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Niki Clemo Service Director – Children’s Social Care Cambridgeshire 14 December 2011.

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1 Niki Clemo Service Director – Children’s Social Care Cambridgeshire 14 December 2011

2 Cambridgeshire in 2009/10  Fully staffed, but inexperienced workforce (over 68% less than 2 years experience)  Over-reliance on non-qualified staff  Rising LAC  Delay in court proceedings / multiple requests for expert reports.  ICS!

3 Identifying the problem  ‘Silted up’ at the front end – siege mentality  Team Managers carrying the risk NQSWs with high case load = high turnover  Quality of written work in assessment  Delay evident in every ADM meeting  Inconsistent practice – some outstanding, some not so good

4 Identifying the solution  Considered different models of delivery including RSW  Engaged staff in thinking about how to do things differently  All service conference to consider RSW model and a focus on improving practice.

5 Why Reclaim Social Work?  Whole system approach (7’s model)  Reflective learning and development  Supporting families to stay together  Shifting the culture – working with families  Confidence back in practice  Celebrating what social workers do best  Seeing social workers as experts and having the right tools (training) to do the job.

6 The Response  Over-whelming support from front-line staff  Members, CEX and DCS all on board  Identified transformation funding  Commissioned MLA to support transformation.

7 Social Work – Working for Families  Designed around RSW model  Fully qualified social work units  44 social work units placed across county to ensure no more than 35 minutes travelling time  Partnership agreement with CAMH services  Head of LAC – Head of Psychology

8 Criteria for Success  Clear vision, well articulated and understood  Key set of principles of why we were doing this  Highly skilled project manager and team (including HR + Finance)  Engagement of Unison from early outset  ‘Leaders’ able to ‘infect’ workforce with idea

9 Criteria for Success (cont)  Sign up by Elected Members (cross party including Scrutiny)  Acceptance of Management of risk  Support from peers  Role of Principal Child and Family Social Worker  Role of Partners, CAMH, Internal Audit

10 Consultation Process  Difficult messages to manage  Not as good as we thought we were on outcomes for children and families  Over reliance on assessment, poor on intervention  Very limited direct work with children  Most direct work undertaken by unqualified staff  Managing cases via a computer.

11 Now  Understanding that we were not configured to deliver best possible service  Acknowledgement of need for change  Embracing RSW model as saw the potential  Evidence based practice and giving practitioners the tools to do the job.  Reduction in management and investment in practitioners  Reduction in unqualified staff

12 Current position  Interviewed and appointed 26 CSWs and 6 clinicians  All CSWs on bespoke systemic practice training  Populated the units  All staff aware of where they will be working  6 month roll out  Jan 16 th – first 5 day induction  Jan 23 rd - first 4 units go live  Evaluation – partnership with CLAHRC.

13 Managing the transition  Very carefully, ensuring baton not dropped  No-one allowed to say ‘not my job’  Regular communication – 2 way  Weekly visiting front-line staff  Attention to detail

14 What made it work (so far!)  Committed and motivated management team  Enthusiastic and engaged front-line staff  Excellent project manager and team  DCS / Leader / CEX / Lead Member support  Munro + CWDC (timing)  MLA!

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