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Supervisor’s Core: Fiscal Essentials Version 2.0 July 2009.

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1 Supervisor’s Core: Fiscal Essentials Version 2.0 July 2009

2 Supervisors and Funding Maximized revenue = Maximized services

3 Learning Objectives What supervisors should know about  Funding  Allocations  Time Studies How to explain Child Welfare Financing to staff

4 Child Welfare Funding Overview Key Terms  Entitlement  Capped  Uncapped  Cost share ratio  Draw down  Overmatch

5 Funding Streams Federal Sources  Title IV-B  Title IV-E  TANF  Title XIX  Title XX State Sources Local Funding

6 California Spending State administered, county run program High rate of local “over-match” spending Over $1 billion local dollars spent in 2004 41% of all CWS local spending in the US

7 Supervisor as Fiscal Point Person Monitor court and caseload timelines Monitor Time Studies Monitor data entry Motivate and train staff

8 Federal Funding Title IV-B Title IV-E Title XIX Title XX TANF

9 SSI Per AB 1331, foster youth over age 16.5 must be screened Provides financial assistance for people with a disability Requires no state match Doesn’t affect IV-E

10 Funding Percentages in California Federal funds cover 50% to 85% of the total spending Of the remaining costs,  State – 70%  Local – 30%

11 Title IV-E Foster Care Placement Foster Care Administration Foster Care Training Adoptive Placement Adoption Administration Adoption Training Adoption Expenses ILP Training

12 California Matching Funding State allocates General Fund dollars to counties Counties add their share Counties may add additional “overmatch” money (public or private) Total used to calculate federal draw down

13 IV-E Eligibility Uncapped entitlement Significant county cost savings Eligibility determination requires due diligence

14 IV-E Eligibility Criteria Initial Determination Court Findings Voluntary Placement Agreements Ongoing Eligibility Placement Requirements Need

15 Federal IV-E Review AFCARS – Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System Pulled from CWS/CMS data

16 Foster Care Administrative Costs Reimburses for time spent on  Referrals to services  Court preparation and participation  Placement  Case planning Supervisory duties Eligibility Determination

17 Title IV-E Recap Uncapped entitlement Reimburses costs related to  Placement  Administration  Training

18 Title IV-E Waiver Capped annual allotment Flexibility in spending for prevention and other services

19 Title IV-B Capped allocation Funds services 75% reimbursement rate

20 Title IV-B Services Counseling Parent Training Substance Abuse Testing Respite Transportation

21 IV-B Target Population ER FM FR PP

22 Title XIX Federal Medicaid funding Uncapped entitlement Funds services 50% to 75% reimbursement rate

23 Title XIX Cost Share 75% for licensed skilled medical personnel (Public Health Nurse) 50% for social worker time spent on health related activities Underutilized in time studies

24 Title XIX Services Medical and developmental screening Medical treatment Mental health treatment Substance abuse treatment

25 Title XX – Social Services Block Grant Capped entitlement Funds child abuse prevention Used to offset general fund expenses in CA

26 TANF Emergency Assistance (EA) Federally funded uncapped entitlement 15% county cost share Funds placement and services for eligible children

27 TANF Emergency Assistance (EA) Eligibility criteria  Removed from or living with qualifying family member  Under age 19  US citizen  Emergency circumstances  Need  No use of funds in prior 12 months

28 State Allocation State administration of federal funds to county agencies Methodology negotiated over several years

29 County Expense Claim (CEC) County expenses reported to the state Information gathered from  Time studies  IV-E eligibility  CWS/CMS

30 Role of the Time Study Quarterly accounting of staff time Used to calculate federal IV-E reimbursement

31 Additional Allocation Factors Proposed County Administration Budget (PCAB) Premises Full Time Equivalent employees Emergency Shelter County Direct Costs

32 Final Allocation Average salary and benefit costs from 2002 FTEs justified by CWS/CMS cases Supervisors justified by social workers County direct costs Emergency shelter Additional premises

33 Funds Allocated Title IV-E Title IV-B Title XIX Title XX TANF (EA) State general funds CWS/CMS Augmentation

34 Allocation Letter Find the following items:  Net CWS Planning Allocation Amount  Allocation Methodology for EA TANF  Justified FTEs  Allocation Methodology for Title XX  Program Code for Relative/Non-Relative Home Approval  Total CWS/CMS Augmentation Amount

35 Time Studies Used to calculate federal reimbursement for the county Primary method of supervisor fiscal influence

36 Time Study Instructions New instructions issued each quarter Lists changes Provides Program Code Description effective dates Should be regularly reviewed with staff

37 Program Codes Find codes CWS- HR 1441-1444 Describe what activities could be time studied to this code

38 Supervisor’s Role Include as standing agenda item at unit meetings Review changes with staff Review time studies submitted by staff

39 Application – Case Supervision Scenarios Define group roles Review scenarios Formulate responses Report out

40 Application – Unit Meeting Define group roles Select program code Develop presentation Report out

41 Taking it Home

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