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Alexander Ferguson School Celebrates 2007 – 2008.

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1 Alexander Ferguson School Celebrates 2007 – 2008

2 “Exploring Our Natural World” – overarching theme for 2007-08 “Making a World of Difference”

3 The People: Adults We were again at capacity for 2007-08 due to positive marketing and reputation – outstanding staff, program and community. Staff have participated in over $10 000 in workshops/ courses/visitations. We have again mentored a cadre of student teachers from the U of C and from Mount Royal College. One student wrote and co-directed a Readers Theatre play with the students and with the help of his cooperating teacher, for the Mount Royal “Applause” Festival. We enjoyed a stronger than ever body of volunteers. Some volunteers even had to be put on hold for some field trips. We have hosted 10 teachers from Korea this year and received a beautiful framed batik picture.

4 The People: Adults The People: Adults (continued) Teachers have significantly increased clubs and activities available. Lunchroom and Before/After coordinators, Bev and Trish, continued to upgrade their qualifications. Support staff time was again increased this year and we celebrated Helen Aab’s transition into retirement after 23 years with AFS. We have benefited from the support of Heather, our.6 class size initiative teacher. We received some assistance from our AISI learning leader, Joan Walker. Staff has been consistently rated as the highest reason for staying at the school for 4 years running

5 The People: Our Students Students this year have had the fewest number of “Care Plans” issued in the last 3 years. Both Leadership Cores were highly attended and well rated by students on the year end survey. Student learning was demonstrated in countless ways, through displays of projects, learning assemblies, in sketchbook journals, writing portfolios and the Talent Show, for example. Student achievement continued to be strong as demonstrated on school wide testing and Alberta Learning Provincial Achievement Tests. On their year end report cards, Grade 6’s received their preliminary marks for all multiple choice tests, with math being the most outstanding this year.

6 The People: Our Students Circle of Courage Generosity MasteryIndependenceStudents followed the Circle of Courage values. Acts of Generosity were completed such as donating to the Naturalization Area, the Pig-E Bank program and various other causes. Mastery and Independence were also valued. C of C BelongingStudents were appreciative of their teachers’ and fellow students’ help and noted on the year end survey that they plan to “include more students in their play…and not exclude others” next year, thus, emphasizing the C of C quadrant of “Belonging”.

7 The People: Our School Community Parents supported us through in-class help, fundraising, and countless volunteer hours in the library, RainGarden, field trips, purchasing materials, and organizing, for example. Attendance was strong in the Parent Advisory and Society councils – our new structure in 2007-08

8 The Raingarden Funded by a substantial grant written by parents, the Naturalization Area (RainGarden) was officially opened. This included all the stone, dirt, mulch and plants as well as the bird house, whirly gig and moth entranceway and signage. Our MLA, Chief Superintendent and Area Director spoke at the opening. Our year end school photo was taken here. Staff have conscientiously used the area to enhance and teach curriculum, through such strategies as Sketchbook Journals.

9 The Programs Through the generosity and dedication of our Parent Council/Society, we continued to offer the Learning Through the Arts TM program, a value to the students of close to $35,000 including additional artist time in math, art and the Shaw Rocket Project. One of our lead LTTA teachers presented at the national conference and two attended the Banff workshop. Parents and students continue to rate this program and its impact very highly on all opinion surveys. Four of our students’ artworks were chosen by the CBE to beautify their Annual Report to the Community. Two art pieces were chosen to go into the “Retiring Principals” book of art works from K to Gr. 12.

10 The Programs: Wellness and Active Living A $10 000 Alberta Wellness Grant provided funding for new Active Living Programs such as Hip Hop Dance, the Soccer Dome visit, skipping ropes and the yo-yo demonstration, which complimented Alien In-Line Skating and Swimming. It provided healthy snacks and accompanying artwork. Data was collected which demonstrated students’ increased ability to list healthy eating options and active living choices. All survey questions showed an increase in students’ opinions of themselves as active, healthy, growing citizens.

