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2 Plot Summary  Describes the life of an illiterate sixteen year old girl named Clarieece Precious Jones and the struggles she faces in her teenage years. The sexual, emotional, and physical abuse from both her mother and father caused her to feel emotionally separated from society and fall behind in school. After getting kicked out of middle school, Precious attends an alternate school and from then on, she attempts to get and an education to provide a better life her her son and herself.

3 Major Characters Claireece “Precious” Jones Characterized: A sixteen year old illiterate African American girl that is determined to push through her life’s obstacles and get an education. Motivations: Precious wants to make a better life for her two children and herself. Conflict: Her abusive and rapist parents and impoverished background make it difficult for Precious to make a living for herself. Relationship: Daughter to Mary and Carl Jones. Mother of Little “Mongo” and Abdul Jones.

4 Major Characters Mary Jones Mary Jones  -Characterized: An abusive, obese, cruel, illiterate, and selfish woman. -Motivations: Mary Jones was acted this way because she was jealous of how her former lover, Carl Jones, wanted to be involved with their daughter sexually and that caused her to act out against Precious. -Conflict: Only does things for her own interest. -Relationship: First lover to Carl Kenwood Jones, mother to Precious Jones, and grandmother to Abdul and Little “Mongo”.

5 Major Characters Mrs. Blue Rain -Characterized: A supporter of Precious, caring, intelligent, and understanding to others. -Motivations: She strives to help her students make something of themselves.

6 Minor Characters Carl Kenwood Jones -Characterized: He is an abusive, immoral, disgusting, abandoner, and horrible father. -Motivations: Carl just wants to get satisfied in any way possible. -Relationship: Former lover to Mary Jones and father/lover to Precious Jones Little Mongo Jones Little Mongo Jones -Characterized: Precious’ first baby that is suffering from Mongoloid Down syndrome. -Relationship: Daughter to Precious and Carl Jones. Abdul Jones · Abdul Jones -Characterized: Precious’ second child, active, normal, and healthy. -Relationship: Son of Precious and Carl Jones.

7 Setting I.S. 146 I.S. 146 The school that is between 134th Street between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. This is where Precious attended before she was suspended. 444 Lenox Avenue 444 Lenox Avenue Precious and her mother here in this apartment in Harlem, New York. Higher Education Alternative/ Each One Teach One (Alternative School) Higher Education Alternative/ Each One Teach One (Alternative School) The school is located on the 19th floor of the Hotel Theresa on 125th Street. Advancement House (a.k.a. Half-Way-House) Advancement House (a.k.a. Half-Way-House) Precious’ safe haven compared to her life in Harlem. Harlem Hospital Harlem Hospital Where Little “Mongo” and Abdul were born

8 Point of View  First Person Narrator Claireece Precious Jones tells the entire story. Reader can now fully understand the impact a life of sexual abuse has on Precious. Precious writes in detail about the abuse, using the slang terms she grew up with to describe body parts and sex acts. This makes the reader feel as if they are witnessing the abuse.

9 Major Symbols  Ms. “Blue” Rain  Ms. “Blue” Rain: She symbolizes water or change in Precious’ stagnant life  The color Blue  The color Blue: fertility  Farrakhan Poster  Farrakhan Poster: Precious’ inspiration to be free from her struggles.  Journal  Journal: a way for Precious to express herself and to improve her life. Push  “Push”: the idea of striving to be better

10 Major Theme  Always try to survive and strive to make a life better.  You can not get anywhere in life if you do not make an effort to better situations.  Dwelling in the past does not lead to moving forward with life.

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