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2014 WMSOA SPRING TRAINING. 1. NEW FORMAT FOR 2014- DUNCAN, NICK, PAUL Administrative News from WMSOA, the OK Conference, and the MHSAA Skills Training.

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2 1. NEW FORMAT FOR 2014- DUNCAN, NICK, PAUL Administrative News from WMSOA, the OK Conference, and the MHSAA Skills Training Rule Review Helpful Tips

3 2. NEWS FROM WMSOA- DUNCAN, NICK, PAUL, GREG a)Concerns over attendance at pre/midseason meetings b)Need referees for Muskegon/Lakeshore area: Mon/Wed in girls season Tue/Thurs for boys season c) Warm up Jackets $30.00

4 3. NEWS FROM THE PITCH- GREG PILBEAM a) Weather/ check with schools before your game and know the delay procedure. Delays for contests scheduled prior to 3 p.m. must not exceed three hours. Delays for contests scheduled for 3 p.m. or later must not exceed one and one half hour. Delays on nights not followed by school for all the competing teams may be longer by mutual agreement of participating schools. A postponed contest shall be rescheduled on a date/time mutually agreed to by the schools involved.

5 3. NEWS FROM THE PITCH a)15 th /22 nd are most likely cancelled b)Find site supervisor. Note on game report. Keep reports brief /to the point c)Arbiter up to date. Publish for fall season end of June.

6 4. NEWS FROM MHSSA, NISOA & OK CONFERENCE- GREG PILBEAM News from OK Conference…. A.Fall 2015 there will be new pay rates. Negotiations begin Spring 2015. Goal is minimum of $5.00 per game increase. B.Fall 2014 all coaches will be CPR certified C.No trainer at Fresh/JV games put in game report. Lawsuits in other areas D.Concussion management a concern. Note any circumstances in report.

7 4. NEWS FROM MHSSA, NISOA & OK CONFERENCE A.Fall 2014 White Jerseys/socks(not light color) cover more in August meeting B.Fresh/JV games covered with Varsity games not being covered. If email comes out for Varsity game please contact Greg/Matt and they will contact school/s involved. Varsity games carry more weight than Fresh/JV (districts a problem)

8 4. NEWS FROM MHSSA, NISOA & OK CONFERENCE- GREG PILBEAM News from MHSSA… a)MHSAA will be voting on adding Blue/Green before their summer break. Ruling will go into effect fall of 2014. b)Review rule changes…no soft red/ who can sub on yellow card and no sitting for 10min/ substitutions on injuries and when/Dead ball as result of injury coach can give instructions/successful or unsuccessful attempt at DOGSO/Ball in motion on dead ball

9 5. SKILLS/TRAINING SESSION- NICK BALCER Game Management Foul Recognition Preventative Refereeing Mechanics Teamwork Situational Awareness


11 VIDEO CLIP #1 Read the Situation after the goal is scored What player/team is talking with the referee? How is he displaying his emotion? How to deal with this player? Recognize the foul What player/team was it? How long after the kickoff? Careless, reckless, excessive force? No card, yellow card or red card?


13 VIDEO CLIP #2 Recognize the nature of the foul How late was the foul? Foul on the plant leg/Achilles Player JUMPS into tackle with BOTH feet Careless, reckless, excessive force? Location on the field? No advantage Not stopping an attack 5 seconds later same player Timing of the foul? Nature of the foul?


15 VIDEO CLIP #3 Nature of foul Late Careless or reckless Punishment Talking to Yellow Card Urgency of the referee Where is he standing? How urgent is he?


17 VIDEO CLIP #4 Recognize the situation What/who starts the situation How to deal with punishment? Referee Why does it take so long for the referee to get there? Where is the help from the AR? Don’t carry the card in your hand Take whistle of out of your mouth



20 6. RULE REVIEW- OFFSIDE – PAUL HOLWERDA Offside Offense Must have 2 defenders between you and the goal line. It is NOT an offense to be in the offside Head, feet and body are deciding factors, hands DO NOT count. No offside on goal kick, corner kick, throw in, or on own side of midfield The moment the ball touches or is played by a teammate, that player is involved in active play by: a.Interfering with play or with an opponent; or b. Gaining an advantage by being in that position

21 6. RULE REVIEW- OFFSIDE 3 odd situations to remember: Odd Situation 1: A defender on Team B, with the goal tender out of position, heads the ball out and falls into the goal. A3 gets the ball and passes back to A2 who has only the goal keeper to beat. RULING: The defender on team B left the field during normal movement of play. The defender cannot create an offside by stepping of the field. Therefore A2 is not offside

22 6. RULE REVIEW- OFFSIDE Odd Situation 2 An offensive player steps off the field to avoid being offside. RULING: Legal, if the player left the field for the sole purpose of not being offside. If, after leaving, the player distracts an opponent or assists a teammate, it is an infraction.

23 Odd situation 3 QUESTION: At what point is a player determined to be involved in the play for offside? Example: Offensive player A kicks ball to Offensive player B who is offside, the ball is rolling to goalie, you (Referee and AR) think advantage but it is going to be close whether goalie or offensive player gets ball. ANSWER Given the circumstances you describe, IF the player from the offensive team causes the goalkeeper to move toward either him or the ball in order to gain possession, the player from the offensive team has interfered with an opponent and must be declared offside. Referees need to remember that if it is going to be close--or even close to close--the offside must be called to prevent any collision between the two players no matter who gets to the ball first. AVOID COLLISIONS – make the safe call 6. RULE REVIEW- OFFSIDE

24 Points of Emphasis for ARs 1.Positioning is everything for making the correct call in offside. a.Think about Parallax Vision – apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, just a few inches off and your sight line changes the position of player(s) and your call. b.Work at always facing the field in a 90 degree position to the field. c.Use the shuffle method when able, use the turn and run when play speeds up and you are unable to move quickly enough in the shuffle d.Use the field markings to help you identify where your last 2 defenders are in relationship to the offensive player. e.You got to run. In order to even attempt to get the call correct, you have to be in position and this takes being able to move up and down the field quickly. Avoid playing catch up with the second to last defender…

25 Watch these 5 videos (running in one continuous clip): Watch for these areas: Parallax Vision challenges AR Positioning Using field markings Any yellow cards coming? 2 defenders and one might not be the goalie 6. RULE REVIEW- OFFSIDE

26 7. HELPFUL TIPS – DUNCAN PURVIS a.Tax tips for referees Income or (loss) from soccer refereeing is filed on a Schedule C as a Sole Proprietorship, then reported on Line 12 of the Form 1040 Referees may be able to enter expenses associated with their refereeing “business” in order to reduce the income on which they may have to pay taxes Common expenses allowed on a Schedule C that referees may encounter: Car and truck expenses (mileage) Supplies Travel (hotels, etc) Meals and entertainment Other (association fees, assigning fees, etc) Disclaimer: WMSOA does not offer tax advice. Consult with a tax professional

27 7. HELPFUL TIPS b. Arbiter review





32 8. QUESTIONS? Reminders Spring Cracker Barrel is May 6 Raffle for US-Mexico Scarf NISOA/MHSAA Preseason Fitness Test, Meeting, & Training is August 2

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