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Hamlet in “Gossip Girl”

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1 Hamlet in “Gossip Girl”
Clare Doncaster


3 Theme of Greed in Hamlet
For my concept, I chose greed. I believe this theme was the driving force of Claudius’ actions to kick off the entire plot of Hamlet. Claudius kills his own brother in order to take control of Denmark and take his throne; this leads to the death and disaster that is Hamlet.

4 Art Direction

5 Gossip Girl This struck me as a wonderful art direction because the entire series is set in the Upper East Side; each scene and episode is filled with glamour and wealth and betrayal, and for my production of Hamlet, that is exactly the direction I wanted to go in.

6 Common Elements Hamlet
Hamlet’s father is killed, and his uncle takes over the throne and Denmark. Ophelia is desperate for Hamlet to love her, but he is trying to protect her from the consequences of being involved with her. Gertrude is trying to gain back Hamlet’s love for her. Gossip Girl Chuck’s father dies in an accident, and his uncle surfaces after being overseas for many years, to become Chuck’s legal guardian and swindle his way into the head position of Bass Industries. Blair has been in love with Chuck for many years, and he does not want to be with her because he knows he can never make her happy. Lily is trying to gain back Chuck’s trust.

7 Characters Gertrude Claudius King Hamlet Hamlet Ophelia

8 Production Plot For my production of the play, I chose to highlight certain scenes and events. The plot focuses on the death of the King, and his replacement by his brother, The betrayal felt by Hamlet when his uncle takes the throne, Hamlet no longer trusting his mother, And his attempt to protect Ophelia, while he plans his revenge.

9 Ophelia Ophelia loves Hamlet deeply, but he will not return the sentiment. She tries to understand his new madness, but he will not let her in, as hard as she tries. Nicest Things- Kate Nash

10 King Hamlet Although he only appears a few times during the production, his presence is felt throughout the play. He is shown as a cold, scorned man, desperate for revenge to be taken. Smile- Lily Allen

11 Maneater- Nelly Fertado
Gertrude The mother of Hamlet In this production she is the epitome of a high society matriarch, whose main focus rests on money and power. She does, however, yearn for Hamlet to trust and love her again. It is clear that she does not truly love Claudius, and that the marriage was purely a power exchange to secure her own place on the throne. Maneater- Nelly Fertado

12 Claudius His motivations are clearly for power and control: he is the character that most demonstrates greed. His character is cast as a sleazy business man in over his head with his new power over the company. Although he is blood related to Hamlet, he feels no love for him in any way, and purely uses him as a pawn. Tessellate- Alt-J

13 Crazy- Gnarles Barkley
Hamlet The focal character of the production; he is presented as a heartless young man ignoring his true love for his beloved father. His hate for his mother and Claudius is extremely obvious throughout the whole production. His careful plotting is talked out through soliloquies in his bedroom. Crazy- Gnarles Barkley

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