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Leadership Development in Action Changing Lives, Changing Libraries Jerilyn Veldof University of Minnesota.

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1 Leadership Development in Action Changing Lives, Changing Libraries Jerilyn Veldof University of Minnesota

2 “We’ve done something game changing to focus on leadership.” Wendy Pradt Lougee

3 Erik at 9:07 -

4 Ryan at 5:50 -

5 Cultivating Leadership Identity

6 What’s your mindset?

7 Growth vs Fixed Mindset by Matthew Metoyer, YouTubeMatthew Metoyer


9 Fixed mindset

10 Growth vs Fixed Mindset by Matthew Metoyer, YouTubeMatthew Metoyer

11 Vision: Mission: Overall Goal: Build a vibrant leadership culture in the University Libraries. Develop current and emerging leaders at all levels of the organization. Strengthen the University Libraries’ ability to be effective and successful by preparing and supporting current and emerging leaders at all levels.


13 and curation literacy (student/faculty focus) visualization 4.geospatial data literacy 2.information literacy 3.e-learning 4.evidence-based practice 1.Special collections 2.Preservation 3.New models (e.g., DDA, approval plans, collective collection, one selector) 1.institutional repositories 2.content mashups/containers/publishing collections/libraries 1.diversity 2.engagement 3.leadership development humanities 2.collaboration 3.metrics and impact

14 And then... the projects ….the committees And more projects and committees….

15 Program Director AUL Univ. Librarian

16 Impact of “Under Management?”


18 70? (experience) 20? (relationships) 10? (classroom)


20 ? ? ? $ $ $ $

21 “I’ve never met an effective leader who wasn’t aware of his talents and working to sharpen them.” - Wesley Clark Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander

22 12 in each cohort from across the Libraries ❏ Complete assessments ❏ Get coached on the results ❏ Get coached through an Individual Development Plan ❏ Work with a peer coaching group on plan and implementation


24 “I think we create the world we live in everyday for ourselves. This program provided the steps and structure to define what we want and how to achieve it. In turn, this institution created a group of individuals who are positive-thinking, forward- directed and confident and they are bringing that approach to work with them everyday.” – Program participant

25 “When I started the program I was 3 years as a librarian and at a personal crossroads... That was a time when I was kind of making a reevaluation about whether I should stay here or not. I think it was this program and working with the coach about what is the best, most rewarding ways I can work here and continue on [that helped me commit to staying].”

26 “Maybe traditionally here you don't always receive a lot of meaningful feedback. You may get some feedback about a task you're performing, but that's once a year. But I really received meaningful feedback on the 360. My supervisor wrote some extremely insightful comments. My coworkers’ perspectives I never had access to before. And then there was the coach who pointed out what to focus on.”

27 IDP supervisors... “What I have noticed about the employee is that she is more confident in herself and her abilities. She is building new relationships with people outside her department. She is maturing and becoming a great asset for the Libraries as she enriches herself by expanding her skill set and identifying personal long term goals.”

28 IDP supervisors... “She has learned not to take feedback personally. That often got in the way of her development in the past.” “She certainly has gained confidence in her interactions with others.” “More poise and confidence. Reasoned approaches to decision making.”

29 IDP supervisor issues/concerns “It is difficult for me to tell whether any change/difference was 'caused' by the IDP because so many things have changed in the staff position.”

30 However… “Attendees do seem to appreciate the effort, so there is some worth to it.” “This program provides an awareness of strengths and weaknesses and some tools to start down the road.” “… it clearly reinforced his efforts, and he reported great satisfaction with the program.”

31 33%66%

32 Total cost per person: $650 - $875* (depending on how much cooaching they use) *plus my time

33 Emily at 6:37 -

34 Erik at 10:48 -

35 Semester-long, half-day immersions into core supervisory skills For everyone who supervises

36 Program Director AUL Univ. Librarian

37 Total cost per person: $0* *plus my time

38 For Directors Only Open, unfettered lunch time discussions on topics the directors deem important and timely.

39 “Provided a very good framework for discussing openly about several areas relating to management and navigating Libraries operating methods.” “This group provided me with very useful suggestions and insights in coming new into this organization and how to understand and act on the role of Director. I have been able to bring topics to these discussions in order to learn best practices and approaches.”

