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SUPERVISOR SAFETY SAFETY THROUGH TEAMWORK “Nothing is so important that it can not be done safely.”

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1 SUPERVISOR SAFETY SAFETY THROUGH TEAMWORK “Nothing is so important that it can not be done safely.”

2 OBJECTIVES ä Safety at ECU - integral part of every task ä Supervisor Safety Responsibility ä Safety Enforcement ä Workers’ Compensation/RTW ä Accident Investigation

3 THE SAFETY TEAM ä Upper Management ä Supervisors ä Employees ä Safety Committees ä Environmental Health & Safety

4 SUPERVISOR SAFETY RESPONSIBILITIES ä Video “Supervisor Safety Responsibility” ä Leadership - good example; attitude (handout) ä Provide resources - equipment/guidance ä Safety in work plans/evaluations ä Enforcement of safety rules ä Ensure training is provided and YOU attend ä Respond immediately to safety issues

5 SAFETY ENFORCEMENT ä Video “Discipline Safety Enforcement” ä Follows same procedure as personnel issue ä Coach first; positive reinforcement ä Disciplinary procedure - used to change ä Be Consistent and Document ä Discuss accidents in staff meetings; educate

6 WORKERS’ COMPENSATION A Benefit to the Injured Employee

7 WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PROGRAM ä Administered by Office of Environmental Health & Safety (handout) ä ECU Contact: Donna Davis, WC Manager ä Medical Provider: Employee Health ä Facilities Services contacts ä RTW: Bill Bagnell, Griffin Avin ä Forms: Elizabeth Mills, Kathy Odom, Barbara Moseley

8 WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PROGRAM (cont’d) ä Covers full-time, part-time & temporary employees ä Must be result of work-related injury/illness ä Rules established by NCIC and OSP ä Information available through EH&S office, EH&S Web Site and NCIC Ombudsman’s office

9 REQUIREMENTS ä Immediately notify supervisor & EH&S ä Supervisor transports on initial if employee unable ä Treatment must be authorized by EH&S ä Supervisor completes NCIC Form 19 and Accident Investigation form ä Employee completes Employee Statement of Incident and Medical Release form

10 REQUIREMENTS (cont’d) ä Employee must follow doctor’s orders, accept all medical treatment and attend all appointments ä EH&S will pay all AUTHORIZED medical treatments and prescriptions ä Employee must provide supervisor and EH&S with copy of all doctor’s notes regarding work status

11 REQUIREMENTS (cont’d) ä Employee must communicate with supervisor and EH&S weekly ä Employee continues to receive vac/sick leave, hospitalization insurance and performance increases ä Employee will not receive retirement credits while on WC leave ä Do not compare cases with co-workers

12 RETURN TO WORK ä New program at ECU ä Provides benefits to employees and ECU ä Backed by Management ä Requires cooperation and communication ä Transitional Duty - “it could happen to you” ä Research proves it can be great benefit ä 70% NEVER return after 30 days

13 RTW - EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ä Wage continuation vs. 2/3 salary ä Part of rehabilitation program ä Endurance vs. Inactivity ä Less disruption, stress ä Preserves leave time & service credits ä Maintain social contacts & self-esteem ä Positive influence on peers

14 RTW - Management Benefits ä Minimizes productivity losses ä Minimizes case management ä Decreases recovery period ä Decreases WC costs to ECU ä Preserves skilled/stable worker ä Promotes communication over litigation ä Improves employee morale

15 RTW PROCEDURES ä Employee returns restriction form to supervisor ä Contact EH&S, Facilities Services contact ä Transitional Duty Team determines RTW status ä Complete transitional duty plan ä Employee returns to work ä Supervisor/employee responsibilities

16 WORKER’S COMPENSATION CHALLENGES ä RTW and Transitional Duty ä Communication, communication, communication ä Reporting near misses and Accident Investigation ä Getting beyond employee vs. management ä Personal conduct ä Safety Through Teamwork

17 ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION The Key to Stopping Recurrences Video “Accident Investigation”

18 ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION ä Report all accidents & near misses ä Fact finding, not fault finding ä Report only facts - where, when, how, why ä Identify root cause ä Factors - equipment, environment, personnel & management

19 ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION TIPS ä Quick response ä Take care of victims first ä Control scene ä Get names of witnesses ä Complete forms - be thorough ä EH&S may follow-up

20 COMING ATTRACTIONS ä Comprehensive EH&S Manual ä Comprehensive Training Plan ä Continue Semi-annual Training ä Safety Meetings ä Video List

21 SUMMARY & QUESTIONS ä Summary ä Questions? ä How can we better serve your safety needs?

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