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IV-E Waiver June 2006 Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

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1 IV-E Waiver June 2006 Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services

2 Current IV-E Funding Pays for case management (administrative) activities and related overhead Also pays for room and board (maintenance costs) for eligible children in foster care No other direct services besides foster care costs are eligible for IV-E funds Eligibility is based on 1996 AFDC income standard and has not been adjusted since for cost of living

3 Causes for Continued Loss of Federal IV-E Funds Decrease in the number of families/children that meet the 1996 income standard Reductions in the number of children in care Reduction in the amount of time kids spend in care Deficit Reduction Act signed into law in in February 2006, further limits eligible IV-E administrative costs

4 The Problem Current IV-E funding does not support achievement of shortening the timelines to permanency by reducing the time children spend in out of home care.

5 The Waiver Capped IV-E funding allocation based upon 3 year historical average of IV-E funds received 2% growth per year on the allocation Savings achieved as a result of the waiver must be reinvested into child welfare services

6 Waiver components Removes Income eligibility criteria – funds can be used to support all families served by the system Expands types of services funds can be spent on (more direct services for families) Still requires safety standard are upheld (AFSA home approvals, use of licensed facilities, etc…) Reasonable efforts findings still required

7 Goals of the Waiver Improve array of services and engage families through individualized approaches Increase child-safety without over reliance on use of OHC Improve permanency outcomes and timelines Improve child and family well-being

8 Expenditures Included Current IV-E eligible administrative case management costs for child welfare and juvenile probation Foster Care Maintenance Costs

9 Expenditures Excluded Training Automated case management system (CWS/CMS) Licensing functions ILP funding Adoption Assistance - but is limited to 15% average annual growth per year over next 5 years Development and Evaluation Costs

10 Other features Up to 20 Counties can participate Allows for Counties to individually opt out if needed once participating in the waiver Currently Counties and State are working together to determine how state funding will work for Counties participating in the waiver Shooting for a January 1, 2007 implementation date

11 Evaluation Required No random assignment or control group is required for this evaluation Waiver will use “Interrupted Time Series” measurement (before, during waiver and after) of key outcome measures Process evaluation will compare alternative services developed under waiver verses traditional service prior to the waiver Cost Study evaluation will compare costs per child prior to the waiver verses cost per child under the waiver. Cost neutrality is set by the capped allocation amount.

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