports _ Permanent staff, _ MIDN, _ OC’S/MECEP’S, _ civilians. All is well, or list discrepancies

11 Standing Watch (2) Step 4: As MIDN come in, they will report and you must grant them permission if they have their military ID, and are in the appropriate uniform/attire Step 5: MIDN coming aboard/going ashore 1700 MIDN ?/c ____ comes aboard 1730 MIDN ?/c ____ goes ashore Step 6: At 1930 colors must be secured, and at 1945 campus police must be called. Make sure: The police set the alarm. EVERY room is clean and IN ORDER. Lights are turned off, doors are closed/Locked.

12 MIDN coming aboard/going ashore Reporting to watch standers: “Good afternoon/evening, MIDN ?/c ___ request permission to come aboard/ go ashore” If in uniform: salute and hold the military ID in left hand WATCH stander’s response: (salute) “Permission granted/denied”

13 Reporting to Staff Officer of the Deck must always give a formal report to staff members whenever the walk onto/through the quarterdeck. Staff includes all permanent staff, BNCO, BNXO, and WATCHO. If they are an officer, you salute while giving the report. Formal Report: – Call “Attention on Deck! Commanding officer, Atlanta Region NROTC arriving/departing.” – Then follow up with a report: “Good Afternoon/Evening, sir/ma’am/GySgt., MIDN ?/c ___ reporting, There are _ Staff, _OC’s/MECEP’s, _MIDN, _Civilians on board. All is well. Good Afternoon/Evening, sir/ma’am/GySgt.”

14 Formal Change-over of the Watch At 2000, the watch standers of the current day AND of the next day will muster outside the unit with the WATCHO or a Watch representative. The outgoing watch will pass on to the ongoing watch: All special and standing orders. As well as, any important information concerning watch.

15 Duty Swaps If you’re unable to stand watch assigned to you, you MUST find another MIDN of your same standing (OOD or MOW). Must be approved 24 hours in advance or else it is void.

16 In any case not covered by Instructions If non-emergency: – Call WATCHO: MIDN Herrera- 706 220 4705 – WATCHO will decide what to do next If extreme emergency: – Call campus police: 404 215 2666 – Then Call GySgt.: 760 672 7759 – Then call WATCHO Do not let strangers in!

17 Unit Vehicle Descriptions 1.White Dodge Caravan Lic No.: 6410242D 2.Gray Chevy van Lic No. 6430151D

18 Testable Knowledge

19 General Orders of a Sentry 1. To take charge of this post and all government property in view. 2. To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing. 3. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce. 4. To repeat all calls [from posts]more distant from the guardhouse than my own. 5. To quit my post only when properly relieved. 6. To receive, obey, and pass on to the sentry who relieves me, all orders from the Commanding Officer, Officer of the Day, Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers of the guard only. 7. To talk to no one except in the line of duty. 8. To give the alarm in case of fire or disorder. 9. To call the Corporal of the Guard in any case not covered by instructions. 10. To salute all officers and all colors and standards not cased. 11. To be especially watchful at night and during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post, and to allow no one to pass without proper authority

20 Uniform Regulations (Cover)

21 Male Appearance Sideburns shall not extend below a point level with the middle of the ear, as indicated by line "A". When a mustache is worn it shall not: -- Go below a horizontal line extending across the corner of the mouth as indicated by line "B". -- Extend more than 1/4 inch beyond a vertical line drawn upward from the corners of the mouth as indicated by line "C". -- Protrude below the lip line of the upper lip as indicated by line "D". Hairstyle properly groomed shall not be greater than approximately 2 inches in bulk. Bulk is the distance that the mass of hair protrudes from the scalp. No individual hair will measure more than 4 inches in length.

22 Female Appearance Haircuts and styles shall present a balanced appearance. Lopsided and extremely asymmetrical styles are not authorized. Ponytails, pigtails, widely spaced individual hanging locks, and braids which protrude from the head are not authorized. Multiple braids are authorized. No portion of the bulk of the hair as measured from the scalp shall exceed approximately 2 inches. Hair shall not fall below a horizontal line level with the lower edge of the back of the collar as indicated by line A. When wearing jumper uniforms, hair can extend a maximum of 1-1/2 inches below the top of the jumper collar.

23 Collar devices are centered one inch from the front and lower edges of the collar and positioned with the vertical axis of the insignia along an imaginary line that bisects the angle of the collar point for Navy Options. Marine Options wear midshipman rank insignia on the right collar and an Eagle, Globe and Anchor on the left (as seen by the observer).

24 11 Leadership Principles Know yourself and seek self-improvement. Be technically and tactically proficient. Know your Marines and look out for their welfare Keep your Marines informed Set the example Ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished Train your Marines as a team Make sound and timely decisions. Develop a sense of responsibility among your subordinates Employ your command in accordance with its capabilities Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions

25 14 Leadership Traits Justice Judgment Dependability Initiative Decisiveness Tact Integrity Enthusiasm Bearing Unselfishness Courage Knowledge Loyalty Endurance


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