40 “It's a rare opportunity to talk over things with some directors that I only see in LLC, when there's no time for conversation. Shared issues can and do emerge and we can share advice, talk strategy, etc.” “Without the lunch there's really little or no opportunity to connect with some people in other departments outside my division.”

41 “The biggest advantage to attending has been hearing that others are experiencing similar issues, such as our discussions around the job family class, performance reviews, etc. … to hear from the other divisions' directors is really insightful to see how all are affected and how others are dealing with situations.”

42 Total cost per person: $80* *plus my time

43 Year-long peer coaching commitment For managers (optional)

44 “Useful suggestions on how to confront communication or disciplinary issues with staff. Just having a sounding board has been helpful.” “Hearing different perspectives on handling issues from group members. Getting advice from them were helpful. Just having an opportunity to talk to some one who has no buy-in either way helps.”

45 “It was helpful to talk through issues with people not associated with my area providing neutral feedback.” “My peers have been with the Libraries for a long time. They were able to illuminate the history behind current organizational dynamics which was important to learning "the unwritten rules" of the organization.”

46 Total cost per person: $0* *plus my time

47 Grand total for all programs? *plus my time $ 7,800 - 10,580 *


49 What is your library’s [current] investment in staff development?

50 FY 2011-2012 $97 Approximate cost of central development funds per Libraries staff member Not including travel!

51 26% of the Library staff $160 per individual request Not including travel!

52 Total spent in private sector per person? $1,195 ASTD 2013 State of the Industry report

53 Total cost per Library staff: $300 including leadership development *plus my time Not including travel! ($1,195)

54 $2 Million Dollars

55 Do you have a development plan? What job-related skills will you need a year from now? 3 years from now? What do you need to learn now that will make the biggest impact on your success in your current role?

56 Leadership is an identity, not a position.

57 “ In the first announcement that came out it said we're not looking for just supervisors or people who want to be supervisors. It was for leaders from where they're at.”

58 “My first reaction when I heard about this [program] was if this was just another “identify the usual suspects,” forget it. But then I said no, I have a shot at this and i'm going to give it a try…”


60 If you could design the perfect leadership development program, what would it look like?

61 Why don’t you?

62 Your Challenge * Cultivate a culture of leadership * Build a growth mindset * Use, adapt our’s or invent your own leadership programs * Host one yourself!

63 Join an online individual development program

64 Video ● Overview of Programs ● Contact ●


66 What’s your library staff’s appetite for leadership development?

67 How have YOU been affected by Learning & Development Opportunities?

68 “Leadership is where we are seeing people being touched and making a difference in a subtle way, it shouldn’t be just about taking on new roles.” Wendy Lougee University Librarian, U of MN - Twin Cities



71 Making leadership development convenient, doable, and desirable.

72 Where did this all come from?



75 About Learner You love to learn. You’re energized by the steady and deliberate journey from ignorance to competence. “I get antsy when I’m not learning something.” You need professional development to be happy.

76 About Input Inquisitive Collect things (words, facts, books…) Finds many things interesting You need to be communicated with to be happy.

77 “Having time carved out for us has been important to me. The organization has identified that we are worthy of being developed this way. It personally meant a lot.... it did help with that process of engagement.”

78 Libraries-wide Survey Results

79 4.12 Authority and Empowerment 4.08 Development Opportunities # 1 # 2

80 Leadership Development We need to ensure leaders/managers have the necessary training to perform their role well. (Supervisors) We should invest in library- specific leadership development that includes mentoring, cohorts, cross-exposure. (All groups) We need to find and nurture leaders throughout the org. (LLC, FG) We need more opportunities for staff to build leadership skills on smaller projects. (Staff) 1. Training series on supervisor fundamentals (adapting the CCE workshops). 2.Cohort program for managers (to build on management and leadership knowledge and skills) that doesn’t take a lot of time. 3.Leadership program for 8-10 staff that includes development and execution of Individual Development Plans and coaching. What We ProposedWhat We Heard

81 “Training and development empowers people to take more active, leading roles in the organization…” Quote from a Library Staff Member

82 “During the program, I was struck with the thought that while these ideas and principles are sound - and will work really well for anyone moving up the pipeline, how can we also work towards acknowledging that many people may not have a chance to move up the pipeline for a long time? …. realizing that the tight job market may make some employees feel blocked or thwarted or stuck… “ - IDP participant - someone in a very specialized area within archives and special collections.

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