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二 Political Party Assignment

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1 二 Political Party Assignment
Part 1 of the Mock Election

2 二 Political Party Assignment
For today’s lesson, I will be assigning you to a political party semi-randomly. Once I have selected a party for you, we will read the party introduction page together. I will give extra credit on this assignment to the first student who figures out what method I used to select the groups.

3 Policy options 10 Monday Minutes Free: During the first ten minutes of every Monday class, Mr. Deutsch is prohibited from teaching. Candy: Every other Friday, Mr. Deutsch will provide a candy bar to anyone perfect attendance in the last ten days. Donut Day: Mr. Deutsch will provide donuts for one day. iCivics Tournaments: Mr. Deutsch will spend four classes during the 4th quarter running an iCivics game tournament. Home Prep Help: Mr. Deutsch must provide ten minutes of class work time to complete any assignment. Hats: Students may wear hats during Mr. Deutsch’s classes. Music Monday: Every Monday we will play one song, chosen by the students before starting class. Testing Tutor: During a quiz or test, Mr. Deutsch must allow the use of a study guide. Please read the bottom part of the Party Introduction page to yourself. You will find that you have been assigned to the Orange Party or the Purple Party. Choose the two policy options that are important to you and write them in the box.

4 (do not write all three values, please!)
三 Party Formation Move the desks into two groups: Orange and Purple You are all going to make a personal poster about your position on the policy you chose. For full credit, your poster must have: your first name and last name (2 points), your two policy selections (2 points), your party symbol and your party’s color (2 points), only two of your party’s three values (2 points) (do not write all three values, please!)

5 Each member of the Orange and Purple parties has made a campaign poster.
We are going to mentally judge each poster to decide who you would like to represent your party. You will not be able to vote for yourself, so try to judge: based on policy choices, based on values selected, and based on the quality of the poster. 四 Primary Elections Pass your poster clockwise. Examine the poster that is handed to you until I say “pass” and then rotate clockwise again. When the posters return to their original owners, everyone in the party should raise his or her hand.

6 the POLICY SELECTION that you support most for your candidate
四 Primary Elections When I pass you a ballot, please write your: PARTY name choice of CANDIDATE the POLICY SELECTION that you support most for your candidate When you are finished with your ballot, turn it in to the ballot box on the front table.

7 五 Primary Results Your Orange Party candidate is
Your Purple Party candidate is

8 六 Election Notes Before we get to the results, let’s talk about some election trivia that I’m sure will appear on your next test. You don’t have to take notes, but you might want to consider writing it down somewhere.

9 六 Election Notes When is Election Day? Why November?
We used to be a nation of farmers. Harvest time was over by November. Weather wasn’t so terrible and winter-y yet. Why Tuesday? Most voters had to travel overnight to get to polling places. With the day before (Monday) and the day after (Wednesday) for travel, Tuesday was the perfect day for elections because it prevented the need for travel on Sundays.

10 六 Election Notes What does the 2012 presidential election have in common with the presidential election of 1976? 2012 was the first election since 1976 where no one named BUSH or CLINTON was running for president or vice-president.

11 五 Primary Results (for real)
Your Orange Party candidate is Your Purple Party candidate is

12 七 Campaign Materials We have our winners! Candidates from both parties, please lead your group in completing the press release announcing your candidate.

13 七 Campaign Materials After you tweet it out, please start your SWAG rough drafts. no1 reads prs releases tweet what ur think about #o-party or #purparty

14 Orange Party and Purple Party candidates, come see me.
七 Campaign Materials

15 八 Voter Guides Put the desks back where they belong. Candidates, bring me your SWAG. Turn to the back of your Mock Election Campaign Materials worksheet.

16 八 Voter Guides Use the swag station to fill out your chart.
If you can’t get the information you need, please tell me so I can penalize the party that did not offer the correct information.

17 九 General Election Get the next worksheet from the back cart.

18 九 General Election Elections have rules Elections have consequences
Fill out your ballot so it looks exactly like this. Cut or tear the ballot from your paper. Do not vote yet. Pharrell Williams Music Mondays Daft Punk iCivics Tournament

19 Follow the rules that your class agreed on:
Voters must select one candidate and matching policy only. The teacher has final say on election results. You do not have to vote for the candidate and policy of your own party. Candidates are not allowed to talk to voters while they are casting their ballots. All ballots must be neat and easy to read; otherwise they will not be counted. Your vote is confidential; you don’t have to tell anyone who you voted for. 九 General Election Follow the rules that your class agreed on: Mark your choices and turn your ballot in to the ballot box at the front. Pick up a worksheet next to the ballot box.

20 ペンギン ホッキョクグマ 十 Election results

21 Congratulations to the Orange Party!
The candidate will now stand up to thank the voters.

22 Congratulations to the Purple Party!
The candidate will now stand up to thank the voters.

23 六 Election Notes (not used 1314)
In the first four presidential elections in the United States, the President did not get to choose the vice president. Whoever came in second place would automatically be the new vice president. Vice-President Romney and President Obama

24 六 Election Notes (TRIVIA) (not used 1314)
John Adams (2) and John Quincy Adams (6) James Madison (4) and Zachary Taylor (12) William H. Harrison (9) and Benjamin Harrison (23) Theodore Roosevelt (26) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (32) George H.W. Bush (41) and George W. Bush (43) Each of these pairs of presidents were related in some way. Can you guess how? (You will use some choices more than once. Father/son Fifth cousins Grandfather/grandson Second cousins

25 六 Election Notes (TRIVIA) (not used 1314)
Was elected to the House of Representatives after serving as President. John Quincy Adams Served in the Senate after being the President. Andrew Johnson Served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after the Presidency. William Howard Taft Only president to serve without ever being elected. Gerald Ford Served two terms non-consecutively (not in a row) as president. Grover Cleveland Tallest President in history at six feet, four inches. Abraham Lincoln Shortest President in history at five feet, four inches. James Madison

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