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William Shakespeare A basic introduction to Shakespeare's play: Hamlet.

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1 William Shakespeare A basic introduction to Shakespeare's play: Hamlet

2 William Shakespeare The most famous play writer in the West. He also wrote love poems, histories, comedies and tragedies. His House

3 Hamlet and the grave digger Hamlet is here talking to the grave digger. The meaning of the conversation is that death comes suddenly and quickly to all and once we are dead we are quickly forgotten

4 The basic story of Hamlet The story about the Danish Prince "Hamlet", who plans revenge on his uncle, the current king, for killing his father, the former king. Hamlet pretends madness because his mother marriage to his evil uncle. The uncle tries to kill Hamlet several times, once in England and once in Denmark with poison. In the end all dis by poison and sword.

5 This is a picture if a famous scene from Hamlet. Hamlet pays some actors to play a story where the King’s brother kills the King and marries his wife. Hamlet does this to see if the King’s brother did actually kill his brother the king. Here is the man who really killed his brother the king. His expression here is of guilt This is the queen who the king’s murderer married This is Hamlet. He is looking at the new king to see if he is guilty of killing his father, the former king These are the actors of the play

6 Ophelia This is the women who Hamlet loves. Her name is Ophelia. Due to Hamlet accidentally killing her father, she goes mad and commits suicide. Later Hamlet will also tragically lose his life due to her death.

7 Ophelia A picture of Ophelia What is she doing?

8 King Claudius  Ghost appearing to be Hamlet's father, the former king Young Hamlet is not sure if the ghost he sees is real or his imagination. Even by the end of the play it is unclear if he really does believe the ghost is real or not

9 Gertrude This is Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. Hamlet loves his mother very much; although he finds it terrible that his mother married his father’s bother so quickly after her husband’s death

10 “To be or not to be, that is the question.” Hamlet asks the a question to his mother as to “what is the meaning of life” and “is death better to life.” Upon asking these questions he thinks he found a spy and kills the spy. Unfortunately, the man he kills is not a spy but Ophelia’s father, Polonius

11 He says many things in this story which are famous for their meaning. For example : “ To thine (your) ownself be true ” What do you think this might mean ? This is the man Hamlet accidentally kills. He is Ophelia's father

12 Hamlet The story Hamlet is full of philosophy and Tagedy. It is a very good tragedy as everybody ends up being poisoned, murdered or commiting suicide.

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