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Report of Activities for 2009-2011. Board of Directors 2009 - 2011 Board Chairman –Ian Fraser, 1st Vice - Alex deBrito, 2 nd Vice - Alistair Forrest Ordinary.

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1 Report of Activities for 2009-2011

2 Board of Directors 2009 - 2011 Board Chairman –Ian Fraser, 1st Vice - Alex deBrito, 2 nd Vice - Alistair Forrest Ordinary Directors – Feona Bailey - Gerald Christ - Rob Sherman - Andrew Hedley - Tony Johnson Associate Directors - Gaye Hechme - Patrick Ryan - Alison Sly-Adams Airlines – Cathy Ann Edwards Also – Paolo Rovoletto, Peter Ramrattan, Gregory Shillingford - Richard Michelin - Ted Isaac

3 Hotel Membership In December 2009 the membership represented: 40 Hotel members totalling 3250 rooms In 2011 the hotel membership represented: 35 hotels 3000 rooms Closures of Sunsail, Blue Heron, Long Bay, Marina Bay, Hodges Bay Withdrawal of Yepton Estate Cottages & Galleon Beach

4 Airline and Associate Membership The Airline Membership has remained at 4 members Associate Membership stood at 62 members in 2009 and now stands at 57.

5 Administration No major changes in AHTA structure The AHTA currently employs three persons _____________________________

6 Activities can be broken down into 6 major categories  1) Lobbying  2) Destination Marketing  3) Human Resources  4) Environmental  5) Safety & Security  6) Sailing Week

7 Government Relations AHTA maintains a close working relationship with Ministry of Tourism and other Ministries. Lobbyed Government on such issues as: -ABST -Destination marketing -Airlift -Safety and Security -Emergency Economic Plan -UK Passenger tax Regular meetings have been held with the Minister of Tourism


9 Online Presence  Websites      Facebook Pages AHTA & ASW

10 Website Website been completely overhauled and improved over the past two years. Pages added for weddings and spas Currently ranked N°1 on Google – receives an average of over 3000 hits per month

11 Special Offers page on website

12 Website Booking website part of Currently features 20 properties & numerous attractions

13 Website Facebook

14 Marketing Brochures No Hotel Directory at present. We have produced 3 themed brochures over the last year for Weddings & Honeymoons, Spas and Small Hotels

15 Marketing Trade Shows Association participated in several Tradeshows over the past two years A&A Tours Travel Agent Show in San Juan, ASTA – International Destination Expo in San Juan CHTA Marketplace in Saint Lucia and in Montego Bay CTO Caribbean Week in Toronto I am Woman Bridal Show in Port of Spain, OSSN Home Based Agents Forum in Miami American Airlines Appreciation Day at Miami Airport

16 Marketing Web Advertising In 2010 the AHTA and ABTA ran joint campaigns on Expedia for US$20.000,00 In 2009 / 2010 Banner adverts were placed on:

17 Marketing Fam & Press Trips The AHTA in conjunction with the MOT/ABTA has facilitated 52 Fam trips over the last two years from the UK, Germany, Italy, USA and Canada. Also facilitated 25 group and individual press trips


19 RETIREMENT FUND In 2010 we established a Retirement Fund for all hotels under the AHTA / ABWU Collective Agreement To date the fund comprises 17 Hotels with around 2000 workers Fund stands at around EC$1.8 million

20 Human Resources Have been running CaribCert since 2008 Now transitioning to AHLEI - partnership agreement signed in Jan 2011 So far 89 employees have registered from 11 establishments; Jolly Beach, Tradewinds, Galley Bay, Hermitage Bay, The Beach, Antigua Yacht Club Marina, Sandals, Rex Resorts, Jolly Beach, Grand Pineapple, Carlisle Bay. 35 have successfully achieved certification. Occupations have included: Bartender, Room attendant, Front Desk agent, Cook, Food Preparation Supervisor, Beverage Service Supervisor, Steward Supervisor, Core Supervisory

21 Training Customer training with Kymberlie Andrew in October 2010 HR Training with ABWU on Collective Agreement June 2010

22 Human Resources From 2010 AHTA is offering scholarships to students to attend the ABHTI Three students are currently working towards an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management

23 Human Resources In 2010 – 5 Recipients totally US$51.000 In 2011 – 6 Recipients totally US$31.700 Scholarships

24 Human Resources Opportunity for employers to advertise job vacancies at no cost Opportunity for General Public to learn of job vacancies in hotel industry

25 Annual Tourism Awards Gala Sandals 2010 & 2011 In 2010 – 43 nominees from 13 members In 2011 – 60 nominees from 19 members

26 TASTE of the Caribbean 2010 In September 2010 at TASTE in Puerto Rico Antigua came home with the titles Caribbean Chef of the Year and Caribbean Pastry Chef of the Year As well as a silver medal for the team

27 Dollar – a – Day Tourism Development Fund Introduced late 2010 – 5 properties participating Fund stands at EC$30.000 so far

28 Tourism is Key Campaign Launched in Antigua during the visit of CHTA CEO Alec Sanguinetti in March 2011

29 AHTA & the Environment Beach clean Up - International Coastal Clean Up Day - September 2010 Jute Shopping bags – Antigua Sailing Week Support for ABWREC & recycling.

30 Communications Newsletter

31 AHTA established Crime Stoppers Antigua in 2008 Safety and Security

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