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Phonics and Spelling Information Evening at Flax Welcome!

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2 Phonics and Spelling Information Evening at Flax Welcome!

3 Explaining ‘teacher speak’ Introducing a phoneme- a demonstration Keywords Digraphs Phonics Check Year 1 Reading Scheme Helping at Home Questions Workshop Agenda

4 Phonics is Skills of segmentation and blending + Knowledge of the alphabetic code

5 The terminology! Phoneme: a sound in a word - consonant phonemes - vowel phonemes Grapheme: a letter or sequence of letters that represent a phoneme 2 letters – digraph 3 letters – trigraph 4 letters - ???graph Playing with Sounds pg 14 -15

6 Letters and Sounds Phonic Phases 1-6 Phase 1- sound discrimination, oral blending and segmenting, rhyme and alliteration Phase 2- GPC (grapheme/ phoneme correspondence), tricky words Phase 3- GPC (grapheme/ phoneme correspondence), tricky words Phase 4- Recapping and tricky words (reading and some spelling) Phase 5- New graphemes for reading, alternatives, tricky words Phase 6- Spelling rules

7 A word on pronunciation Pronounce most consonants in a continuous manner; /c/, /t/, /p/ should be whispered Reduce the extra ‘uh’ sound on /b/, /d/, /g/ as much as possible. Have a go! ex.htm ex.htm

8 Skills Segmenting means hearing the individual phonemes within a word – for instance the word ‘crash’ consists of four phonemes: ‘c – r – a – sh’. In order to spell this word, a child must segment it into its component phonemes and choose a grapheme to represent each phoneme. ‘Robot speak’.

9 Skills Blending means merging the individual phonemes together to pronounce a word. In order to read an unfamiliar word, a child must recognise (‘sound out’) each grapheme, not each letter (e.g. ‘th-i-n’ not ‘t-h-i-n’), and then merge the phonemes together to make the word. Playing with Sounds pg 16

10 Explaining Digraphs a phoneme can be represented by one or more letters sh, th, ee the same phoneme can be represented in more than one way rain, may, lake the same spelling may represent more than one phoneme mean, deaf

11 Vowel Phonemes Most vowel phonemes have two or more grapheme representations: pain daygategate station

12 The Split Digraph tie

13 teim

14 t ei m

15 Learning Phonics in Chestnut Teaching phases 2, 3 & 4 Phonics Bug Jolly Phonics British Council alphabet song

16 Learning Phonics in Willow Teaching 5 & 6 Phonicsplay Letters and sounds games (quickwrite, phoneme frame, sound buttons) Support for Spelling

17 Why learn tricky words? Keyword sets in Reception (lists and sound buttons) Keywords in Years 1 and 2- spelling tests

18 Children are assessed termly in school. Phonics check at end of Year 1 Designed to assess the children’s ability to blend words Comprises of 40 words- 20 pseudo words and 20 real words Children either meet expected standard or do not

19 Sounds and tricky words in Reception Homework in Year 1 and 2 Websites and the ipad revolution! Hairy letters app for ipad Mr Thorne Does Phonics app for ipad

20 Phonic Readers Coloured Reading Scheme Bug Club

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