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Facilitated Team Time Tweet Up The Facilitator’s Role.

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1 Facilitated Team Time Tweet Up The Facilitator’s Role

2 Agenda Rationale Defining Tweetup Goals of the Tweetup Facilitator’s Role Twitter Tutorial/Resources

3 "To put it simply, human patterns for interacting with ideas are changing dramatically. Making sure that your students end up on the right side of this new digital divide starts with intentional efforts to introduce the kinds of tools, strategies, and behaviors that make information management, fluency, and evaluation easy.” Teaching the iGeneration: Five Easy Ways to Introduce Essential Skills With Web 2.0 toolsTeaching the iGeneration: Five Easy Ways to Introduce Essential Skills With Web 2.0 tools by William Ferriter, Adam Garry

4 Why Twitter? Collaborative Nature of Twitter Educational Merits of Twitter The Rise of the PLN Goal of Encouraging Professional Growth Significance of a Web Presence

5 What is a Tweetup? An organized, in-person gathering of people on Twitter. The usual reason for a tweetup is to gather people with the same interests to share ideas…in person and strengthen personal networks. Tweetups are often organized for groups of people with similar interests as a way to bring them together. Twitter is used to disseminate information about the event. TechnopediaTechnopedia

6 Goals of the Tweetup Participants will share insights, resources, and ideas across two regions simultaneously. Participants can build their PLN and use social media to connect. DPI will archive the chat to learn what participants value, need, and share The tweetup will serve as a virtual, interactive gallery walk.

7 Facilitator’s Role During Tweetup Share presentation slides that will provide an overview for the tweetup Log into Twitter & access the hashtag #ncdpi13 A moderator will provide questions in a Q1 / A1 format Encourage participation & post tweets on behalf of the group if needed

8 Twitter Tutorial Sign up for a free Twitter account at

9 Deciphering Tweets Click this blue text to take you to the web page the Tweet is about. Gray text tells you what you will find in this tweet. # - Hashtags such as #edleaders and #cpchat provide search filters for this tweet. @ - This tweet was sent to this Twitter user and will appear in his direct message folder Author and Twitter handle for this user

10 Deciphering Tweets RT - Retweet Options for how to interact with a Tweet Reply Retweet Favorite More – Email or Embed Originally tweeted by @cindygeddes, this tweet was retweeted by @swalker2

11 Navigating in Twitter Let’s Go Live! Navigate your home page. Elements of a tweet. Accessing a hashtag. Lurking and Sharing on Twitter

12 Task: Send Tweets 1.Go to Twitter and tweet the best thing about your job to #ncdpi. 2.Tweet a link to a great online resource to #ncdpi. 3.Retweet someone’s idea that you really like.

13 Tweetdeck

14 Same features and settings as Click to Tweet #Hashtag for this chat Tweetdeck populates in real time with virtually no lag time.

15 Get Some Experience List of Educational Chats: Chats to get you started… #NCed: Every other Tuesday @ 8 pmNCed #edchat: Tuesdays @ noon and 7 pmedchat #21stedchat: Mondays @ 8 pm #ncadmin: Wednesdays @ 8 pm

16 Tweeters Beware The Benefits (and Frustration) of Large Chats Great Moderators Archive “It’s not about getting it all but about getting something”

17 Questions? Images courtesy of

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