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Web and Social Media Institute All sessions are here in Wilson A 101: Starting the Conversation Tuesday 11/27 at 10:00 201: Maximizing Your Impact Tuesday.

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1 Web and Social Media Institute All sessions are here in Wilson A 101: Starting the Conversation Tuesday 11/27 at 10:00 201: Maximizing Your Impact Tuesday 11/27 at 1:30 301: Measuring Value Wednesday 11/28 at 10:00

2 Brought to you by… AIDS Education and Training Centers AETC National Resource Center Northwest AETC TARGET Center AIDS.GOV

3 Web and Social Media Institute 201: Maximizing Your Impact

4 Today’s Presenters Judy Collins AETC National Resource Center (AETC NRC) Alan Gambrell TARGET Center Aisha Moore Bruce Maeder Northwest AETC Jamie Steiger, Moderator AETC NRC

5 Learning Objectives By the end of this session, participants will be able to: Use social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, multimedia) to expand your reach. Write content for online platforms. Know how to access training to keep informed as technology and tools evolve. Use multimedia tools and platforms to present information in varied formats.

6 Overview of Session Making the Most with Social Media Social Media and You Why Use Social Media Social Media Best Practices Writing Online Context Challenges of Communicating Online Tips and Best Practices Group Exercise Using Multimedia Tools Components of an Effective Video Demonstration

7 Making the Most of Social Media

8 What target audience do you represent?  Healthcare providers  Health educators  Case managers/social workers  Program managers/administrators  Trainer  Other

9 Are you a social media stalker? (part I)  Yes, I engage in social media to connect with colleagues  Yes, I engage in social media to connect with clients/patients  Yes, I engage in social media to connect with colleagues & clients/patients

10 Are you a social media stalker? (part II)  Yes, I engage in social media, but only as an observer (no commenting or sharing)  Yes, I engage in social media, but only personally  No, I do not engage in social media

11 Who do you follow on social media?  AIDS.GOV  CDC  AETC National Resource Center  TARGET Center  Jay Z & Beyonce

12 Why Use Social Media? Share information, resources Promote your website, activities and events Stay engaged with patients/clients Network & collaborate with colleagues & organizations Bring awareness to a cause or issue

13 Who’s using social media in healthcare? Physicians Nurses Health educators Healthcare administrators “Doctors, Patients & Social Media,” QuantiaMD” September 2011 “Use and Acceptance of Social Media among Health Educators,” American Journal for Health Education, July/August 2011

14 How are they using it? Healthcare providers: networking, collaborating, connecting with colleagues and patients Health educators: announcements, news, linking content, fostering discussion Healthcare administrators: promoting & advertising, information sharing among stakeholders and consumers

15 Social Media Best Practices Develop a social media strategy, establish clear goals and build them into your agency’s communication & program goals Know the platform: language, admin panels & privacy settings Know how/when to post updates, comment on or share information Know your audience, establish a presence, then build an audience

16 Building an Audience Like/follow relevant, interesting people & organizations Post consistently, but with brevity. Include content that is credible & creates conversation Don’t be selfish: comment, share & reply Stay current: update your account(s) regularly Invite friends/colleagues to join your network

17 Facebook Average age: 38 Users prefer “collective” information Post after 11am ET weekdays Peak time: 1-3pm ET, especially 3pm ET on Wednesdays %20Social%20networking%20sites%20and%20our%20lives.pdf

18 Twitter Average age: 33 Most racially diverse of the mainstream SNS Real time updates are checked more frequently Peak time: 1-3pm ET early in the week Avoid posting after 3pm ET Friday %20Social%20networking%20sites%20and%20our%20lives.pdf

19 Utilize Facebook Custom Features Schedule posts in advance Use your admin panels Target posts Create custom tabs Whenever possible, include visually stimulating content or videos


21 Participate in a Twitter “Tweet Chat” What’s a “tweet chat?” Pre-arranged chat Tweets include a predefined #hashtag to identify the topic & link the updates together Happens in real-time

22 Ex: CDC tweet chat on public health Advertised on their website and posted on Twitter Retweeted by the Institute of Medicine

23 Link Your Accounts via Social Media Marketing Management Tools Example: HootSuite Schedule posts in advance Post only once Custom activity reports


25 Maximizing Your Social Media Impact: Recap Stick to your social media strategy Know the platforms Utilize free online training & resources


27 Writing Online

28 Context: Why (Bother to) Write Online? “…to friend a person is merely to include the person in our private hall of flattering mirrors.” Jonathan Franzen, Novelist, commenting on facebook “The things we may be unlearning, tweet by tweet — complexity, acuity, patience, wisdom, intimacy — are things that matter.” Bill Keller, Executive Editor, NYTimes, on social media

