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1 Mongolian Accreditation System MNAS Accreditation – Trade facilitation measure Gantsetseg.S Senior Officer, Accreditation Department, MASM.

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1 1 Mongolian Accreditation System MNAS Accreditation – Trade facilitation measure Gantsetseg.S Senior Officer, Accreditation Department, MASM

2 2 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System MASM (MNAS) is the sole accreditation body, has been operated by law on S&CA to assess competence, against internationally recognised standards, of organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services What is MNAS?

3 3 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System 1994 -Law on Standardization & Quality certification Law on Traceability of Measurement Uniformity. 1995 -Approval of General rules for Laboratory accreditation system and Certification body accreditation system 1996 - First accreditation of laboratory 1997 - First accreditation of product certification body. 1999 -Accreditation office was created 2002 -Approval of ISO/IEC 17025 as a national standard. 2003 - A new Law on Standardization and Conformity assessment covering accreditation came into operation. 2004 – Joined to APLAC as a Full member. 2007 - Joined to APLAC as an associate member 2009 – Joined to PAC as a member 2009- First accreditation of management system audit & certification body. Brief history

4 4 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System It operates in the general interest of national economy –Governmental regulatory agency (MASM) We work to international standards –open, transparent, consensual – development of CA bodies accreditation practices and procedures –harmonization of accreditation procedures and practices MNAS’s Principles

5 5 MNAS Монголын итгэмжлэлийн тогтолцоо MNAS ‘s objectives enhances acceptance of test and calibration data, and inspection reports and certificates amongst country and internationally amongst the concluded bilateral and multilateral agreements reduces or eliminates need for re-testing or re- inspection or re-certification of imported goods

6 66 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System Serving the needs of governments in protecting the inhabitants and the environment Ensuring free international trade without barriers (entering APLAC MRA / ILAC MLA/ PAC MRA) Serving the interests of the endusers getting the Products he wants to get What do we want to achieve?

7 777 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System One Test / One Assessment One Certificate World – Wide Acceptance / Recognition

8 88 Internationally recognised system Multilateral recognition Peer evaluation/Multilateral agreement Country B Country A Country C AB CABCAB SSSSSSSSS S: supplier CAB: conformity Assessment body AB: Accreditor ILAC MLA/APLAC MRA

9 999 MNAS Монголын итгэмжлэлийн тогтолцоо Government Accreditation body Certification body Country ACountry B Bilateral recognition

10 10 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System MNAS’s Accreditation Process

11 11 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System MNAS requirements for CAB’s Test and calibration laboratories Inspection bodies Product certifiers Quality system certifiers Proficiency testing provider ISO/IEC 17025 ISO/IEC 17020 ISO/IEC Guide 65 ISO/IEC 17021 ISO/IEC Guide 43

12 12 11/0512 APLAC PR007 issue no 17 Accreditation Hierarchy of Criteria 1General technical competence and systems compliance criteria 2Additional field-specific criteria, eg for emc testing laboratories 3Additional test, calibration, inspection method criteria 4Additional, regulator-specific criteria (eg reporting formats, labelling etc) ISO/IEC 17025/17020 Supplementary, Field-specific criteria (eg Electrical Testing) Technical Requirements of Specific Test Methods and Procedures Regulatory Requirements

13 13 Application MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System Planning/ Review Documents Verification of Corrective Action Pre Assessment (Optional) Report Recommendation Accreditation Report Assessment of Performance (witness) Assessment of Process / System Accreditation Process

14 14 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System MNAS MONGOLIAN ACCREDITATION SYSTEM Accreditation Mark, Certificate

15 15 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System Accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies Laboratories (testing) – 116 (calibration) – 43 (Proficiency testing providers) - 1 (medical) - preparing Certification bodies (product) – 20 (management system) - 1 (personnel) – none Inspection bodies – preparing

16 16 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System Accredited Testing laboratories -116

17 17 MNAS Export product testing ProcessingMining –Wool & Cashmere (CWTC, Gobi LLC, Custom Office lab...) –Meat processing (CVL, IoV...) –Leather (“Armono” corp, CVL...) –Fluior spare (CGL, Custom office lab...) –Gold (PML, CGL, Аctlabs, SGS, Alex Stewart...) –Copper (“Erdenet mining, CGL, Аctlabs, SGS, Alex Stewart...) –Coal (CGL, Аctlabs, SGS, Alex Stewart....) –Zink (Tsairt mineral” LLC, CGL) –Iron (Zhung Uan, CGL.... ) Mongolian Accreditation System

18 18 MNAS Encourage of export product testing International standard test methods (ISO, CAC, ASTM, OIE, AOAC) ) Foreign invested laboratories (Аctlabs, SGS, Alex Stewart, Zhun Uyang) Competence of testing lab (personal skill development, advanced equipment.) Accreditation by foreign Accreditation body (DAP-CGL) Proficiency testing/interlaboratory comparison Mongolian Accreditation System

