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Introductory Webinar January 13, 2009 12 PM EST. Give your name Location Church Why you are joining us today Introductions.

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1 Introductory Webinar January 13, 2009 12 PM EST

2 Give your name Location Church Why you are joining us today Introductions

3 How we will invest our time Who is Sixteen:Fifteen? What is the process like? Does church missions coaching make sense for you? What’s next? - Actions

4 The call is too clear, the need is too urgent, the opportunity is too great, to give anything less than radical obedience to Jesus' command to make disciples as we go into all the world, or to settle for anything less than making a radical difference in this world through the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ, and the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ to reach all the peoples of the world.

5 New missions paradigm emerging… the church is reclaiming a leadership role.

6 “To say the church is an awesome resource is still an understatement, possibly somewhat condescending. She is more than that. She is a God-designed central player, a full partner… The vast majority of all the resources God has entrusted to his people – spiritual gifts, vocational expertise, life experience, capacity for spiritual warfare, financial reserves, etc. – he has placed in the local churches.” -George Miley, author of Loving the Church, Blessing the Nations Why is the Local Church Important in fulfilling the Great Commission?

7 Many Churches have the heart… but lack the expertise and experience. The Challenge:

8 A Solution: Church Missions Coaching

9 Sixteen:Fifteen’s Mission Help local churches discover and use their unique gifts in partnership with others to make Christ known among all nations. “Helping churches realize their missions potential to reach the nations.”

10 What does a Focused Approach to Missions/Outreach look like? Is objective and intentional rather than subjective and without direction. Is proactive rather than reactive. Is centered in mission rather than missionaries.

11 A Focused Approach to Missions Moves from asking, “What missionaries are we going to support?” To first asking, “What missions vision has God called us to undertake together?” “What role does that play in completing God’s all-peoples mission?”

12 Impact of a Focused Missions Vision for your Church “ Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific. When vision is vague, it holds no attraction. Most world mission visions are vague. The more specific your world missions vision is, the more it will grab attention and attract commitment.” Steve Unangst

13 What is a Coach? Understand its purpose Assess its current situation Set clear goals Develop a game plan Implement the plan Make mid-game corrections as needed Assess the outcome and repeat! A coach is someone who helps a team…

14 3-D…A highly personalized process Helping bring your God–given missions vision to life.

15 The Process: 3-D Bringing a church’s missions vision to life Discover Assess where you are Mission Vision Values

16 Design Develop a road map to carry out your missions Vision Internal and external mobilization

17 Deploy Putting your missions vision into action.

18 Discover What is our missions vision?

19 Key Components to the Discover Phase » Mission » Values » Scope » Vision

20 Design How can we accomplish our missions Vision?

21 Internal mobilization External mobilization

22 Deploy Setting your mission vision into action to have a lasting impact among the nations

23 Youth Women Teaching Singles Men Great Commission Children Worship Traditional approach to The Great Commission in many Churches One of many ministries

24 Youth Women Teaching Singles Men College Children Worship Great Commission BEST Approach to The Great Commission in the Church Now the Great Commission is the “heart beat” of the church…everyone is involved!

25 Two Landmines 1.Resistance to change 2.Reluctance to count the cost

26 What brought you to this point? Forces, decisions, choices that made you realize the importance of evaluating how you’re doing in missions?

27 What is your dream? Assuming no limitation of time and resources, what is one thing you want God to do in your missions impact?

28 Take A SNAP Shot Struggles – What are some areas we need to improve? Notables – What are we doing well? Alarms – What are some hurdles we face? Possibilities – What are some opportunities we have to carry out our mission?

29 Be realistic about strengths and weaknesses Don’t be afraid to face unpleasant truths Avoid over-analysis Be prepared to act on your conclusions A few pointers

30 “We’re stuck and having trouble overcoming the ‘We’ve always done it this way’ syndrome.’” “We need fresh eyes / objective perspective.” “We’re restless and want to have a greater impact.” Is Church Missions Coaching right for you?

31 “We want to move from a supportive role to an active role in missions.” “We have a shotgun approach to missions…we want to be better stewards of what God has given us.” “Our church’s mission involvement is at best marginal.” Is Church Missions Coaching right for you?

32 “Missions interest in our church spikes once or twice a year driven by special events and then it fades.” “We don’t know where to begin.” “ We are starting a fresh initiative.” “We want missions to be at the center rather than the periphery of the church.” “We have a missions team with ‘pet agendas’ and not a unified direction.” Is Church Missions Coaching right for you?

33 1.Time to meet (once every 4-6 weeks) with Discover Phase requiring key leadership (2-3 sessions). 2.Pick up transportation costs of the coach (or a donation towards the CRWRC or CRWM ministry as agreed. What is your investment in this?

34 m#7270 Next Steps

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