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Air Force Grooming Standards C/Lt Col Sheehan Inspector General.

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1 Air Force Grooming Standards C/Lt Col Sheehan Inspector General

2 Overview What to wear What not to wear How to wear it When & Where you wear it

3 Uniform of the Day On Ops Orders Worn on LLab Days (Thurs) until COB or until you leave your campus –Exception: Science Labs! Aerospace Classes Specified ROTC functions All official AFROTC Physical Training sessions

4 Ladies Hair Standards –Clean and neat –Long hair: has no loose ends when up Not to exceed 3 inches in bulk –Short hair: not to exceed past bottom of collar –Dyed hair: natural in color and even

5 Ladies' Hair Con't... –Pins, barrettes, etc must match hair color Blonds: means no black! Pin s cannot be decorative –Bangs cannot go past eyebrows –PT Hair can be free of pins and accessories Ponytail is safest route!

6 Gentlemen Hair Standards –Tapered appearance, not touch ears –Cannot exceed 1.25 inches in bulk or ¼ inch at termination point –Dyed hair: must be natural and even –High and Tight or a clean shave is okay

7 Gentlemen con't... Sideburns –Trimmed –Cannot exceed past lower opening of ear Facial hair –Mustaches cleanly trimmed and no handles! –Cleanly shaved: no 5 O'clock shadows!

8 Accessories Jewelry –Males: No piercings permitted –Earrings (Females only)‏ Small, Conservative 1 per ear White Pearl, Gold, Silver, Black, Diamond Spherical in shape

9 Accessories Jewelry –Necklaces Permitted but must not be seen in uniform Same goes for religious medallions –Rings Up to 3 Conservative in nature Wedding/Engagement combo = 1 No thumbs!

10 Accessories Jewelry –Bracelets Supports cause, group, individual = not permitted Only one bracelet can be worn Conservative POW/MIA, medical bracelets permitted –Watches Conservative in nature

11 Accessories Cosmetics –Ladies Only! –Conservative/Good taste –Nails One color or French No designs :( No longer than ¼ inch

12 Accessories Tattoos –Cannot cover more than ¼ exposed area or must be covered –Must be in good taste Cell Phones –Not visible during training –Don't walk and talk! –May wear one cell on belt or carry in left hand Must be blue or black

13 Accessories Book Bags –Blue or Black –Good condition –On campus: can wear on both shoulders –Off campus: worn over left shoulder only –Other colors: Must be carried in left hand

14 Physical Training Issued uniform –Shorts, shirt, sweats Pick up, like yesterday.. White socks only, must be at attention Only workout in PTUs Issued reflective belts must be worn Blue or black spandex shorts are authorized Running shoes are required No PTU: match standards with civies Sweats –May wear items together or separate –Must wear t-shirt & shorts underneath

15 Short Sleeve Blues Shoes polished to shine –GMC: Use that elbow grease! –POC: May wear pre-shine (corfram)‏ Socks must be black Uniform must be clean, thread free, pressed Shirts: creases on sleeves only –POC Females: Princess Style V-necks must be worn by males –Females must wear at FT as well

16 SS Blues Accessories Belt is part of the uniform Gig line must be straight GMC ranks: slanted inward Flight cap stored under belt on left side, 2 nd belt loop, open to rear Sunglasses Plastic name tag –Males: centered over right pocket –Females: b/t 2 nd and 3 rd buttons

17 Summary Male & Female Hair Jewelry Accessories Proper uniform wear –PTUs –SS Blues

18 Questions Ask me! THE IG! 813-957-1568 Refer to: Air Force Instruction 36-2903 AFROTC Instruction 36-2008

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