19 19 MNAS State veterinary laboratory Veterinary laboratories network Mongolian Accreditation System

20 20 Veterinary services laboratories MoFAI Department of vet CVL City & Provinces veterinary laboratories (21) Soum veterinary laboratories 200???10 veterinary laboratories of food market (39), meat processing factories (16)

21 21 Investment (provinces) 200 3 2004 2005 2006 2007 1000 500 250 mil tug ADB IFAAO JICA Merci Corp EU/other Uvs Zav Kho Gal Arh Bul Khu Khe Dor Bay Niis Bkh Dgb Ugb Ubh Suk Dgb Gsb Sel Tuv Orh Dar

22 22 Investment (CVL) 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 1000 500 250 mil tug FAO Mongolia IAEA KOICA HOLLAND EU/KO BASIC ELISA, PCR RESIDUE HPLC Epi Up-grading

23 23 ÃÎÖ ÕÀËÄÂÀÐÒ ªÂ×ÍÈÉ ÎÍÎØËÎÃÎÎ, ÑÓÄÀËÃÀÀÍÛ BSL III LABORATORY 2008-03-06 24 hours in a day 365 days in a year

24 24 ADB loan (rehabilitated) IFAD loan ( rehabilitated.) JICA ( rehabilated ) Innovation & competence of Veterinary services laboratories MGL Gov., IAEA, KOICA To be rehabilitated by KOICA EU ( rehabilated ) USAID Merc rahabilated To be rehabilitated by WB project

25 25 MNAS Food product testing Central laboratory of State professional inspection agency has been equipped by Chine Government aid in 65 million Yuan, which provide testing for imported food stuffs for chemical and biological contaminations such as, pest residues, toxins and exp. Mongolian Accreditation System

26 26 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System Wool and Cashmere Testing Centre Mongolian wool and cashmere industry needs, to process raw material domestically and produce export oriented high quality cashmere products Wool and Cashmere Testing Centre (WCTC) is being established as a division of the Mongolian Textile Institute (MTI)

27 27 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System 27 Processed cashmere (export) Yarn (import) ? Product produced in Mongolia ? Made in Mongolia ? NO QUALITY CONTROL!!! EU market Made in Mongolia

28 Accredited Testing Laboratories Physical & Mechanical Testing Laboratory, the physical and mechanical properties of raw and early stage processed wool and cashmere, hair, secondary raw material, tops, pure and blended wool and cashmere yarn, knitwear, woven fabric, carpet and rug, non- woven, felt and felt boots are tested. Textile Chemistry Laboratory, tests of grease & moisture content, the effects of chemical substances, dyestuffs, detergents, man-made fibres, chemical and mechanical treatments, surface roughness and topographic profile are recorded and tested Dyeing laboratory, tests of colourfastness, pH, fibre content, properties of variety types of dyestuffs and their effects on different materials are studied, colour formulas for colour combinations are developed and catalogued.

29 29 MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System 29 ACTIVITY of CGL Main activities Supplementary activities Production of color stone souvenirs Production of household cleaning materials Repair and maintenance, installation services of laboratory equipments Testing & analytical services to the mining and mineral industry Providing of inter laboratory comparison, external quality Control and professional consultancy and expertise Production based research and training Development of CRM for minerals composition CENTRAL GEOLOGICAL LABORATORY When it comes to analyzing minerals in Mongolia

30 30 CENTRAL GEOLOGICAL LABORATORY When it comes to analyzing minerals in Mongolia ГЕОЛОГИЙН ТӨВ ЛАБОРАТОРИ Test results of CGL are accepted in frame of 43 countries in the world …

31 31 APLAC, GeoPT, APLAC, GeoPT, GeoStat, EANET GeoStat, EANET Proficiency testing programme or Interlaboratory comparison Proficiency testing programme or Interlaboratory comparisonCambodia Lao PDR Myanmar China Indonesia Japan MalaysiaMongolia Philippines Republic of Korea Russia Thailand Viet Nam International, regional proficiency testing/comparison

32 32 Lab. A Network center Õýâëýë PT sample Test result Lab. B Lab. Ñ International, regional proficiency testing/ Inter laboratory comparison APLAC or other PT Organizer

33 33 MNAS Монголын итгэмжлэлийн тогтолцоо Future cooperation … Cross accreditation of export product testing laboratories (CVL of Mongolia, Laboratories of Erlian & other exit and entry bureau, exp) Encourage of acceptance of third party CAB’s results, such as CQC and exp.

34 34 Future Continual improvement Accredited laboratory Factory & Market Customer ISO9000 … ISO17025 …

35 35 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION MNAS Mongolian Accreditation System

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