11 The Programs: Wellness and Active Living The Programs: Wellness and Active Living -continued Parent Advisory Council/Society funded phys ed equipment such as new mats, bocce balls and so on. Our school received recognition pins and stickers from ParticipationNation which were given to the Leadership Core in recognition of their service to the school. The Diamond Award for Daily Phys Ed was again achieved.

12 Programs Programs (continued) The British Petroleum Energy grant for $10 000 helped fund the transforming library and paid for field trips to energy sites. Many student materials have also been purchased. Data has been collected to show students’ increased knowledge about Alberta’s Energy sources. Students increased their ability to give definitions in energy questions and the number of examples of energy.

13 Programs Programs (continued) The Enmax Grant for $10 000 provided new resources, particularly books. A group of students visited the Enmax site to display the “Transformations” display board, partially created by Div. II leadership. All Leadership students received certificates from Enmax The whole school attended the Mayor’s Environmental Expo and received a recognition plaque, t shirts and a teacher gift.

14 The Building The windows were replaced in all rooms. New blinds were added including matching red colored blinds for the library. The inside trim on all doorways was redone to match the yellow of the floors. New flooring was laid in the administrative and copy room areas. The outside paint was sandblasted and new blue siding was applied to match the playground and Naturalization Area. Trim and doors were repainted.

15 Transformations Library The library was repainted by a volunteer crew and the 360 degree mural was begun and was 70% completed (completion date of September, 2008) Stained glass windows depicting Alberta’s energy sources were mounted on the middle windows A perpetual motion machine representing energy sources was built and housed in library, funded by the Enmax Grant.

16 Transformations Library Transformations Library - continued The library received over $8000 of shelving. New chairs and tables were placed in the library. New energy-efficient lighting was replaced in the library, funded by the BP Grant. A weather station was placed in the library, powered by a sensor on the new roof, funded by the BP Grant. The library received new flooring in the summer.

17 The Building The Building - continued Four canvas murals were painted by students on Gully Day and hung in the boys’ and girls’ washroom areas. Bulletin boards were moved and reinstalled. The entrance was decluttered. The Patrol Area was moved to the room off the workroom and picture frame hangings were mounted. Room 4 began its transformation by removing ineffective bulletin boards. Most rooms now have white boards. Bulletin board displays were created by teachers / and students and changed frequently.

18 Multicultural Programs To honor and involve all students and families, AFS had a strong focus on multicultural events and the purchase of library materials.

19 Multicultural Activities in 2007-08 MonthActivity Month Activity September International Folk Songs and Dances (Grade K-6 (Songs and dances from Hungary, Russia, Israel, Nunavut, France, Quebec, South Africa, Ghana, and Mexico) OctoberInternational Song and Dance Assembly NovemberCelebration songs from Sweden, India, Quebec, Kenya and Spain African Dance Club Gr. 1, 2

20 Multicultural Activities This Year Multicultural Activities This Year (continued) DecemberConcert of International Celebration Songs JanuaryMiddle Eastern Dance club (Gr 5/6) Photo slide show of Australia by our new exchange teacher, Mrs. Clayton Chinese New Year Celebration (Gr. 1/2) FebruaryFirst Nations Dance with dancer, Kisenia Thurgood

21 Multicultural Activities This Year Multicultural Activities This Year (continued) April CD Recording of western and First Nations songs May/June First Nations Dance at Raingarden opening Fundraising for China’s Earthquake victims Creation of New Zealand’s Poi dancing equipment and dance demonstrations

22 The Resources The Resources (ones not previously mentioned) We added numerous resources to our library and classrooms because of our 3 grants. We increased our literacy collection significantly, including classroom collections, picture books and professional resources. We purchased the Handwriting Without Tears program and JUMP math. Several new instruments and resources were gained for our music program.

23 The Resources The Resources - continued A wider variety of Art supplies were purchased. The math manipulatives storage area was efficiently reorganized and supplied thanks to a team effort of parents and teachers. The Science area was reorganized in anticipation of a successful Science grant.

24 Thank you!!! Thank you to everyone! You are what makes a world of difference! We can’t do it without our “TEAM”: T – Together E – Everyone A – Achieves M – More!

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