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Automatic Pet Feeder Robert Fleming Vishak Ganesh Vu Tang Viet Nguyen Kevin Clark.

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1 Automatic Pet Feeder Robert Fleming Vishak Ganesh Vu Tang Viet Nguyen Kevin Clark

2 What it is Modified automatic pet feeder Wireless beacon on a pet collar

3 What it does Automatically feeds pet upon approach Activated by collar device Dispenses food based on time Limits pet food intake

4 Why Automatic feeding Specialized diet Prevents feeding of strays Keeps food fresh

5 How it works  Beacon device attached to pet collar broadcasts at 10 second intervals  Matched receiver detects beacon at short ranges  Microcontroller dispenses food based on user settings and time interval

6 Collar Beacon

7 Collar Beacon We want small duty cycle on transmitter 555 timer circuit controls transmit enable pin on TXE- 418-KH2 chip TXE-418-KH2 Powered by coin cell battery C1: 10 uF, R1: 100K R2: 1M, Diode: 1N4148, 9.1% duty cycle, 11 second period

8 TXE TE goes high, TXE chip transmits Address specified by pins A0-A9 Range controlled by LADJ

9 RXD RXD-418-KH2 chip is matched receiver for TXE chip VT goes high when a signal from transmitter with matching address lines is detected D0-D7 replicate their analogs on the TXE chip

10 Dog Feeder Matched receiver chip receives signals from collar beacon Microcontroller input is connected to valid transmission (VT) pin on RXD chip Microcontroller turns on drive motor in dog feeder Motor remains on for a length of time governed by user settings

11 Microcontroller

12 Microcontroller Code MinimumFeedAmount=10 MaximumFeedAmount=20 StartOfLoop: IsRXDChipVTPin high? ->Yes, Goto PrepareToFeedDog ->No, Wait 5, GoTo StartOfLoop PrepareToFeedDog: FeedAmountPerDay=(MaximumFeedAmount- MinimumFeedAmount)*DIPSwitchValue+MinimumFeedAmount TimeSinceLastFeeding=Now-TimeLastFed MotorRunTime=TimeSinceLastFeeding/1Day * FeedAmountPerDay Relay Control Pin=high Wait MotorRunTime Relay Control Pin=low Wait 10 minutes GoTo StartOfLoop

13 Feeder Relay controlled AC motor with auger to feed food through at a constant rate Motor is powered by normal AC power Power to motor is controlled by relay Relay is controlled by microcontroller

14 Prototype Costs ItemQtyCostTotal Dog Feeder1$100 Microcontroller1$15 Relay1$2 Batteries10$0.5$5 Transmitter1$10 Receiver1$16 Power Supply1$10 Misc Parts 20%$32 Total$190

15 Production Costs Development Costs$62,149 Based on:1,500,000units Parts Cost50 Assembly Labor6 Testing Labor3 Production Costs144 Profit2112.40% Selling Price$165 Total Revenue$247,500,000 Total Profit$30,781,601

16 Current Progress Working prototype collar beacon Working receiver circuit configuration Cypress Microcontroller (CY8C29466) Working feeder with reservoir and dispenser

17 Collar Beacon

18 Receiver

19 Microcontroller

20 Feeder

21 Problems Antenna directionality Lack of built in timer in microcontroller

22 Future Work Gain increased understanding of Cypress microcontroller Program microcontroller Design battery status indicator Fit battery to transmitter prototype Power receiver from Cypress EVAL board

23 More than 140 million dogs and cats in the united states- every one of them eats!

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