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Sierra Pacific Synod Congregational and Synodical Mission ELCA Pr. Jim Hytjan – Director for Evangelical Mission NEW AND RENEWING MINISTRIES.

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1 Sierra Pacific Synod Congregational and Synodical Mission ELCA Pr. Jim Hytjan – Director for Evangelical Mission NEW AND RENEWING MINISTRIES

2 Sierra Pacific Synod New Ministry Development Grace LaoRichmond, CA Pr. Doris Ng Good Shepherd South Asian Fremont, CA Pr. Ray Waespi First United/St. Cyprian San Francisco, CA Lutheran/Episcopal Anders Peterson






8 New Ministry Models Stand alone new ministry start Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community Exploration/probe Expected to become new start Churches starting churches Alternate worship site (second site) Alternate worshiping community within

9 New Ministry Development Process The Holy Spirit calls, gathers… Individual inquiry Congregation, cluster of churches, conference Ministry assessment and plan Witness Discipling Team Synod demographic assessment Full Communion partner invitation What if?? How about….joining with the Holy Spirit in creating a new faith community?

10 New Ministry Discernment Process How does this new outreach ministry proposal fit within the mission plan of the congregation, cluster of area churches, conference, synod, and ELCA? How does this new outreach ministry proposal fit within the presence and mission plans of full communion partners?

11 New Ministry Discernment Process Key Contacts Witness Discipling Team Director for Evangelical Mission Synod Staff Congregational & Synodical Mission Unit (ELCA)

12 New Ministry Discernment Process Key Questions What is the purpose of this new ministry? How does it fit the ministry context? What is the plan? What is the potential for accomplishing the purpose? Who are the partners? Has leadership been identified, received approval from CSM, and how will she/he be supported?

13 New Ministry Application Process Collaborative effort of congregation(s), Witness Discipling Team, DEM, bishop/staff, CMS. Demonstrates clear purpose, plan, potential, partners, communication with communion partners, and financial partnership in support of mission developer salary/benefit package. Congregational & Synodical Mission’s Development Team reviews all applications for approval and financial support. DEM works with sponsor and Witness Discipling Team to secure and support a mission developer through ministry organization.

14 Mission Developer Lay or Rostered Leader Pre-screening/ Behavioral Interview Process Called by synod council/sponsoring congregation and appointed by CSM Monthly meetings with DEM and annual review of ministry and work of the mission developer Works with a Steering Committee (newly identified interested persons, people who worked in the study/application process) until organization Serves as leader until formal organization and then congregation calls/appoints first leader of the newly organized ministry

15 Request for Recognition as a Congregation (Organization) Worship services centered in Word and Sacrament Pastoral care provided Challenge, equip, support ministry in daily life Teach and witness to the Word of God in Christ Service in the community Financial support of local, synodical, and churchwide ministries Foster/participate in ecumenical relationships

16 Options to Organization Ministry closes Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community status requested of and granted by synod council. Retain presence in the ELCA Incorporated with constitution and by-laws Contract for pastoral services or synod council may issue call to serve (according to synod guidelines). Voting members at synod assemblies Annual Review by DEM/Witness Discipling Team

17 Renewing Ministries All existing ELCA ministries are in constant state of renewal ( Church of the Reformation). Renewal is an ongoing celebration of “God’s Work….Our Hands”. Spectrum: Minor Adjustments…Closing/Restart

18 ELCA Renewal Process Creation of a Mission Plan Six Guiding Principles 1. Three Great Listenings 2. Relational and fosters relationships 3. Every congregation uniquely gifted by God 4. Pays attention to context 5. Shared journey 6. Ongoing

19 ELCA Renewal Process Three Great Listenings Listening to God Bible study/preaching/teaching Listening to each other: “table conversations” Faith/life Congregational strengths/weaknesses/opportunities History – tell stories Intergenerational Listening to the community Community leaders, organizations, social services Demographics

20 Ministry Renewal Process Mission Plan Reaffirmation/clarity around identity and purpose Provides direction/map/GPS for moving ahead Short (immediate to 1 yr.) long (1-5 yrs.) term vision/goals/plan Realistic about capacity/resources/change Provides for evaluation/course corrections Celebrates early and often

21 Mission Plan Outcomes Minor Adjustments Strengthen focus in adult ministry Increase budget for social media/communication Major Adjustments Staff additions/reductions Worship changes Building programs Significant budget increase/decrease Start a new ministry – 2 nd site Merger/Consolidation/Close

22 Ministry Renewal Process Adjustments and Change < 5% Visionaries (embrace change) 15% Early Adopters 50% Middle Adopters 20% Late Adopters <10% Laggards

23 Mission Planning 2012 Congregational Report Are you carrying out a mission plan? 6,995 (9500) Congregations Responded Yes 50% No 38% No Response 12%

24 Mission Planning 2012 Congregational Report If no, are you developing a mission plan? Yes 34% No 52% No Response 14% Bottom Line: 63% of those responding are in the process of carrying out or developing a mission plan.

25 ELCA Renewal Process Area Mission Plan Area/Conference Churches Three Great Listenings among churches Focus on outreach ministry to service area Mission Plan Outcomes Awareness of Lutheran presence Possibilities for cooperative ministry Possibilities for mergers/consolidations Possibilities for starting new ministries Strengthening ties with full communion partners

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