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The 6R’s Related to Food Technology.. The 6R’s  Recycle  Reuse  Reduce  Refuse  Rethink  Repair.

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1 The 6R’s Related to Food Technology.

2 The 6R’s  Recycle  Reuse  Reduce  Refuse  Rethink  Repair

3 Recycle  The choice of packaging materials.  Recycling of tins, plastic, glass, card and paper.  Composting.

4 Reuse  Products that can be reused for either the same or a new purpose.  Reuse of leftover ingredients to make other food products. Fish cakes: fish, potato, breadcrumbs Bread and Butter Pudding: Dry slices of bread. Pasta Bake: Leftover vegetables, meat. Wraps: Leftover meat and vegetables

5 Reduce  Reduce the effects on health by using balanced recipes, low in fat, salt and sugar.  Reduction in the use of processed foods.  Reduce energy in methods of cooking.  Transportation of food and materials. Eco Footprint.  Ways of reducing waste food.  Reduce the use of pesticides. Organic food production.  Buy products with little or no packaging.

6 Refuse  Issues relating to sustainable design in packaging  Refuse high fat, salt and sugar foods. Over packagingCorn based bio-plastic packaging biodegradable form of plastic made from vegetable starch

7 Rethink  Rethink the average UK high-fat diet  Examine the impact of food products on health  Rethink the use of healthy ingredients in creative designs.

8 Repair NutrientWhy we need itToo much /not enough? ProteinTo build and repair muscle Too much: Is used for energy or stored as fat FatsTo keep us warm and to help absorb some vitamins Can cause obesity, stroke or coronary heart disease CarbohydratesTo give us fuel for energy, keep us going. 2 types, sugars and starches. Can cause obesity if not burned off because they are stored as fat. Too much sugar can also cause dental decay VitaminsA = Healthy Eyes and Bones B = Releases energy from food C = Helps us absorb iron D= Strong teeth and bones Not enough can cause A: vision problems, dry skin B: beri beri C: scurvy / slow healing D: rickets / osteoporosis MineralsCalcium – strong bones / teeth & blood Iron – transports oxygen round body Calcium: Rickets, weak teeth, muscle and nerve problems Iron: Anaemia  Repair electrical equipment  The function of nutrients in repairing and maintaining a healthy body.

9 Reuse Practical What could you make from the following left overs?  Mashed potato  Leftover bread  Leftover cooked pasta  Ripe bananas  Leftover vegetables  Too much fruit

10 Planning rechaufé practical  Write out your recipe to include: ingredients, equipment, method, timing and special hygiene / safety points.  Write a shopping list.  Make a note in your planner when it is your turn to cook.

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