29 Context: What People Want and Need Share Talk to your colleagues to improve your work Inform Tell people where and how to go for care Change Engage clients in care

30 What time do you have to write? What is the competition? How do people read online? Challenges of Communicating Online

31 Challenge: Competition “People are desperate to fill the space they’ve got; they’ll print anything, go with anything, pursue rumors, and even create them.” Lois Smith, Publicist

32 Challenge: How People Read Online Online, People Scan Read <20% of words on page First 11 characters on a web page are the most important People decide in 5 seconds if your site is useful From the Webinar: What Not to Web: Plain Language and Writing for the Web Made Easy View @

33 Ask yourself: Can my audience use this information? Brevity Your Lead 2 source rule Get permission to quote/attribute Repurpose don’t plagiarize Visuals/Graphics Writing Online: Tips

34 Probably YES Resource to use Event to attend Contribution to make Happening to inspire Updated website Tip: Can My Audience Use This? Probably NO Upcoming CAB meeting What a nice day it is

35 Tip: Brevity (Count the Words) Tweets Facebook Blogs Web Pages Counting Words in MS Word File > Properties > Statistics

36 Tip: Headlines 3-8 Words Something with Appeal Action, Purpose, Outcome Two Headlines From the TARGET Collection: Video Orientation on Planning Councils Blast From the Past: Planning Council Video

37 Tip: Your Lead (or Tweet) Put the most important information up front Data point Quote Action to take

38 Tip: Two Leads, Different Messages The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) administers the Health Center Program as authorized by section 330 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 254b). Health centers. This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) solicits applications for the Health Center Program’s Service Area Competition- Additional Area (SAC-AA). Federal funds are available for one agency to deliver primary medical care to the Tuskegee, Alabama service area. Applications are due to December 15.

39 Tip: Get Permission to Quote/Attribute YES IF: Original content, interviews, interpretation MAYBE NO IF: You are quoting from another written source How To Do It Send an e-mail or make a phone call Use a signed permission form for photos you take and use Why Do It Online information is often dated, possibly inaccurate Telling people you want to use their information is a form of marketing yourself

40 Tip: Repurpose, Don’t Plagiarize Your Greatest Tool: Cut and Paste Easy Access to Information Ready Means for Confirmation (when obtained from multiple sources) But the Risks May be inaccurate Plagiarism

41 Tip: Mechanics of Posting Content Strip Out the Code. Copy and Paste Into: PC - Notepad Apple - Text Edit Then Copy and Paste Into Content Management System

42 Tip: 2 Source Rule

43 Tip: Visuals/Graphics “The Eye Must Travel.” Diana Vreeland Harper’s Bazaar, March 1959, Ben Rose

44 Up Front Clutter (agency names, authors, acronyms) Laundry lists of services Endorsement and enthusiasm Too much… Things to Avoid

45 Writing Online: Wrap Up Kurt Vonnegut's 8 rules for a great story David Ogilvy's 10 no-BS tips Henry Miller's 11 commandments Jack Kerouac's 30 beliefs and techniques John Steinbeck's 6 pointers Susan Sontag's synthesized learnings. Make Sure You Read a Lot of Books: Writing Rules, Zadie Smith

46 Blog Example Source: “Shape Content for Action” 10/15/12.

47 Facebook Example

48 Tweet Example

49 The Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a report, Monitoring HIV Care in the United States: A Strategy for Generating National Estimates of HIV Care and Coverage. The report was commissioned by the White House Office of National AIDS Policy in support of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS). A critical part of NHAS is to accurately monitor the scope of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the availability and success of treatment and prevention programs. Data collected from a nationally representative sample of people with HIV can be used to help monitor the effect of the Affordable Care Act on health care coverage and utilization. Monitoring will provide an enhanced means of assessing the effect of the NHAS and the ACA on care received by people with HIV. Fix This: Turn This Into a Tweet

50 Agency X has a new eligibility intake system. This system is going to tie into the State Exchange under the Affordable Care Act. Clients will undergo eligibility screening for public and private health insurance. Clients can now get help accessing all kinds of public and private insurance options. The eligibility intake system will start up in 3 months from today. The number to call for more information is 800-555-1212. The current eligibility screening system will continue to be used until 3 months from now. Fix This: Write a Lead Sentence

51 Fix This: Blog Find 3 things to fix


53 Using Multimedia Tools


55 Thank you! and, enter our raffle!!

56 Web and Social Media Institute 301: Measuring Value Wednesday 11/28 at 10:00 All sessions are here in Wilson A

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